How To Start A Sports Soccer Website Blog like, SkySports

Learn how to start a sports soccer website and blog like, SkySports, NESN, NBC Sports, SBNation, ESPN, SoccerLaduma, etc. The steps to take and ways to make it successful are all explained.

Steps To Make A Sports Blog

Before you launch and decide to open a soccer website or blog in this niche, please note that the approximate startup cost is USD150-400.

Step 1: Start A Local Sports Website Niche

The sports game is a broad sector, and it is better if you can pick a particular type of sport and focus on it. Do you want a website or blog focused on soccer, football, basketball, cricket, baseball, swimming, etc., or do you just want a sports blog?

Having a focus gives you speed and helps you attain and achieve success faster because you have the tenacity and strength to accomplish things and tasks like lightning. is a peculiar niche, and they are focused on soccer; the same thing goes for soccerladuma, etc.

For this tutorial, I am assuming you are choosing soccer. So, the tutorial is going to be on how to start a soccer blog/website.

With that being said and finalized, the following are bitter and essential truths you need to know before launching out

  • Having the original and pure passion

Passion is powerful, and the unseen potent force makes you keep moving ahead despite the odds, storms, and challenges one can be facing. Desire overrides money-making syndrome!!

The number one requirement is to have a passion for the sports game; without it, I will honestly advise that you do not bother starting a soccer website at all. There are challenges ahead, you will be disappointed and feel frustrated in your first 6-9 months ( even to 2 years), and you will not make good money in the first six months to 1 year. You will realize that it is challenging and involves lots of hard work before one can experience breakthrough and success in this project.

Do not just start a sports blog because others are there and making money; be honest with yourself about your ideal passion.

  • It is real work, and you will work hard.

There have been many myths about running a soccer blog or website online; people simply say it is easy etc. Friend, the truth is ‘if you honestly desire and crave success, you will work hard for it. Running a successful sports blog and website is not child’s play; you must work hard.

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You will work hard, and there is no luck anywhere; you will commit lots of time to it, e.g., working probably 18 hours out of 24 hours on it. Yes, it is very tough to have a breakthrough; you will work hard at it.

  • Build a Team after Starting on your own

You will need to start on your own as you are about to build a sports website and run it. Suppose you have a team already, i.e., with people having the same passion as you. In that case, the journey becomes easy because each team member will handle a specific task.

Friend, but if you are alone, you will need to carry the burden all by yourself; after running it for probably three months, then you can start building a team. Your initial team members should be your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. Do not spend money to hire people because you will not make money back in the first six months to one year.

Successful people and companies worldwide have a team that believes in the purpose, vision, and mission statement of the business and project; you need such also.

  • You need a little bit of initial investment.

Suppose you check out successful soccer and other related sports website and blog out there. In that case, you will realize some fantastic facts on their statistics from writers, contributors, and even social media networks?

For instance, most of them have insane/crazy amounts of followers/fans/likes on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Friend, they did not get there by just wishing or sitting down writing just articles or posts!! They did all these things by investing money and time.

The painful truth is this: you will need to make some initial investment to get started and to be able to climb up the ladder of success faster. You will make investments on social media networks, i.e., Facebook and Twitter (details on this towards the end of this tutorial).

  • Be a Spy

Being a spy is harsh, but it is the truth; you will need to study your competitors and those people ahead of you.

You will need to study and detect their success factors; what are they doing that you can also implement. You will need to spy on Goal, SkySports, NESN, NBC Sports, SBNation, ESPN, etc. Sometimes, you may need to copy their ways, study what is working for them, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat till you get your winning formula!!

There is nothing terrible in copying the winning formula of successful people and trying to implement the same!

Step 2: Buy Soccer WordPress themes

In running a sports blog or website, the choice of your website design is of utmost importance. 90% of sports lovers and fans are in the demographic age of 13-55 years of age, while about 10% ranges from 51-75 years of age. The point here is that the 90% range watches and views anything sports from their mobile phones and accessories.

That is why you must have a website design that is mobile responsive. Having such a design lets viewers view and check your site on their mobile devices and gadgets without straining their eyes and scrolling up and down).

I recommend WordPress themes; they are ready-made templates that are SEO-ready and 100% mobile responsive.

Forget about writing or building your site writing codes or programming language; use WordPress software and its accompanying tools (WordPress themes and Plugins).

The following are some premium themes (ready-made and built primarily for a sports blog or website) I can remember right now. Check them out and see if they fit the kind and type of idea you want for your project.


make a website like goal



create a sport website



make sport website like marca



build a sport website like goal



create a sport website






open a sport website


You can get these themes/templates at the following reputable companies (I use them, so I am recommending them);

When you are there, just search for the templates you need, view the demos and make the right purchase. After making the purchase, you will need to download the purchased templates either as a ZIP file or a standalone WordPress file. Save the download file on your PC/laptop (we will come back to it later, let us move to the next level/stage).

Step 3: Buy Domain Name/Webhost is a domain name; the name of the site is called ‘Goal,’ and the website address is ‘’;

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The above are simple illustrations to explain the meaning of a domain name to you. Your first step to making a sports blog and soccer website is getting a domain name for the project. You need a simple, easy-to-remember, and unique name by taking a cue from other successful sites. The name should not be too long and not too short.

Pencil down different names you want to use for this project and start checking them one by one to see if you can use them or whether someone else is using them.

To do that, use the Bluehost domain name checker form below:

If the name you have in mind is free, I honestly recommend and advise that you register the name immediately. When you register the domain name, you are sure that it is yours and no one else can use it.

Most times, a delay is dangerous because, at the same time, millions of people are on the internet searching for the same thing. Waste no time and get the domain name registered immediately.

Webhosting Registration

The best Webhost for a sports website and soccer blog is Bluehost Company.’

Web hosting is the process of having a presence on the internet by buying a web server space that will accommodate the domain name and the contents you will upload on it.

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When you buy a host using the Bluehost Webhosting Company, the domain name registration becomes free. 

Bluehost will ask if you also want to host the name; I recommend you accept this option and register for the hosting.

I am recommending Bluehost Webhosting Company for the following brief reasons:

  • Bluehost is economically friendly ( with USD3.5 per month). It is the perfect host for you as a starter; as your site grows in traffic, you upgrade the hosting plan to accommodate the increased traffic. Start small and scale up gradually.
  • Bluehost has the best customer support services amongst its peers in the industry. You can reach them 24 hours non-stop through instant chat, email, and also through direct phone calls from anywhere in the world.
  • They have a refund policy that is unique in the hosting industry. Anytime you cancel your hosting, Bluehost company will refund your money back to you.
  • They have excellent security features, unlimited email address features, including Apps.
  • With Bluehost, you are sure of almost 100% uptime of your site (they have zero tolerance for any downtime)

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With successful payment for your hosting packages, the next step is installing the WordPress software that will power the site. 

Step 4: Install WordPress

You will install and activate the WordPress software; just follow the guidelines below (image guidelines)


use the template you bought; do not use these ones

In summary, Bluehost does the entire installation in about 3-10 minutes, and your site will be ready.

So, we will need to start arranging and filling it with required details, images, videos, and texts; that also brings us to the next stage, which is step 6.

But before going to step six (6), you need to take note of the following points during the WordPress software installation processes:

  • Know your domain name; (this is just an example)
  • Know the URL address of the domain name:
  • Name of the site: yoursportsite (I am just using this name as an example, it will be your domain name)
  • WordPress login: (please, do not forget this WordPress login format, you will need it anytime you need to access and login to your site). If you type the WordPress login on the browser, the image below will appear on your screen.


  • You will need a username and password. Please know that your username is your email address or ‘admin,’ and your password is the password you made during the installation process.


Step 5: Build A Sports Website Blog (Setup)

We are going into complete set up of the entire sports website and blog; this is where your full attention is highly needed. For practical explanation, I will be making use of the template below;

adsense sports

In this practical teaching instruction, the following are areas of interest that I am going to explain.

  • Change the default permalinks structure.
  • How to adjust the header, the footer, and the logo
  • How to adjust and set up your menu settings
  • FrontPage Design
  • Image and video upload- instructions
  • How to publish news, stories; including page and category set up
  • WP plugins
  • Widget Settings

Brief analysis and explanation!!

Step 5 (1)

How to upload the purchased WordPress themes- Including Demo upload

We are going to move at a fast pace. We will upload and install the demo contents of the purchased WordPress themes; doing this makes everything easy for you. You will be able to start editing and adding your contents straightaway.

In addition, by doing this, you will make your sports blog/website look exactly like that of the templates (WordPress themes) you bought.

Follow the guidelines below to do that:

  • If you have bought the template I discussed above, then we can carry on.
  • Go to appearance, look for themes, and once seen, click on ‘Add new themes;


  • Select the box to upload and locate the purchased templates (it is a downloaded file, mainly in a ZIP file folder)
  • Click on the file, and the software will upload the file template.


  • Click on activate, and it will go live!!

That is the first step, now the second step;

Demo Upload and Installation

  • Go to the ZIP file, remove the ZIP, and locate the demo file; it is usually an XML file, called ‘demo.’
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard, go to tools and under tools, and click on import.
  • From the import page, install and activate the ‘import WordPress plugin (though it is old, it still works, and we are only using it for this purpose. After this, you will need to delete the plugin from your plugin repository).
  • After installing and activating the plugin, use it to import the demo file or the XML file. The plugin automatically uploads this and installs it for you all within 5-10 minutes (depending on how heavy the demo maybe).


  • Click save; go to your homepage, refresh the page by clicking on Control F5, and the imported demo will be showing live on your site. However, if pictures are not showing, then you will have to handle that aspect manually one by one.

 If you encounter any issues, contact me, and I will be glad to help out.

Step 5 (2)

Change the default permalinks structure

When making a sports website, after successfully installing the themes and uploading the demo, the first thing you will need to do is to change the default permalink structure.

The permalinks affect how your URL looks to both search engines and also to human understanding. For SEO, we are changing the permalinks to standard SEO practices.

Just follow the image below:


By following straightforward guidelines, you can do this;

Go to settings, and from the settings, click on permalinks, and then follow the image above to effect these essential changes.

Step 5 (3)

How to adjust the header, the footer, and the logo

I think you should have a proper understanding of what we are doing now. Your site is ready because we made use of the imported demo. Still, we need to edit and change this imported demo (including its settings to suit yours).

We have done that of the permalinks. The next important step is to edit the header, footer, and logo; see the image below describing the header and footer to you.


Now, the header and footer are essential parts of the whole site structure. The header contains vital building elements such as the menu, the logo, adverts area, etc. The header is essential when designing the soccer website and blog.

The footer is the base area of the site, and it also contains essential pages which serve as important navigation to the site (as seen above).

To edit the header, footer, and logo; follow the guidelines below:

  • Look out for theme options or theme panels (most templates have this particular feature, and you will see it in the same WordPress dashboard). When you see this feature, locate the header and the footer, including the logo. 
  • The second option is to check out the widget settings (as seen below);


  • When you check out the widgets, you can edit and configure the header and footer.

If you encounter any problems, just reach out to me.

Step 5 (4)

How to adjust and set up your menu settings

Let me show you the menu to understand how important it is when building a sports soccer website or blog.


The menu is important because of its strategic positioning; it lies just below the header. It is the main navigational link to all internal pages on the site.

Most successful sites leverage the menu to increase their conversions in terms of sales, revenue generation, and lead generation. It all depends on you!!

To edit or add anything on the menu, see the image below:


Your menu is there already because of the demo we imported; now, to edit this menu, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your menu settings (it is in the appearance link by the left-hand side of the dashboard).
  • Just like the image above, you will start adding and removing pages to the menu (the picture is self-explanatory).
  • Any changes you make, remember always to click save at the bottom of the page.

Step 5 (5)

FrontPage Design

adsense sports

Have a poorly, woefully designed FrontPage, and you will see your site getting no visitors!

Your FrontPage/homepage is of significant importance to the overall success you are expecting from this project of yours.

To adjust and fully configure your homepage, read the following steps:

  • Make sure you have pages and posts (news, stories, articles, etc.) that are already published.
  • Depending on the template you bought, the featured post is automatically set. But on some themes, you go to the post settings page ( publishing page), you may see an option that shows ‘make this post a featured post.’ When you accept this option, then such a post appears on the FrontPage.
  • In addition to the above point, you will need to create a ‘featured image’ for each published post and page. You will see this option towards the base of the right-hand side of the post or page publishing area.

Other places you can edit and adjust the FrontPage or the homepage of the newly created sports blog are:

  • The Widgets
  • Theme options

The widgets

For the widgets, everything you need is clearly written and stated there; you have to study the widgets and implement the said instructions there. Even on most widgets, you will see the option of being asked if you want featured posts or featured images to show on the FrontPage. I mentioned this earlier. The widget is vital in how you set your layout when creating the sports blog and soccer website.

Theme Options

Notable premium WordPress themes developer, e.g., Mythemeshop, has this particular feature. It is a dedicated control panel appearing just below the appearance. On this theme option (board), you have the instructions to edit the FrontPage and set up everything perfectly.

It would help if you searched and diligently looked for all these places.

Step 5 (6)

Image and video upload- instructions

You will need to upload images, pictures, and videos on the sports website. A site of this niche that lacks the presence of videos is generally dull.

To upload any picture or video on the site, follow the guidelines below;

  • Identify and locate the ‘media’; it is on the left-hand side of the dashboard; open it, and you will be in the media section.
  • The media section is the storage center of all uploaded music, videos, and pictures of the entire site. So, from here, click on the upload box, locate where the video or photo is, and you can then upload it.

I am taking the time to explain all these steps and guidelines so that you can be the master of your blog and website without depending on anybody.

Step 5 (7)

How to publish news, stories; including page and category set up

Now that your sports site is getting ready for the entire world to know and see, you must know how to publish exciting news.

There are two issues I will want to clarify here:

Posts and Pages

These two identities are very much different. Now, if you publish news, stories, and articles, you do that for a post.

However, if you publish ‘about,’ contact, privacy policy, etc., all these falls under a ‘page.’

To publish a post, you will see the link’ Post’ on your dashboard, move the mouse there and locate ‘Add new post’; once it appears, you can give your post a title, e.g., why Ronaldo is better than Messi.’ Add featured images, then click on publish.

The same concept applies to a page; however, you will look for a page instead of looking for a post on the dashboard. On the page, click on ‘add new page’; give your page a title, add the same featured images and publish it.

  • Essential pages to publish for a sports website or football/soccer blog are summarized below:
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Advertisement page
  • Terms of service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclosure Page
  • DMCA (critical)


Step 5 (8)

WP (WordPress) plugins

I earlier mentioned the importance of WordPress plugins that they are the accompanying tools for the WordPress software. The truth is an ordinary novice can build an entire website using WordPress by simply using plugins and reading this tutorial you are presently reading.

WordPress plugins power and gives functions to your site; they are essential you have them installed and activated.

The following are essential WordPress plugins you must have on your site without wasting time;

  • Yoast SEO plugin is vital for search engine optimization. SEO is complex, but this plugin makes everything simple and easy for you.
  • W3 Total Cache: Empowers your site to load with fantastic speed; nobody likes a slow site, so you’d better install and activate this plugin immediately.
  • Akismet Plugin: Spam is annoying; this plugin handles that for you with no stress.
  • Jetpack plugin: necessary for contact page creation (contact form) aside from many other essential functions it offers; essential plugin to have.
  • Sumo plugin: For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ( best social media plugin)
  • Real-Time chat plugin: It is optional, perfect for instant chatting platforms.


Widget Settings

You can do all these things using the widget to set the overall layout, change the sidebar or adjust it, add advert codes to the sidebar, etc.

The widget is a central command unit of a WordPress-powered site. With a superficial knowledge of the English language, you can do anything possible with the widgets.

Step 6: Site Maintenance

After building the site, the next step to think of is the maintenance of the site.

Maintenance of a WordPress powered site as yours is simple; follow the steps below:


  • Updating your WordPress themes
  • Updating your WordPress plugins

To do this, look for a pop-up notification. The notification will alert you that update(s) is available; click on the alert. WordPress will take you to the plugin or theme of interest. Follow the instructions, and your site will be updated automatically.

Step 7: Google search console- Verification / Sitemap Submission

Take it or leave it, Google determines the success of your site because it is the world’s biggest search engine behemoth. You need to have a presence on their radar because you need traffic from visitors to your site.

No matter how you invest in social media, Google still determines almost 80% of the expected traffic.

The first step to getting this done is by:

  • Registering and opening a free account on Google search console
  • Go to Google search console ( ), submit your site, and get verified.

After getting your site verified, you are going to do just two things:

  • Create a sitemap and submit it on the console
  • Get the site indexed immediately using the ‘Fetch as’ features

The Yoast SEO plugin mentioned earlier will be used to create your sitemap. Visit the plugin and see the portion to make a sitemap; create yours; after making it, submit the sitemap in the section for sitemap submission on the console.


To get your new sports website and blog indexed so that it will show on Google search pages, make use of the ‘fetch as’ features, submit your homepage URL ( for example,

If you need help, just reach out to me.

All the technical training is now complete; the next step is promoting the sports website into a successful online business.

How to Make it Successful and make money

Step 8

Massive investment in Quality Contents

Content is King!!

You have to be clear and follow strict principles that will make your site succeed online. There is no shortcut to it. Even if you are running a sports news website, you need to ensure the news coming out is not duplicated. The information, stories, and articles must be original.

That is what will make the difference!!

Do you know how many sports blogs and soccer websites are out there? So, do you want to join the crowds and multitude?

Joining them will not give you the desired results. Follow the painful path now and enjoy the benefits later for as long as the internet exists!


Any content you want to publish on your site should be:

  • Quality content with unique perspective and interpretation by you
  • The content/news/stories/articles should be original, unique, and free of plagiarism
  • The content should be informative and entertaining with quality pictures and original videos

I am stating this because you will need the search engines, and without following the rules above, you will not get any visitor traffic from them. Though it is hard to follow the rules, you need to follow them and enjoy long-term success.

Do not engage in copy and paste; if you do this, you will notice that even the traffic you will get from Facebook will reduce. Even when you spend money to push this, the traffic will not be quality traffic!!

Step 9

Massive investment in Social Media

Social media is here to accelerate and speed up your growth and success rate.


Check out the Facebook fan page of leading and popular sports blogs and sites out there?

  • Goal: 17 Million likes ( i.e., 17 million followers/fans on, not even or!!)
  • Soccer laduma: 2.5 Million Likes/fans

Check out also their Twitter and Instagram followers

  • Goal; 803k Twitter followers
  • Soccerladuma: has 635k Twitter followers
  • ESPN has 33.7 Million Twitter followers.

The owners and founders of these sports websites invested massively in social media; the truth is this, you also will need to do the same.

Social media is powerful; try all you can to get massive followers and an audience.

  • Go and open a free account on Facebook (Page), Twitter, and also on Instagram. Create a robust profile on them, upload your relevant pictures and images; put your site’s link in the website portion and the description.
  • Invite your friends and family members to follow you, to like you, and also join you on Instagram
  • After this, you will need to run Facebook adverts to get more followers/likes (probably in millions)

By the time you have considerable followers, fans, and likes; then you will need to start sharing your content on these sites regularly.

Step 10

Publish Regularly

One of the most powerful but very difficult tasks to do to achieve success is publishing news/stories and articles at regular intervals.

I am not talking about publishing one content per day. You will need to post at least five contents every day and keep pushing them out on social media.

Maintain a consistent publishing schedule and stick to it.

Step 11

How to make money with a sports website

The easiest way to make money with a sports website and soccer blog are mainly through Google AdSense. All sites and blogs in this niche make use of Google AdSense.

The following are ways for you to make money with this niche;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling sports-related items on your website, e.g., tickets to watch soccer games, etc.
  • Google AdSense (the best CPC, Cost per Click monetization method)

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in the soccer and sports niche is different from the other affiliate marketing method. For example, you cannot be an affiliate of Amazon and expect to market their products here.

You can do affiliate marketing and earn high commissions (quality money) by:

  • Promotion companies that do march betting ( Profit Accumulator, Odds Monkey
  • Promoting online betting sports company
  • Join ShareAsale and promote Adidas as an affiliate marketer on your blog or website. When you join ShareASale, go to the merchant to search for Adidas, apply to market their products. You will also see various sports-related companies.

Affiliate marketing helps you to make good quality money compared to Google AdSense; however, you can implement both on your site.

Try To sell sports-related items on your website, e.g., tickets to watch soccer games, etc.

Selling Sports related items is another avenue to make money. Just start selling viewing tickets directly on your site. Trust me; you stand to make lots of money from here.

Google AdSense (the best CPC, Cost per Click monetization method)

Google AdSense is the best and most reliable way to make money online. I have been with Google AdSense for more than ten years, and I am still participating in their program. Just go to and sign up for a free account to get started.

However, to make good money (from 4 figures upward with Google AdSense), you need thousands and even millions of traffic daily.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this extensive tutorial on how to start a successful sports website and blog.

Implement the advice, instructions, and suggestions in this tutorial, and you will be amazed at how success will smile at you.

It is not easy, I know; however, attaining success is not an easy road. Just make the initial sacrifice.


NB: If you enjoy the tutorial, please, I beg you to kindly link back to this article, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+