How to Make A Beauty Blog And Start SkinCare Website (2021)

This guideline teaches you the practical, technical, and promotional methods on how to run, start and create a successful beauty and skincare blog website. One thing you should understand is that your genuine passion is the number one factor needed for the success of this project.

Steps To Make A Beauty Blog

The requirements to start a skincare and beauty blog/website;

  • Your passion and deep knowledge about this niche
  • Starting cost/capital of approximate USD150-USD450
  • A WordPress themes that is mobile compatible ( responsive)
  • A unique and stylish domain name
  • A good webhosting company with reliable server
  • Installation and activation of WordPress software
  • Hard work from you; see and treat it as business!!

Step 1: Get A Beauty WordPress Themes

It is all about getting the right design for the structure and layout; I mean the sort of design that will satisfy your aims, purpose and vision.

Of importance is the fact that such design must be able to blend and adapt very well to audiences viewing it from their mobile phones; such development is what is called being mobile responsive.

To this end, I am recommending to you the use of premium WordPress themes for the designing and structural outlay. WordPress themes are sharp, glossy, beautiful, professionally made templates and they are mobile responsive to cap it all. In terms of SEO, these templates are fully prepared and well packaged with standard SEO features.

I would like to be specific here; the choice of your template depends a lot on whether you:

  • Are purely running a beauty and skin care blog
  • Offer services in the beauty and skin care niche e.g. cosmetics, bridal make up etc.
  • Whether you are a company or business owner who sells the products ( wholesale or retailer)
  • Either way, the following templates are recommended for your viewing discretion and decision making;


A video focused beauty website and blog




























The average cost for themes ranges from USD40-USD120; you can get these themes/templates from the companies listed below; from these companies, you can even check for more designs and WordPress e.g. business templates for this particular niche.

When you get the template, view and check out their demos before making a buying decision; after the purchase, simply download the file i.e. ZIP file to your system or computer and wait for the next action which I am explaining step by step in this tutorial.

Step 2

Get Domain Name

The main essence of this teaching I am showing you is to equip and make you capable of building your own blog/site without the need to depend on anybody.

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration

Try BlueHost, Click Get Started

Having a skin care website starts with getting a domain name that is only unique to you and your brand; in clear terms, it is branding of your present name to a technical language that the entire world wide web ( internet protocols) understands and respect.

For this new project of yours, you need to have a domain name; the following are tips on getting the name;

  • If you already have a company, brand, product or office/shop dealing with beauty/skin care niche; then using your already known name is recommended.
  • The name to use should be in English Language, easy to use and remember
  • It should be short (not more than 12 letter words), free from punctuation marks and numbers.

Once it is clear to you what you want, then you need to register it immediately before anyone else does. To carry out this checkup and availability, make use of the domain name checker form below;

If the name you want is available, you should register it immediately; there are thousands of people on the internet trying to do exactly what you are doing by registering the same domain name.

So, if you are lucky to get an available name, do not waste time, register it immediately.

Step 3

Get A Webhosting Server

The next step is for the hosting of the account i.e. the registered domain name. This process involves the purchase of a web server space where you can upload your blog and web contents.

The registration of the webhosting and the domain name can be done on the same platform as being seen during the domain name registration on Bluehost.

Bluehost Webhosting Company is a reliable company you can use to get the hosting of your beauty blog website and get started.

For a new starter blog and site like yours, you can start with USD3.5 per month instead of spending UD29 per month on the same hosting elsewhere.

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration

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Follow the guidelines below for the webhosting registration;


Hosting of a site is a thorny issue because it is the most important aspect of running an online business. If your server is not reliable, then your blog will be down or offline most of the time. This is one of the reasons why I recommended the use of Bluehost Webhosting Company for your use.

For a beauty blog, Bluehost is preferable because;

  • With Bluehost, you can get a dedicated and custom email address for your business i.e. or etc.
  • With Bluehost, you get 99.9% uptime and zero downtime of your site and server
  • In the hosting industry and despite tough competition, you can get started with as low as USD3.5 per month; this is a fair pricing and it is economically friendly.
  • When you host with bluehost, the payment for the domain name registration is cancelled; meaning you get the domain name free for one year
  • They have most secured and reliable framework and platform; giving you assurance and safety of your blog and site.
  • Customer service matters to the successful running operation of a site; Bluehost is ranked as one of the best hosting company with the best customer service support. It is not surprising because of a truth, they have an unmatched 24 hours customer support services.
  • The above are examples of why I prefer bluehost and the reason why I am still using them for the past 8 years.


The next step is the installation of WordPress software in the newly hosted web server you just bought. Do not worry, just follow the guidelines in this tutorial.

Step 4

WordPress software installation and activation

Only WordPress can indeed make you to become a web designer without the need for a programmer or someone else to do it for you.

And remember, that is the purpose of this tutorial!!

The next step you have to do is the installation of this software; implementing the installation is easy because everything is being handled remotely by Bluehost.

Follow the on-screen instructions and click to install the WordPress software;

Skip this, use the beauty and skin care template you bought; the ones I mentioned earlier above


But remember the following;

  • Remember the domain name you have registered
  • Remember and know the URL address of the site (it is mostly like,
  • Whenever you want to edit or upload content, you will need to access your WordPress login which is this,
  • After typing the above on web browser, the image that will be shown is the login page to your dashboard as seen below;


  • The username and password to login is; username: admin or email address you used in signing up.

The above are important steps/tips you should never forget!!

If you get the above facts and steps right, the next step is to upload the template/WordPress theme design you bought earlier and to start configuring the layout and all other important elements e.g. posts, pages, categories, menus etc.

Step 5

Set up Instructions

We will be looking at various set up issues here, from uploading and configuration of the purchased themes, to header, footer, logo arrangement and all other important settings of vital elements.

I will be using this template for practical example and teaching;


The following are points to discuss on:

  • How to upload and install the purchased beauty/skin care WordPress themes.
  • How to upload and import the demo of the WordPress themes (using the demo).
  • Setting and arrangement of the header and footer with Logo.
  • Arranging and configuration of the menu layout
  • Adjusting and fixing the permalinks rightly
  • Plugins to install for this type of site/blog
  • Page, Post and category creation/editing
  • How to arrange your FrontPage and set it right.
  • Making use of the widgets
  • Creating/editing of the contact form for the contact page.

Step 5 (1)

How to upload and install the purchased beauty/skin care WordPress themes

If you get the design right, then you got everything right; the design is the first important issue you need to solve. I earlier made mention of various WordPress themes for this niche (above); it is now time to start uploading and setting up everything.

If you have bought the right themes, follow the protocols below;

  • Locate themes from your dashboard, locate add new themes, click on the upload box and upload the WordPress themes you bought (by now, you should have downloaded it in form of a ZIP file on your computer system).


  • Click on install and after installation, click on activate. The new theme will be activated and will be showing live.


Step 5 (2)

How to upload and import the demo of the WordPress themes

Making use of the demo has a great advantage; this is because after installing the new themes (as discussed above), you will see that the site looks empty and blank. Making use of the demo from the themes you installed makes your site/blog to look just like the themes you purchased.

Uploading the theme also makes setting up the entire site easy and fast because so many features/settings and elements are already imported and activated on the new site.

To import the demo; know the facts below and follow the outlined steps:

  • Not all the images and videos will be imported from the original themes; if you experience this, you will upload the images manually.
  • You will have the exact settings of the original template


  • After this, you will need to just edit the elements to yours e.g. pages, categories, menus etc.
  • Go to the WordPress file (ZIP file) you downloaded on your computer system, unzip it and locate demo file or xml file
  • Go to tools (on your dashboard), go to import tools and from there, go to import plugin;
  • Install and activate this plugin
  • Then use this plugin to import the demo contents (follow the screen instructions and you will be able to upload the demo)

Step 5 (3)

Setting and arrangement of the header and footer with Logo

From the theme example below;


The header and footer is clearly marked (see those red arrows and rectangular boxes);


The header contains the menu, the logo, description and some optional advertisement space as seen above.

Now, to edit the header, just go to the theme options/panel or the widgets; from there, you can make any adjustments/editing.

The same editing options is also applicable to the footer and also the logo. On some themes (e.g. Genesis themes from StudioPress); they have a detailed instruction on how to adjust and set up each themes, so in such a case, you will need to check your account page on your StudioPress area.

For the logo, watch and study the dimension and also check the instructions at the widgets, theme options and also from where you bought the template from.

Step 5 (4)

Arranging and configuration of the menu layout

For the example above, the image below is the menu;


Without the menu in the header, the header is incomplete. In addition, the menus is very important to the success of your business.

  • To edit the menu (for example, the one above) to yours, follow the guideline below;
  • Go to the menu settings page (as shown below, it will look like this, this is just an example of my own menu settings area).


  • From the settings, adjust the pages and elements as it pleases you
  • Remember to click save on every action done by you.

Step 5 (5)

Adjusting and fixing the permalinks rightly

You need to adjust what is called the permalinks; see the image below to implement this important change.


Step 5 (6)

WordPress Plugins to install

WordPress plugins are needed for the installed WordPress themes to work efficiently. We use WordPress plugins for specific functions instead of writing programming codes for it.

The following are plugins you need to install on your blog as soon as possible.

  • Team Yoast SEO Plugin: This plugin handles all search engine optimization problems and help you to solve all basic and initial problems.
  • W3 Total Cache: Gives your site the much needed speed without being limited by the host server you are on.
  • Akismet Plugin: it checks and stops all forms of malicious spam attacks.
  • Jetpack plugin: You need this plugin.
  • Sumo plugin: Essential for social media sharing buttons and follow circles; handles all SMO (social media optimization) issues.
  • Smush Plugin: helps to reduce the size of any uploaded image drastically.
  • Real Time Chat Plugin: This plugin helps your business; it turns your site/blog to an instant messaging site. I recommend them if you are a savvy about sales, services and really passionate about talking with visitors on your site.

You will need to first install them, then later activate them. To get the best out of them, check their setting page and study it carefully.

Just look at the image below to understand how to install and activate these plugins one by one;


Step 5 (7)

Page, Post and category creation/editing

This step on page and post creation; arranging of the FrontPage, how to make use of the widgets can all be read from earlier published posts below:

Step 5 (8)

Creating/editing of the contact form for the contact page

As you can see, most of the themes already have a full functioning contact page

The contact page already has contact form in it; in your own case, you will need to check if you are able to import the contact page (with full features) from the demo.

Go to the page settings area, check for contact; if you see one, it means you already have the page published.


Click to check the preview or simply view it; if everything is perfect, you are good to go. You just need to add the page to the header menu or footer.

But if you don’t have the page, simply create a new contact page. Go to page, click on add new page, give it a title (e.g. Contact or contact us), publish it.

After publishing, go to JetPack plugin, activate the plugin by linking with ( it is free); by default, the contact form becomes active on all posts and pages editing feature.


Step 6

Publishing Your First Blog Post

Whether you are running a blog or website, it is important you write and publish quality posts/articles to keep refresh in Google’s radar and also to keep your clients/customers and visitors busy/engaged.

As a new starter, know the following tips about publishing the perfect blog post;


  • A quality blog post should not be a recycled article/post that you found elsewhere
  • It should be a quality, well researched, top notch content and article with no duplicate content or plagiarism.
  • Since your niche is into beauty and skin care stuffs; try as much as possible to publish articles/contents around this; however, the content should be the one that should bring conversions to you.
  • It should be nothing less than 1000 word count.
  • It should contain good looking images/pictures; the images should also be unique and must not be existing elsewhere.
  • Try to add videos to your posts; adding videos helps to retain visitors and helps to reduce your bounce rate.

Step 7

Maintenance task for the new site and blog

You only carry out four tasks for the maintenance of the site; one of the key reasons why maintenance is important is because of security.

The tasks are:

  • Updating your WordPress software
  • Updating your WordPress themes ( if available)
  • Updating WordPress plugins
  • Updating published blog posts if there are updates on any one

The first three tasks are automated while the last point has to be manually done by you. However being automated is possible only if you give the instruction for them to be updated. Update notification will appear on your dashboard whenever you log in, and simply follow the instructions to update them. ( See image below)


Step 8

How to get indexed on Google

My friend, you need Google (the world’s biggest search engine) before you can start gaining traffic (both organic and even referral).

Without traffic and people getting to know your skin care beauty website, you have no chance of becoming successful. The major challenge and task is on how to get on Google.


Get registered on Google Search console!!

Google search console is a platform owned and operated by Google; Google search console is built with the aim that every webmaster and publisher should have a free account and use it to submit and get their site indexed.

After getting verified, submit your sitemap of your site there and also use the fetch as button to submit your URL and get indexed in Google faster.



Step 9

Implementing basic Search engine optimization standards

Though SEO is complex and there is no end to learning it, however, as a starter, there are some basic SEO details you need to know and implement on your beauty blog.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and without good SEO, your skin care website may not rank very well on Google SERP and of course, that means no quality organic traffic for you.

As a starter, to be honest with you, you just need to install the Yoast SEO plugin, get it activated and study the settings.

Study the default settings and also read more on the main Yoast SEO page. and also the video above.

Once you get all these facts and details right, the next stage is on the promotion, marketing and what to do to turn the blog to a successful online business.


Step 10

Using Networking to promote the site

Many people just join social media networks e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram without actually knowing how to use these medium to generate and send traffic to their site.

For a beauty blog and skin care website, using and maximizing the potentials of these social media networks can bring you long term success

This is how you can achieve it;

  • Go and open a free account on Facebook (FB page), Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Complete the profile with full description and uploaded picture; use the photos of your brand, products, items and services for your profile and background.
  • For each account e.g. Facebook, try to get followers/fans/likes by first inviting your friends, families, colleagues and neighbors to like the page. Do the same thing with Instagram and Pinterest.

For this niche, focus much more on Pinterest and Instagram; Facebook does not convert much for a skin care blog and beauty website!!!

  • Once you complete this task, then you need to start networking with people that matters.

But this is how you really get the traffic juice;


Go to Facebook group and search for beauty/skin care related groups. Join about 5-10 active groups (groups having more than 50,000 members).


For LinkedIn, it is called community/group. Search for this particular groups/communities, join them just like the above mentioned guidelines for the Facebook group.


Follow the same protocol, as described for Facebook groups. However, for Pinterest, It is called board. Pinterest, when used effectively by sharing original images from your site/blog can help bring torrent of traffic more than what you can imagine.


Do the same thing for Instagram.

When you join these communities, groups or board; get engaged, follow the admin ( owner or creator of such group or community), get involved in discussion, Talk to the admin to give you admin privileges and if you are lucky to be given,  then you can start posting and sharing your images, videos there.

Step 11

Using Influencers to promote the site

This is a proven, however, not popular technique used in the promotion of a blog or website. Influencer’s control social media networks, and using them or leveraging on their power, authority and popularity can help bring awareness, exposure and traffic to your own site.

This is how to tap into influencers good books:

Influencers are individuals with great followers and leveraging on their mammoth crowd of followers/fans/likes will surely help your new site and also sustain its growth.

  • Of course, you should have join the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Search for people and individuals with large followers (more than 10,000)
  • Connect with them and be their friends, present a proposal of mutual benefits to them or discuss with them on how they can share your posts with their followers
  • Or even, discuss with them on how to do followers swap (this is possible for Facebook page, when you have at least 20,000 followers); you tell your followers to like their page and also they also tell their fans and followers to like your page.
  • Doing this has multiplier effect on traffic generation to your site without much stress.

If you leverage on this unique style, your blog and style will start getting the desired targeted traffic you have always wanted.

Step 12

The trick to get loved by Google – having ready-made posts

In life, there is nothing you can compare with having experience about something; experience cannot be bought but earned.

This trick I am about to share with you is my own unique discovery. Google loves fresh content and a site/blog that is ready with full content.

The best approach is for you to have at least 10 ready- made unique blog posts which you are going to publish at once on your site.

Let me explain;

  • It is not easy writing and publishing skin care blog posts
  • With your new blog, you will discover that you will not be able to write blog posts on a consistent basis because of some other issues
  • However, when you launch a new site, it is always better to have lots of quality blog posts on it because of Google. When Google crawls the site and discover that it is not full with much content, it may penalize the site. Google does not know if it is new or old.
  • So, when you launch with at least 10 new quality articles, you stand a high chance of beating all forms of Google penalties (especially Panda).

This is what I did with these blog you are presently reading, I wrote about 50 different articles, got them ready and publish them at once. So, Google came, saw it and regard it as an authority site even from the beginning.

Learn from my experience!!

Step 13

Blog Commenting

To comment on related blogs is an old long but proven method to exposing your site to the entire world and of course, getting immediate traffic from the first day of launch.

This technique is reliable, safe and recommended for a new site. What you have to do is to search for related blogs (about your nice) on Google search, visit them, read their articles and write good comments about the topic you have read. While writing your comment, do not forget to put the name of your site in the space provided for website.

If you can get aggressive and write 2 comments every day for the next one month, it means you would have obtained about 60 backlinks to your site.

Blog commenting works, trust me!!

How to make money with a beauty/skin care blog

This niche is one of the best niches where you can make good and quality money. The following are ways to make money.

  • Through Affiliate Marketing
  • Through Direct Advertisement
  • Through Press Releases
  • Through Google AdSense

Through Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, making good money is very easy with your niche. I prefer affiliate marketing compared to all other forms of making money.

You promote a product and when the product is bought, you collect a commission e.g. if a product goes for USD200 and a visitor that sees the product on your blog, click through to the main affiliate site and make purchase, then you can get as high as USD50.

The following companies are the best affiliate company to join for your skin care and beauty niche:

  • Amazon
  • ShareAsale (go to merchants and look for the ones dealing in this niche); ShareAsale is even better than Amazon because there are lots of merchants you can chose and promote).
  • eBay etc.

I recommend you try Amazon and ShareAsale.

Through Direct Advertisement

Direct advertisement means you are offering space on your blog to any intending advertiser. This model is tough but it is the best model to make good quality money.

However, you will need to leave your comfort zone, locate the marketing departments of various skin care and beauty products, reach out to them with a convincing proposal and start advertising their products/promotion and offers on your site.

Through Press Releases

You can only practice press release if your site is an authority with lots of readers and huge social media followers.

Buzzfeed and other major viral websites uses this approach to make killing amounts of money every month.

Through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular means of making money on the internet. It is the best CPC model, however, for this niche, it is not recommended because you will not make the huge amounts of money you may be thinking.

Google AdSense is ideal for a starter but I would not recommend you use them; the other three above methods are excellent and highly recommended.


You need to really make up your mind and throw everything possible at making sure your new beauty and skin care website or blog becomes a success story. Do not be like the 97% out of 100% starters who failed with their online business startups in the first one year.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you; if it is, kindly:

  • Share it on twitter and Facebook
  • Link back to it (this article)
  • Bookmark it on your phone and browser

Thank you

If you need any assistance, reach out to me immediately.

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