See the shocking reason why zanele was fired from house of zwide

Londeka Mchunu’s character as Zanele on House of Zwide has been facing a lot of heartbreak recently on the show. These past weeks Londeka Mchunu has kept Mzansi viewers glued to their screens with her talent. From trying to fight her parents on the decision to let Mampho stay with them to finding out about her biological father.

Zanele, who takes her stepfather Funani’s last name and has been satisfied being a Zwide, had a lot of questions to ask after her mother started preaching about how a child should grow up knowing their father. After that, she began asking questions about her dad and was told an earth-shattering secret. Finding out she was the fruit of a sexual assault broke her heart. As if the world was giving her a fresh start, she got an offer from Nina to move to London

Last night’s episode saw Zanele getting ready to leave the country. She leaves with a promise to try a Long distance relationship with Sandile. Despite her mother being tempted to sabotage the new job, she unwillingly lets her go. As the episode ends, Zanele bid goodbye to her family and left for the airport.

In the wake of the emotional scene, Londeka Mchunu had fans tagging her and saying they would not watch House of Zwide because she was gone. The actress has not addressed the issue of whether she is coming back or leaving for good. Her fans are left to wonder what she needs a break for as she is a secretive person.