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Complete updated details on Somizi Motaung, Houses, Cars, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family and controveries Find out everything you need to know about this Ex South African Idol Judge.

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Somizi is one of the most successful popular South African celebrities on social media. With a track record of more than 2 million followers and counting, he’s been a Judge on Idols SA for six seasons and he has hosted numerous events around the world. But if you want the extract on who Somizi really is, how is rise to fame came to be, how and what inspires him, what he does when not working and all the inside on his present controversies? You gotta stick around, as this blog post explores all those questions and more, and all the juicy stuff on how he got to the level of such attainment.

Who Is Somizi

Age: 48
Origin: Soweto, SA
Real Name: Somizi Buyani Mhlongo-Motaung
Niche: Media, Television.
Rise to fame: His lead role in Sarafina, a political and musical film.
Marital Status: Divorced (Once married to Mohale Motaung).

Somizi’s Biography

Somizi is a controversially acclaimed gay media personality. Known for his appearances in television, and has a judge in South African Idols.

He further rose to prominence with his publicly controversial marriage to fellow actor and media personality, Mohale who is 20 years younger.

He had a biolgical brother named Archie, who was fatally stabbed in 1985.


Born in 1972, Somizi is currently 48 (at at 2020), turning on 49 in December 2021, known with his usual tradition of celebrating glamorously to public spectacle and quite glamorously especially in recent years with his then partner, Mohale Motaung.

On his 47th birthday in December 2019, he publicly threw a lavish celebration along with his then partner and media personality, Mohale along with other stars. With Mohale currently out of the picture, the Idols SA’s judge future celebrations might not exactly come of as expected or usual, given the circumstances arising with his estranged beau, but we’ll see.


Somizi has been in the media industry for some time now and is one of the most sought after celebrity in South Africa. He earlier purchased a house worth R 8 million which he made plans to renovate.

In his latest endeavour, Somizi also bought himself a dream home located in Sandton City valued at R8 Million.

Somizi has a number of houses in his acquisition across major provinces in South Africa in the following areas;

Golf estate, Dainfern in Gauteng, Fourways, Soweto, Parys, Free State & Zimbali Coastal Resort & Estate – KwaZulu-Natal.


Somizi has always been a big fan of automobiles and often posts pictures of his cars on social media to show off. Somizi’s latest acquisition is the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, which is worth $400,000. He was so excited about this car that he even posted a video of him driving it around in JHB last week.



Somizi took to social media once to open up on being quite reclusive as a young child, growing up in poverty; but as regards his sexuality, he has notably been quite blunt and open in speaking up on being bisexual and gay and supporting others as well as in cases of sexuality or gender based victimization.

Net Worth

Somizi has earned a hefty amount of money with a long standing on the media scene. Here is a closer look at his lifestyle, net worth and what he’s been up with and what exactly he spends all that money on.

Somizi has been in the entertainment industry for years and his net worth is estimated at $2 million. Somizi has had a lot of success as a radio DJ, television presenter, and entrepreneur. He currently hosts Mzansi Magic’s reality show The Voice SA.
Somizi is also known for his outspoken views on social media and was recently criticised by some for criticizing President Jacob Zuma’s speech to Parliament.
He started working in 2005 when he became the host of Club 808 which was aired on Metro FM from 2006-2008 before moving to 5FM where he hosted “Club 808” until 2011 when he left the station after four years due to disagreements with his management on pay negotiations.

Marraiges & Divorce

Mhlongo dated actress Palesa Madisakwan and welcomed their first child in 1995. During the period, Mhlongo was said to have been in a relationship with an unnamed man. He later came out openly as bisexual. The couple split up. Fast forward 2017, rumours surfaced on his relationship with South African model and actor Mohale Tebogo Motaung.

The two openly confirmed the rumours as true in 2018, followed up by a proposal by Mholongo to Motaung while on vacation in Paris.

The two tied the knots in a public held gathering held in 2019.


Bahumi Madisakwane

Somizi with His daughter Bahumi

Bahumi Madisakwane daughter of somizi from the show The Voice SA is all grown up with no boyfriend in the picture yet, as far as we know. But Bahumi and her father are constantly in a close ties evident from her social media, from their cute holiday snaps with her dad to her selfies.

The 26 year old is already a well-accomplished actress, though very drawn out from the spotlight as her father. She was born to South African icon Somizi and ex-lover, veteran actor Palesa Madisakwane in 1995.

She has landed a couple major gigs and endorsement in the industry thanks to her super star dad and notably plays Zola in local action-packed telenovela which airs on SABC, Keeping Score.




Somizi Buyani Mhlongo-Motaung is a South African celebrity who has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He came to fame as the presenter of Idols, on South Africa’s popular youth TV station, kykNET. Somizi now one of the most recognizable faces in South African television.

Somizi was born and raised in Johannesburg for his father’s job as an engineer in Gauteng province where he attended school with fellow presenters Mandisa Dlova and Hlubi Tshabalala at St Michael’s Preparatory School before attending University of Pretoria from which he graduated with degrees in commerce and law.

Mhlongo’s started acting from an early age. He began when at 13, making appearances in films; Sacabengers in 1987, Sarafina in 1992,
Kein Himmel über Afrika in 1993  Cry, the Beloved Country in 1995. He also featured in the television series; Tarzan in 1996 and took up his critically acclaimed role as a judge in Idols South Africa.

Other TV credits include his reality show; Living The Dream With Somizi, featuring as well in City Ses’la, Ayeye and 10 Over 10.

In 2015, Mhlongo co-hosted the KZN Entertainment Awards and notably co-hosted the South African Music Awards for 3 consecutive years.

Somizi also gained renowned popularity for his work in choreography; his showreel include
the opening and closing ceremonies for the international football association FIFA for the 2010 hosting in his home country South Africa, Miss South Africa and the Channel O Music Video Awards.

Controversy & Divorce Dispute

South African entertainment and media personality Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. After filing for divorce from his partner, Mohale, he is also caught up in a cheating scandal and accusations with the other party.

The couple are said to have hooked up on financial terms and and their marraige only being a public sham to a benefactor upgrade on lifestyles. A couple sources believe that Mohale who apparently is 22 years younger has been filed with rumors of infidelity swirling around him and accusations that Somizi was abusive towards him, coming out publicly with this in recent weeks, it seems like things couldn’t get any worse for this celebrity divorce. He’s recently been spotted partying with scantily clad women and partners, which led many fans to believe that he had already moved on from his marriage before officially coming out with a statement.

With Somizi and Mohale’s entanglement slightly fading under rocks, there seem to be an almost contrasting unspoken agreement to keep their divorce dealings private given the complexities of how publicized their union had been. But all that privacy couldnt have been made possible as allegations by both parties suddenly exploded over the course of the separation.

In a press statement through his personal IG , account Somizi wrote: “Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would one day have to defend my honour as a result of someone I have loved so deeply and so genuinely deliberately harming a reputation I’ve worked so hard to build.

“It is incredibly painful that what I thought would be a beautiful new normal for the rest of my life with the love of my life is no longer what will happen.”

“You are now audience to what has sadly become a breakup between two people laced by defamation, false but very serious accusations and interference from supposedly close and reliable sources.”

In the effect of this, Somizi’s career has inevitably taken a halt has he had been considerably laid back from his work at Metro FM and Idols SA.

The allegations proceeding the incidence spelled rumors of physical abuse by somizi on occasions of argument of infidelity accusations towards Mohale.

In an interview with the producers of Living The Dream With Mohale, there were cut revelations by Mohale who confessed about an occasion were Somizi tried to kill him with a kitchen knife and another where he was abruptly struck off with his car on the road when he tried to flee.

Somizi made a mess of the situation and retaliated in response, by taking the allegations up legally, a move that would end up compounding into a public spectacle and very messy divorce.

Somizi made a full statement of his divorce, publicly denying all allegations as well as those involved in averting means for Mohale’s financial independence and the advancement of Mohale’s career.

According to a press statement through his Instagram account;

“I have been accused of sabotaging his efforts to be financially independent and can confirm that I have never made a concerted effort to block his networks. In fact, I have encouraged it. I have, even through my own channels, petitioned for opportunities for him to make money through my networks and I’ve amplified some of the work he’s done through his campaigns”.

View full statement here:

50/50 Divorce for Mohale

During Mohale’s granted interview with the producers of Living the Dream with Somizi, alot more of the once perfect marraige sham were unravelled through leaked audio clips released by Sunday World. According to Mohale, his marriage to somizi included a community of property although no documented papers were signed.

“He didn’t want us to sign because he probably also had ideas that I want to marry him for his money, but he also didn’t know that by us having a traditional wedding we are automatically married in community of property,” said Mohale.

Mohale raised firger his concerns of feeling emotionally played, cheated and left out as he claims his right over certain shares, including cars and a roundup of 50% of Somizi’s assets.

As revealed in the clip, Mohale blurted, “By law I’m supposed to be getting 50% off whatever that you own. If you are refusing to give me the car then we are going to go the big lawyer route where you are now going to be forced to give me half of your assets.”

The news of Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung’s divorce has come as a surprise to many. And while his fans are saddened by the breakup, some people believe that it was inevitable.
The couple have been married for a little over a year and there were no signs of any problems before this sudden announcement.

In the past weeks, we’ve witnessed little and more Instagram stars and celebrities break up on social media, no matter enviable or deeply cherished things seemed to be, which shows no one; common or ordinary, rich or poor is really less susceptible to disputes and disarray – Which also raises concerns for active fans and followers who look up to these icons as trendsetting paths to a similar culture and pattern of lifestyle amongst them.

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