Terry Pheto Cars, Net Worth, Houses, Biography And Movies

At 40 years of age, see Terry Pheto’s car collections, her net worth of R150 million rand, beautiful house, and movies; check out this latest biography on Terry Pheto.

Terry Pheto Biography

Terry Pheto is an actress, entrepreneur, and producer. She currently has a growing follower of 920k on her Instagram handle.  Terry Pheto was born in Johannesburg and lived in a slum with her family until she was 21 years old. She diligently worked her way to stardom.

Terry Pheto date and place of birth

Terry was born in Evaton, South Africa, on 11 May 1981, but she grew up in Soweto.

Terry Pheto’s Education

Terry hasn’t revealed her educational background and qualification. There is no available information about Terry Pheto’s primary, high school, and university education.

Terry Pheto Parents

Terry Pheto is too discreet with her family information. The information we gathered about her father was traced to her Twitter many months back when she mentioned her father had been late (dead).

The information we gathered about her Mother traced down to her Instagram post on 11 May 2014 when she wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing Mother. My Superhero. My Rock. I’m everything I am because of you. I love you, Mama. Hope you like your Mother’s Day gift – ME!”

From her post on Instagram, one can quickly know that she loves her mom. She is very close to her mom.

Terry Pheto Career and Journey to stardom

Terry Pheto’s journey to fame wasn’t crystal straightforward; neither was it a bed of roses.

Terry Pheto began her career on Soweto’s streets. Initially, she was limited to working with local theatrical companies.

Terry Pheto’s uniqueness was discovered by a casting agent named Moonyeenn Lee when she was cast in her Oscar-winning performance in Tsotsi.

Since her first debut, Terry Pheto has not looked back. Terry Pheto has continued to appear on domestic and international television screens. 

Tsotsi Pheto has acted in several movies, including Catch a Fire in 2006, Goodbye Bafana in 2007, and How to Steal 2 Million in 2012.

Also, Terry Pheto has been in many television shows for SABC1, including Justice for All (as Lerato), Zone 14 (as Pinky Khumba), and Jacob’s Cross (as Mbali).

Terry Pheto’s life has proved that you may demonstrate that poverty does not have to define who you are by overcoming all difficulties.

From March to April 2009, Pheto starred as Fikile in the SABC2 mini-series Hopeville. Later in the series’ run, it was adapted into an award-winning film. 

After leaving South Africa to try her luck in Hollywood, Terry Pheto won a recurring role as Dr. Malaika Maponya, a heart surgeon, on the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful in 2011. 

In 2012, Terry Pheto was featured in Nicky Greenwall’s documentary series The Close-Up, which broadcast on e.tv and the eNews Channel. In the same year, she was included in the first episode of the SABC1 reality series Play Your Part, which aired on 9 July 2012. Terry Pheto appeared In 2010, a guest judge on SABC1’s reality show Class Act’s “Film Noir” episode.

Furthermore, Terry Pheto has been in theatre performances like The Toilet (directed by Bongani Linda) and The Devil’s Protest (led by Thulani Didi).

Pheto was selected as the new face of L’Oréal in July 2008.

Destiny, Vanity Fair, Drum, You/Huisgenoot, Y-Magazine, Bona, Heat, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and True Love have featured her.

Terry Pheto’s journey to stardom is both inspiring and a narrative of determination and endurance.

Terry Pheto Movies

Here’s the list of Television and Movies Terry Pheto has acted in:

TV Shows

  • Justice for All as Lerato
  • Zone 14 as Pinky Khumba
  • Jacob’s Cross as Mbali
  • Hopeville as Fikile
  • The closeup
  • Play your part


  • Tsotsi (2005)
  • Catch a Fire (2006)
  • Goodbye Bafana (2007)
  • Mafrika (2008)
  • The Bold and The Beautiful (2011)
  • How to Steal 2 Million (2012)
  • Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013)
  • Cuckold (2015)
  • A United Kingdom (2016)
  • Madiba TV series (2017)

Terry Pheto’s Relationship

There is one constant habit Terry Pheto exhibits: being discreet with information about her personal life. Terry Pheto has kept her love life hidden from the full glare of the public.

In 2018, Terry was rumored to be dating IT mogul Masande Peter. However, neither party acknowledged the relationship. In December 2019, they got married, so Terry Pheto’s husband is Masande Peter.

Before Terry Pheto married Masande, she formerly dated DJ Sbu in 2009, but they split up the following year.

Although Terry and DJ Sbu both denied it, DJ Sbu ultimately revealed they were dating in a subsequent month. But the relationship turned sour, and they both parted ways.

It was speculated that their breakup was caused by DJ Sbu’s ‘scandals,’ which was causing harm to Terry’s L’Oreal ambassadorship. Due to this, she was told to break up with him.

Terry Pheto has won some awards, including;

  • In 2006, Terry Pheto won the 2006 Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Tsotsi Film.
  • Terry Pheto won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for How To Steal 2 Million (2012).
  • 2017 UK National Film Awards: Terry Pheto won the award for Best Supporting Actress.
  • Terry Pheto won the Luminance Star Award (2017).
  • For Faces, she won the Best Actress Award at the 2019 British Urban Film Festival Awards.

Terry Pheto’s Child and Baby Daddy

There is currently no such information about Terry Pheto’s child/children. There are currently no available pictures to hint us about her children. 

Sequel to the above, we aren’t sure whether or not she has a child, and if she does, we are not sure who her baby daddy is.

Terry Pheto’s Cars and house

Terry Pheto is not a celebrity who flaunts her cars and houses on social media. She has never posted an image of her cars or houses on social media. She is a very private person. 

Terry Pheto has not provided a clue about her preferred automobiles collection, nor has she revealed her luxury in her house. 

I think she should be given an award for being the most discreet actress in South Africa. 

Terry Pheto’s Networth

Terry Pheto’s is perceived to have an estimated net worth of around $10 million ( Approximately R150 Million in rands). However, this is purely speculation considering the types of movies and Television series she has featured.