7 Steps to Start a Political Blog -Become A Political Blogger (2022)

Wants to be a political blogger? this tutorial contains the complete guidelines on how you can start a political blog, gain influence, grow and become successful.

Before opening and launching out, I will like you to know that the approximate starting cost is between USD150-365 (90% of this cost is for the first year, the cost drops in subsequent years).

But first;


Political Blog (What’s it)

Just like any other blog, a political blog is your platform, a personal online diary that allows you to voice out and communicate your political beliefs and opinion to the whole internet audience who are interested.

When you become a political blogger, you will be heard and not silenced, it brings you into the political ecosystem and you tend to being a political razzmatazz of either a moderate, conservative or liberal voice. With gradual authority developed by your analysis, concise political views and up to date news/trending stories; you developed into a sort of a think tank haven.

Chose A Political Blog Niche

When you are about to start a political blog, it is important you chose a niche and start locally. Now, there are just two major types of political blogs, however, I have extended it to include two additional types making the total types become four. They are listed below based on the scale of influence and importance.

The Conservative Political Blogs

You may want to start a political blog of this type of niche. Respected conservative politicians include Margareth Thatcher, Theresa May, Boris Johnson (All from the United Kingdom). Bloggers running this niche uphold the virtues and values of being conservative. Examples of blogs in this niche include:

  • The much-respected Drudge Report
  • Andrew’s Sullivan Blog, DailyDish
  • Neo-Neocon

Liberal Political Blogs

Their opinions are liberal; examples of such blog are:

  • Daily Kos
  • CarpetBagger Report
  • Huffington Post

Moderate Political Blogs

Examples are:

  • ReliablePolitics
  • The ModerateVoice

International Political Blogs

You can be an international political blogger, covering everything outside of your local reach. I know of three examples of blogs in this niche. These three blogs are authoritative and well respected:

  • Oxblog
  • Saudidebate
  • ICGA (Informed Comment: Global Affairs)

Whether you want to start a political blog like Daily Kos or the Drudge Report, just continue reading on how you can set up one.

Before I start explaining how to go about what I listed above, I think it is important I share some factors you need to do/know as you are about to start.

Chose A Political Niche and Be Focused

To become a political blogger is a serious business (if you desire to be successful), except you are just doing it for fun. Doing blogging for fun does not make sense because:

  • It will consume your time
  • It will consume your money (for a start e.g., for domain name and hosting)
  • It will consume your concentration and focus

So, before setting out, you should have a purpose of why you want to launch your own political blog. Your purpose will guide you in the right path and trajectory.

From the various types of political blogging mentioned above, sit down and carefully think about the sort of niche you want to go for. However, the most important thing is to stick to it and not lose focus. So, think about this!!

Expect No Money in One Year After the launch

Before you start a political blog, please know that political blogging is the least profitable in terms of making money. It is because all major forms of monetizing your blog in this niche do not fully fit in. What can work very well for you if you aim to make good money is to probably transform the blog into news or website of a sort and you continue publishing more political content? More details are explained below

If you decide to go in this way, then the use of Google AdSense and some paid advertisement from probably political parties will help your cause.

However, no matter what, expect no money in the first one year.

Find Your Voice – Be Passion-driven

I believe that your true passion should be the main reason why you want to launch start a political blog. The thing is, you are not going to make money in the first year, it will consume your time, etc.; so, if that genuine passion is not there right from the beginning, I honestly advise that you drop this project now.

Most political bloggers give up after one year and one of the reasons behind this is because they were not absolutely real from the beginning. Being you, sharing your thoughts without being partial gives you a leverage of authority and respect in this niche, let people and readers see your real personality behind your blog.

To become a political blogger is determined by your genuine passion for this niche. Passion is everything; your passion for becoming a political blogger is what will even keep you going in the face of adversity, challenges, court order, harassment, intimidation, etc.

I mentioned those factors above because you are going to face them!!

Draw Out a Plan (Short And Long Term)

Trust me, this is very important!!

The bitter truth as you are about to start a political blog is that you are not going to make money in the first year, it is going to take your time, it is going to take your concentration, etc.; this is where you must have a solid plan on the ground before running a political blog.

Allow me to explain:

It is imperative to have a short-term plan and a long-term plan; Part of the long-term plan includes:

  • For example, buying the domain name and web hosting registration for more than one year (at least go for 2 years and above)
  • Setting aside some money that you can conveniently spend each month for (e.g., Facebook advertising, press release, writers (optional), etc.). Have at least a budget for this that will cover 1 year.

Part of the short-term plan when opening a political blog include:

  • You cannot do it alone if you are looking for efficiency and effectiveness. That is why I recommend you get someone on board with you right from the beginning. The best option is your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband etc. they will assist and also back you up.

Getting Political stories

One of the most daunting challenges when you are about to start a political blog is how to get relevant stories, news, and top-notch contents because of the effect on two major issues:

  1. how fast you can publish them and get it out to your readers before other political blogs and website does so
  2. How authentic i.e., how original is the news/updates or story.

But the good news is that the following are proven sources on where to get real, original information. Check below.

  • Target and follow the Twitter account of most politicians, political parties, and your local leaders. For example, Donald Trump is a very good example. He is very much active on his Twitter account and that is where you can get fresh, real, and original information from him (though he has been banned, what a pity!!)
  • Subscribe to their press releases
  • If they have a website or blog, subscribe using your email (this means anytime they publish any update, you will be the first to get it)
  • Follow them on their Instagram account
  • Another place to check for trending political news or stories is BuzzSumo; for viral ideas, it is my number one (1) destination!!
  • Attend meetings and gatherings
  • Become friends with fellow Journalist in this niche, this is critical to make a political blog become successful.

Blog Design (UX/UI Interface)

To start a political blog, the design and user experience is important for both humans and the search engines. UX talks about the user experience and UI talks about the user interface. Both factors take into account an optimized viewing experience (mobile responsiveness), coupled with Google core web vitals

To make a political blog, we are going to make use of WordPress themes because only these ready-made templates can give us the UX and UI experience satisfactorily without coding requirements from you.

Check the following recommended blogging templates, view the demo, make the purchase and download it; subsequent installation follows next (as you scroll down).


how to become a political blog


starting a political blog














start a political blog

To design, build and start a political blog, you can use the above WordPress themes and design templates; you will get them at the company below:

Domain / Webhosting

To start a political blog, you need to understand the above guidelines and truths, it is now time to learn the process of setting up your political blog one by one.

In this regard, you need to come up with a name for the blog (e.g., Dailykos, Drudge Report e.t.c.) and that brings us to the concept of domain name registration. It is very easy. Follow the guidelines below:


Search for a domain name

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration

Check Availability And Then Click Get Started


If successful, you will see it

Please note that I am using the name, ‘anjorin’ as an example in this context:



Grab the promotional price offer



Create your account Quickly



Set Up Guidelines

To start a political blog is getting interesting, for the complete setup tutorials , I recommend you read the posts below where I explained with full images and videos on how to set up the blog (though it is a news blog, the same concept on the configuration, installation, and set up principle applies).

Write And Publish

It’s time to start writing and publishing your story and articles. One thing you should know, and it is common as a trait as you want to be a political blogger is your writing skills and consistency. Follow the guideline below to start writing.


Get Set Up On Google

  • After you start a political blog, the next step is to get it indexed on Google. To do that, go to Google search console at google.com/console ( https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home)
  • Click sign up (you must have a Gmail account, and if not, just sign up for a free Gmail account)
  • Verify your blog (and you can also use the Yoast plugin to help out)
  • Create a sitemap and submit it also on the Google search console


Google Indexing Your Blog

After signing in and verifying your political blog at Google console (webmaster), you need to submit your sitemap and use the ‘fetch as’ tool to get your blog indexed immediately so that it can start showing on the search result pages.


I recommend you read and install these plugins ( https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/)

Traffic / Promotion

When you are thinking about how to start a political blog, you should know from the beginning that you will need lots of targeted internet traffic from visitors to determine its success.

You should not depend on the search engines from the start, the following are proven ways to get traffic:

  • From Facebook
  • From Twitter
  • From Email Subscription List

When you open the social media accounts, use the name of your blog to open the account so that they will all be on the same page. If your blog name is haceweb, the name of your Facebook account should be Facebook.com/haceweb et. c.

The same model applies to Twitter, but in growing your Twitter account, I recommend you use Manageflitter App to grow your followers.n-manageflitter


Network with fellow political bloggers to get exposure and get to receive first-hand information and opinions on issues that matter.

Make a deal with social media influencers

Have you heard the phrase ‘Work Smarter and not harder!!’

It still boils down to what I was talking about above. This works fast and it is guaranteed to get you fast and long-term results.

As you start a political blog, look for fellow political bloggers, columnists, editors, contributors (on political issues), become their friends, follow them, tweet and retweet their posts, engage with them, and ask for their help.

How To Make Money with A Political Blog

I just finished sipping coffee and let me address this important question. Running a political blog not only brings about popularity, exposure, engagement, and lending voice (both conservative and criticism); it is rewarding in terms of making money and opening doors of opportunities.

The following are ways on how to make money from a political blog:

  • Asking for donations
  • Making money from subscriptions
  • Making money from Guest blogging opportunities
  • Using Cost Per Click (notably the use of Google AdSense)
  • Direct advertisements
  • Press releases

Asking for donations

Easy does it, my friend. I have seen on so many blogs, where at the end of the post or towards the footer; a request is put out to people to support them.

This idea works as you start a political blog; remember, this niche is not so popular, so embrace this monetization model!!

By the time your blog starts getting authority, traffic, and visitors with dedicated readers, asking for a donation from them is so pretty easy and it is not a rude approach.

I recommend you install this plugin to get started:

Making money from subscriptions

This works very well if you want to start a political blog with paid membership model. For example, the Financial Times website does. You are limited to read certain content for a short period, thereafter, a pop comes up that you should subscribe to. This option should only be embraced if your blog is matured and authoritative.

Cost Per Click (Google AdSense)

This program is run by Google, and it is by far the most reliable, effective way of making money on the internet. It is very easy to implement. Check it out at https://www.google.com/adsense/start/

Direct Advertisement

Create a portion on your sidebar, displaying that you are open to accepting advertisements. Secondly, do not wait for politicians, political parties, or organizations to contact you, go out and get in touch with them.

Buzzfeed makes a killing amount of money from this model when it comes to election year or political campaign moment.

Embrace this model as you start a political blog!!

Making money from Guest blogging opportunities

Some bloggers want to get exposure to their websites and blogs through you. In other words, they may pitch the idea of guest blogging to you. You can charge a few hundred dollars for this.

Press Releases

Buzzfeed uses this model a lot and I also implore you to do the same. You can come up with a well-researched white paper editorial about a particular politician etc and then publish it as a press release.

After publishing on your blog, also submit the same press release to premium press release media organizations. Trust me, you will make tons of thousands of money.


Want to start a political blog and become a political blogger? implement the above guidelines and steps. If you find it helpful and resourceful, link to it, share it with your friends and families, share it on other websites, resource places, and also share it on Facebook.