12 Proven Steps To Create A Successful Fashion Blog And Make Money (2022)

To create a successful fashion blog, make money and become popular starts with having a specific purpose. Please have it at the back of your mind that for you to achieve success, you will need to work hard, really hard and not be lazy.

How to create a successful fashion blog


gET A NAME FOR YOUR fashion blog

To better explain the steps to start a successful fashion blog, note that this niche can either be for:

  • Service oriented website where you offer services to people, clients, make hair, beauty services etc.; people can make appointments through your website
  • A sales oriented site where you sell products, items and tools related to the beauty world. Not only that, but also the skin care industry, fashion enthusiasts etc.
  • A site that is educational i.e. probably you want to run online courses to teach some particular set of people about a particular fashion skills etc.
  • Or you want to run a fashion blog, publish authority/informative contents, monetize using affiliate products and even sell items.
To create a successful fashion blog and launch it, you will need an approximate cost of USD250-470; aside from this, the following are the briefs needed;
  • A fashion wordPress themes template for a mobile responsive design/outlay
  • A unique domain name that is fashionista in style
  • A webhosting server from a reputable company like bluehost
  • WordPress software and the complete installation/configuration
  • Focus, resolute commitment and absolute determination to work hard

Step 1

The Right Fashion Templates

This is the first step you will take when you want to create a successful fashion blog; if you have any other things on your mind, just be cool because we are still going to touch and teach on that. Slow and steady wins the race sometimes.

As earlier mentioned, your purpose also determines the type and sort of design you want for yourself. In the present age and time we are, you do not need to spend lots of money for your designs, all you need to do is to buy professionally designed template called WordPress themes from reputable companies, install them and get it working.

After the installation, any other functions you want to perform on the website can easily be done with the installation of what is called a WordPress plugin.

For example, there is virtually WordPress plugins for any type of stuff you want on your blog e.g.

  • Selling
  • Receiving money
  • Issuing out invoices
  • Social media broadcasts
  • Downloading of eBooks, items etc from your site.

Follow the steps below to get started for this stage.

Service oriented website where you offer services to people, clients, make hair, beauty services etc.; people can make appointments through your website

For this sort of design when you want to create a successful fashion blog, you can check out the following listed examples; and if it suits your choice, just buy them and download the ZIP files on your computer or laptop (how to go about this will be discussed as we progress)


create a successful fashion blog

buy this template now


design a successful fashion blog

buy this template now


how to make a successful fashion blog

buy this template now

You can check the following recommended company for your preferred choice;

check out mythemeshop

Once you see your preferred choice, buy  it and move to the next level explained deep below.

A sales oriented fashion website where you sell products, items and tools related to the beauty world. Not only that, but also the skin care industry, fashion enthusiasts etc.

I have handpicked the following WordPress themes templates if you want to create a successful fashion blog in this niche. Just check them out, and if you see your choice, just buy and download the ZIP folder.


build a fashion blog
Excellent for ecommerce!!


make a successful fashion blog

buy this template here




how to run a fashion blog successfully

You can check the following recommended company for your preferred choice and to search for more;

check out themeforest

A fashion website that is educational i.e. probably you want to run online courses to teach some particular set of people about a particular fashion skills etc.

To create a successful fashion blog in this niche, the following are selected templates for your consideration:







Or you want to run a fashion website, publish authority/informative contents, monetize using affiliate products and even sell items.

This is much more like a blog, because you are focusing on writing and publishing informative/helpful and quality contents on the site.

To create a successful fashion blog in this particular niche, the following are templates I chose for your consideration:

create a fashion blog and make money

buy this template now


start a successful fashion blog

buy this template now


how to run a fashion blog and be successful

buy this template now


making a successful fashion blog

buy this template now

You can check the following recommended company for your preferred choice;

check out themeforest

The summary here is that you buy your preferred template, download the ZIP files/folder and then wait for the next step which will be discussed as you continue reading this tutorial.

Step 2

Create a successful fashion blog with a brand Name

Look at those successful fashion websites out there, one thing you will notice about them is the branding concept they have.

To create a successful fashion blog, you need to embrace branding. To have a brand name means the name you are going to give your website should be memorable, unique and it should cut across everything that has to do with your site. For example, the name you will give your site is also the name you will use as your Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram and even with the logo creation.

gET A NAME FOR YOUR fashion blog

A typical example of branding is to look at Facebook:

  • Name of the site = Facebook
  • Logo: F
  • Facebook page account: www.Facebook.com/Facebook
  • Instagram Account: www.instagram/facebook
  • Twitter Account: www.twitter.com/facebook
  • Snapchat Account: snapchat.com/facebook

Think of this important concept because it will give you a long term advantage as your site grows, traffic to it increases and you start seeing success. Give it a name that will reflect your uniqueness and which will be catchy both to the eyes and for pronunciation/diction.

Step 3

Get Domain name with the brand name

We are gradually getting there; with your brand name, you will need to get a domain name for it. Getting a domain name simply means you are buying a technical, machine read name that the internet understands.

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration

try bluehost and register now

Examples of domain names are:

  • google.com
  • nytimes.com
  • google.ca
  • amazon.com

So, with patience as you are about to create a successful fashion blog, you need to search for the perfect domain name (only chose.com or .org), and make sure that the name also is available to be used for the branding advantages as earlier explained in the branding example of Facebook.

The first task is to check if the domain name you are thinking about is even available on the internet or if someone else is using it.  I recommend the tool/form below from Bluehost to search for the different domain names of interest.

After checking and you discover that the name you want is available, it is advisable you register it immediately before someone else does that because you are not the only one browsing for this information on the internet.

My recommendation is that you register and get the domain name immediately; however, while registering for the domain name, you are also presented with the website hosting for the domain name and that brings us to the next important step.

Step 4

Get Website Hosting for the Domain name

When you create a fashion blog and without hosting it, nobody will be able to see it on the internet because it will not be available. Hosting the domain name means that you are buying a portion of the World Wide Web through a server from where you can keep your items, contents, posts, pictures, images, videos and from which people can access them.

gET started with bluehost now

You need to host the domain name so that it will accessible on the internet; from the package presented to you, chose the professional or basic package and get the hosting without wasting time.

Special Deal: If you decide to host the domain name and eventually buys it with Bluehost, you will no longer pay for the domain name; it automatically becomes free for one year, and this saves you an approximate USD19. Why not decide to host NOW!!

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration

start with bluehost now

The registration and the process of the hosting is easy, just follow the prompt notice and guidelines displayed on the screen. For easy understanding, you can follow the tutorial images and videos below.

Step 5

WordPress Installation

To create a successful fashion blog, I honestly recommend you go with Bluehost in order to make the WordPress installation easy. Bluehost is a reputable company and they are well experienced when it comes to hosting of your website. I use them and their satisfactory service is one of the reasons why I am recommending them.

register with bluehost now

After successfully registering for the hosting, Bluehost system automatically guides you on each step of the way.


The next step is the installation of WordPress software (because this is the software that will power your website). Bluehost handles this in the background and they automatically installs WordPress for you, just follow the prompt notices and the tutorial images below.

During the installation as you about to create a successful fashion blog, they will ask that you select a theme; you can skip this or select any theme of your choice, but remember this is just for the initial set up because the theme they are presenting to you can never match your fashion purpose. However, you can skip it and later on, we are going to upload and make use of the earlier purchased fashion templates or WordPress themes you have downloaded (i.e. the ZIP files/folder).

Skip this

Step 5 (1)

Configuring and setting up your Website

Follow the guidelines shown on your screen, click on ‘start building’ (you will see the WordPress, W, Logo) and the next page shown to you is the engine room known as the dashboard. Remember to keep your password and login details safe (your login username in most cases is your email address or admin).

  • You will see a screen message that shows’ welcome to WordPress’, what type of site do you wants i.e. business or personal. Click on business and proceed to the next step.

create a successful fashion blog

  • On the next page, click on ‘Launch’ your site
  • On the next page, give your site a title and description

After the site is up and running ( if you look at the browser, you should be able to see your website name URL i.e http://www.nameofyoursite.com there. ( if you type this address, the login below will show up).


Immediately after this, there are important settings you need to do and configure and let us start one by one:


Step 5 (2)

Change your theme design

The present design of your fashion website is not what you want, and remember that you have earlier purchased the actual design of your choice based on the purpose you want to establish.

Getting the perfect design is important as you create a successful fashion blog; it will help give you a pleasant user experience!!

Now, we need to choose, select and upload that themes/template as our new design cover/concept.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard, locate ‘themes ( it is usually under appearance, and it is at the left hand side of the page)’, click on it and click on ‘ Add new’
  2. You will be brought to the theme page, list of themes will be displayed for you to choose, ignore them and rather click on ‘upload’


  1. Locate the source of the downloaded ZIP file, click on it and upload it.
  2. In some cases, you may need to open the ZIP file and locate ‘only WordPress files’. If that is the case (which you will know because if you upload the ZIP file straight, it may show an error or takes longer time). Go to the ZIP file, unzip it and locate the ‘only WordPress files’


  1. Go back to your themes and click on upload, in this case, you will upload the ‘only WordPress files’
  2. After this, click on ‘Install’ and then ‘activate’
  3. Refresh the page and the design will change to the new template

Demo Upload and installation

When making a fashion blog, in some cases, you may want your site to look exactly like the template (or the demo of the template). If that is the case, you will need to upload the demo file of the WordPress themes. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the themes/templates as described above
  2. Now, go to the ZIP file, unzip it and you will something like .xml ; in some themes, it may be written as demo.xml; the summary is that you need to look out for something or file that ends with xml.


  1. Locate the file and go to the settings (on your dashboard), locate import, click on import and follow the prompt instructions (you will need to install a plugin for that).
  2. Once the plugin is done, continue; locate the source of xml and upload it and automatically, all the settings, pictures and videos from the original WordPress themes/demo will be live on your own website.
  3. Later on, you can start editing; removing some items you do not need and start adding yours.

Step 5 (3)

Configure your permalinks and other settings

Once you are done with the above settings and suggestions, the other steps you need to do immediately is to set up and configure your permalinks.

Please remember that we are using WordPress software and all these settings is a must to do and adjust.


Follow the guidelines below to set up the permalinks:

  1. Go to settings and under settings, locate permalinks, click on it and go to the settings page
  2. All these things can be seen on your dashboard and you do not need to worry or stress yourself.
  3. On the permalinks page, change the default settings from ‘ the default to a name based as seen on the image above. This is important for search engine optimization advantages.

Click save and exit the page.

Once done with this, other things you need to adjust are also shared below:

  1. Name of your website: You can do this by going to the same settings and under settings, go to ‘General’; from here, fill in the name of your fashion website and the description (byline).
  2. Check out other things you need to adjust and promptly apply the needed changes.

After the successful implementation of the above points, the next step is to install and activate needed plugins.

Step 5 (4)

Install and activate needed WordPress plugins.

I earlier mentioned that WordPress plugins are the basic tools that can turn any website into anything you want it to be. No matter the purpose of your website as earlier mentioned, there are plugins that will give you all the needed boost and push.

The following plugins are essential and you must install them immediately:

type the name of the plugin you want and it will be displayed, then you can install and activate
  • Yoast SEO plugin: provides all SEO solutions and troubleshooting, highly recommended
  • W3 Total Cache: Need a fast blog and site, install this plugin
  • Akismet: provides solutions to spam and malicious  login attempts
  • Jetpack plugin: Mother of all plugins, highly recommended
  • Sumo plugin: Best plugin for social media integration, mobile responsiveness advantage
  • othersOther essential plugins needed to run your fashion website are also mentioned below, just click on them and get them installed.
  • Ecommerce /Woocommerce plugin
  • Easy digital download (selling eCopies of items, products and getting your money through PayPal)
  • Contact Form plugin ( use the JetPack plugin for this, activate it by connecting it to a free wordpress.com account); by default, the contact form is active on all pages and posts; just publish a normal contact page and insert the contact form ( image is shown below).

If you think you need other plugins, just go to the official WordPress plugin repository at https://wordpress.org, check under plugins, use the search box and type the name of what you need.

Step 5 (5)

setting up your pages

By now, I think your fashion blog and or fashion website site is gradually taking shape. The next step for us is to set up important pages, categories and also your menu

Pages are one of the most important elements of your website. A page is quite different from a post; you will understand the difference as you begin to gather experience. If you are publishing posts or content, you do so using a post i.e. you click ‘create a new post’

Important pages you need to create and publish are briefly summarized below:

  • About page or About us page
  • Contact page
  • Advertisement page
  • Privacy policy page
  • DMCA
  • Disclosure page ( if you are an affiliate , selling or referring a third parties product or services)
  • Write for us pages etc

A page helps people to better understand the dynamics and full details about your entire site. But remember, if you uploaded and used the demo contents from the template or WordPress theme you purchased, then some pages will have been automatically created. You need to check, remove some and probably edit some of them.

But generally, if you want to create a page e.g. the about us page, I generally advise that you visit and spy on your competitor’s website, study their models and use their model to craft out yours.


When creating your own pages, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard, locate pages and click on ‘ Add new pages’
  2. Give your new page a title e.g. about; craft out details about the page or website (remember to check out your competitor’s pages) and publish it.

The only page that is a little bit difficult to create is the ‘Contact’ page ( I explained this above).



The other aspect you need to set up is the categories. The categories are important when you want to start a fashion blog because what you are trying to do is setting up an hierarchy of task and navigation to your readers. For example, for your website, you will need to publish posts/contents to keep readers informed. Examples of categories you will need to create for your fashion website includes:

  • News/Updates
  • Latest Products

So, under each category, you will be publishing details. But remember, if you have uploaded the demo from the purchased template, then some of the categories will have been automatically created. All you have to do is to edit them and add/remove some of the ones you do not want.

The following image is an example of what a category looks like.


Step 5 (6)


Before explaining the meaning of what a menu is, I will like you to see the image below for you to understand what a menu is:

fa-men themes

Having a proper menu setting gives your website a good navigation links, good for both search engines and human visitors.

Study other fashion websites and use their own menu setting/model to create yours. But essentially, your menu should primarily contain the following categories and pages.

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Advertisement
  • Privacy Policy
  • listing of your most important categories etc.

You can set up your menu from the settings area shown below;

And now, to the widget settings!!

Step 5 (7)

Widget Settings

On any WordPress powered website or blog, the engine room of customization, adjustment and settings is the widget.

On the Widgets, you get the tools and links to design your site, adjust the sidebars (add or remove elements) e.t.c.

The image below is an example of what a Widget looks like:


On most website templates or blog WordPress themes,  the widget is practically used to design/adjust and configure the homepage ( FrontPages) and also setting up the sidebars and even configuring most settings.

This is because every tools, guidelines and necessary items needed are all placed in the widgets. Just use your common sense, click and move any item you want.

Step 6

Setting up your website on Google search console and analytics

The success of your fashion website and blog starts from being able to be loved by Google (the biggest and most popular search engine).

The starting point is to have your website indexed on Google search console and adding it to Google analytics (the analytics is needed for you to have an idea of your traffic statistics, visitor’s behaviors and keywords that are bringing people to your site/bog.)

To set up your site on Google search console ( https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/) and get it activated, Step 7

How to get Google to index your posts and website

Getting Google to index your site starts with setting up your blog and website on Google search console as mentioned above. Again, you can manually submit and add your site/each posts to Google using the ‘fetch’ feature under Google search console.


One major plugin you should install is the Yoast SEO plugin, this is an important plugin , it will help you handle initial SEO struggles, including the creation/submission of your sitemap.


The above discussions contain all the information you need on the technical aspect and how to get started. However, this is just the beginning, it does not guarantee success, the next steps I am going to discuss contain practical steps you need to take to make your website successful.

Step 8

Maintenance of your site

You maintain your site by:

  • Constantly adding quality contents, video and articles
  • Updating the installed plugins and WordPress themes ( template)
  • Updating the WordPress software

The image below shows how you can handle these updates:


Step 9

Publishing Blog Posts

As earlier mentioned during the beginning of this write up, your purpose determines the direction you are going to take if you really want a successful fashion website or fashion blog.

Either you are going for option 1, 2, 3 or 4; you will need to have a blog where you will be publishing articles/posts every day or once per week. The bottom line is that you will need to schedule a time frame where you will be publishing a blog post.

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The reasons are:

  • Having a consistent blog post makes your website to become an authority
  • Google loves fresh content and not just a stand-alone website
  • Regular posting of blog posts makes the search engine bots to visit and crawl your website regularly
  • The same thing goes for human visitors; they tend to look forward to reading insightful and informative topics from you, either in form of news or updates (products or otherwise).

On any template you buy, you will see the option of blog ( and if not present, but you prefer the template, you can just create a blog , by going to page, give it a title ‘blog’ and publish it). then all other posts you publish, you instruct it to come under this.

And anytime you want to publish a blog post, just login to the dashboard, click on ‘add new posts’ and you can publish your posts.


There are seven rules to having a fashion blog post that will turn your blog/website to success, they are:

  1. Do not copy and paste, you cannot copy other’s people articles.
  2. Your own article should be unique, helpful , educative and original
  3. The word count should be more than 500 word count (for example, this particular guideline you are reading is approximately 6000 word count).
  4. Express yourself freely in the blog post, do not write for search engines, but write expressly taking into consideration that people are going to be reading it.
  5. Use high quality pictures and images in your articles. People get bored just reading ordinary texts.
  6. Use videos; from research, the use of videos in your blog posts reduces bounce rate and makes people to stay longer on your website.

Once you publish a blog post, share it on Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, your email etc.; try as much as possible to make sure people gets to read that particular post/article.

Success Tips / Promotion / Marketing

The steps are:

  • Publishing blog posts
  • Leveraging on the use of Social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Marketing/ Networking/PPC Marketing
  • Word of Advice
  • How to make money from a fashion blog or website
  • Hardcore truths you need to know

Step 10

Leveraging on the use of Social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Your first task is to go in the way of social media. Reduce your dependence on the search engines (especially Google) because you are not in control (at least to some extent), unless you know much about search engine optimization (SEO).

Successful fashion website owners and fashion bloggers invest massively in social media and it is their number one weapon of getting traffic and visitors to their site.

As a fashion blogger or website owner, you will need to:

  • Have a Facebook page account
  • Have an Instagram Account
  • Have a Pinterest Account
  • Have a YouTube Account

The above four social media networks is all you need if you are in the fashion niche; how to use these social media networks is what I am going to briefly explain in this tutorial before giving you some resource links.

Step 10 (1)

Facebook Account – Strategies for Fashion Bloggers

We all know that Facebook is the worlds’ biggest and most popular social media network out there; we also know that virtually all brands have a presence on Facebook, majorly through a FB page.

To run a successful fashion blog, you will need to carry out the following task:

Open a free Facebook page

When opening the free FB page account, remember to use the name of your domain for the sake and advantage of branding as earlier discussed. To open a FB page is easy, just go to facebook.com, and click ‘create a page’. Follow the instructions to create the required page.

Profile and background pictures

You must remember that you are a fashion blogger or website owner, therefore, use a picture that represents your purpose and brand. It is important you create a professionally looking picture to use as your profile picture and also as your background. To get ideas on how to go about this, you can check out your competitors and study their own model.

Invite People

Your family is your first target after opening the page. Invite all your family members and ask them to like your page. Tell them to also spread the news to their colleagues and loved ones. You can also send invitation to your colleagues, friends, neighbors etc.

Your first members or followers should be your followers.

Create Advert for your FB Page

Your initial starting point is by inviting family and loved ones as earlier mentioned, however, you are still limited because they are not the target audience. You need the target audience and you can only get them using Facebook Advertisement and doing trade by barter, I will explain one by one.

When creating an advert on Facebook, it is important you chose a competitor’s page, chose the right audience, the right demographics ( age bracket of female and male), location, and INTEREST.

See an example below on how to create an FB Ad.

However, for more detailed explanation on this, I recommend you read the resource links below:

Do Trade by Barter

I learnt about this trick from Neil Patel, he used it to grown and build his new blog ( with focus on Nutrition dieting, he started making almost USD50,000 per month six months after he started).

This is how you do it:

I recommend you have at least 30,000 to 50,000 Facebook followers ( they may not be targeted, you can get followers from India and most low paying countries when running the FB Ad, but don’t worry).

Once you have the above numbers, search for fellow Facebook website owners or fashion bloggers, approach them with a trade by barter deal. An example is this; you can tell them to introduce your blog or website to their followers/members and you will also reciprocate the same for them. By doing this, you stand to gain real targeted audience from them.

Trust me, it works absolutely well!!

You will be using your FB page as means of communicating with your audience, post your offers there, share your published blog posts there and try as much as possible to be engaged with your followers.

You get engaged by replying to their comments, answering their questions and keeping in touch with all activities going on around your page and its members/followers.

However, while Facebook is very good, it is not as efficient as Instagram for a fashion blogger, and that brings us to the next discussion.

Step 10 (2)

Instagram – The Goldmine of Fashion Enthusiasts

As a fashion blogger or someone running a fashion website, if you are not on Instagram, forgets it, you won’t be successful.


As blood is important to the body, so is Instagram important to fashion!!

Instagram is the goldmine of fashion enthusiasts majorly because of the image/picture centric nature of the site.

I highly recommend you invest seriously on Instagram and posts lots of fashion related posts, images and videos on the site.

Take the following steps to be active on Instagram:

  • Open a free account with Instagram
  • Upload a beautiful profile picture
  • Start following people of like minds i.e people that loves anything about fashion ( or you can streamline it to your niche and purpose).
  • When you are about running Facebook Ads, Facebook gives you additional option of getting Instagram followers, accept this option and you will see that your Instagram page will start growing exponentially.
  • You can also use the same trade by barter deal I mentioned above to grow your Instagram page.
  • Talk to influential people with lots of followers and let them help you expose and market your Instagram page/blog/website for you. Sometimes, going this way is the miracle you seriously need.
  • Share and post updates from your website and blog to the page consistently, but don’t be seen as a spammer.
  • Do not use automated tools to update or post anything on your FB page or Instagram page.

A word is enough for the wise!!

Looking for ways on how to start a successful fashion blog, take Instagram and Facebook seriously, in the ratio of 65:35. Share your posts on Instagram efficiently!!

Step 10 (3)


Pinterest is really good; however, it does not convert very well the way Instagram and Facebook converts for a Fashion blogger.

However, the advantage that Pinterest has over Instagram and Facebook is that your pictures/images you share there can get picked up by the search engines and that is more traffic to you website or blog.

What you will need to do is to go to pinterest.com, and open a free account. Make sure you verify your profile by inserting their verification code in your Meta tag (of your blog or site).  Once you do this, create a board (something like category) and share relevant images/pictures from your fashion blog/website on the boards. In addition, you will also need to follow and join boards of other fashion related pins/members.

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Your shared image on Pinterest is called Pins and the more you share/post your images/photos/pictures there, the more your chances of getting more traffic from Google and other search engines.

Step 11

Fashion Blog Promotion

Ask anybody, whether you are in the offline or online business, they will tell you that marketing is essential to their success. This same concept applies also if you are looking to run a successful fashion website and blog and make money.

The question now is: how do you market and network your website or blog?

To market your fashion blog, there are two ways to it:

  • Paid marketing
  • Networking

Step 11 (1)

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing simply means you pay with your money as a form of advertising on relevant websites. However, the best and most converting medium to market and advertise your new site is:

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

For a fashion blogger or website owner, the first recommended channel is Instagram. Instagram has proven to convert very well for sales, services and products. All you need to do is to make sure you upload sharp, beautiful, professionally taken picture/images of your services, products, sales item and upload them on Instagram.

To do this, go to Instagram and locate the advertisement section.

I recommend the use of Instagram marketing for fashion and any beauty/skin care related projects/website/blog over the use of Facebook!!

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is ideal if you are just starting out and trying to build your FB page to get more likes/followers.

However, it is also excellent if you know how to use Facebook remarketing tools during your advertisement because the advert is focused primarily on people that has visited your blog/website before.

If you have a product to sell, services to render, you can try it; however, Instagram has proven to convert much better.

I explained how to go about FB marketing for your fashion blog above.

Google Adwords

I use Google Adwords and I also use Facebook Ads; from experience, Google Adwords is excellent, especially if your focus is to sell products using keywords. It is much more streamlined and you tend to get targeted visitors/clients using Google Adwords.

I recommend you start with about USD5-10 per day and you maintain it for at least 3 months at a stretch (non-stop).

Just make sure you get the right keyword you want to use for your website (in this case, your fashion niche) and you also set the demographics in place.

Step 11 (2)


No man is an Island; you can’t become successful all by yourself!!

The internet works on interconnection of one website to another; in other words, the internet or web is built around this concept, everything needs to be knitted together.

To create a successful fashion blog and be popular, you need to network, network and network all the time!!

Successful fashion bloggers and website owners understand this strategy and they are using it to the fullest. You cannot be an island alone, you need to network with fellow fashion bloggers, other website owners, be heard, and be known and accepted into the World Wide Web and blogosphere.

You network your website and blog by:

  • Using Social Media Networks
  • By Blog Commenting
  • By Guest Posting

Step 11 (2)(1)

Using Social Media Networks

I briefly mentioned this above, however, I will be discussing about it from a different perspective because it is more than just opening a free account on those social media networks.

For example, on Facebook, there is what is called Facebook groups; on Google+, there is something called Google + Communities and on Pinterest, there is Pinterest boards.

The trick and strategy which most people don’t know about is that you will need to get and join this groups, communities and boards. Trust me, joining them will expose your fashion blog and website to thousands of people and of course lots of traffic.

Facebook Groups

Search for Facebook groups relating to fashion and its related niche. You do this by signing into your Facebook page, click on group and on the displayed page, look for the search box, and type in fashion and all groups relating to fashion will be displayed.

Try as much as possible to join at least 10-20 active FB groups.

fa groups

However, this is what you will have to do to get maximum traffic and engagement after joining the group:

  • Keep your account active for at least 10 days
  • Get engaged by responding to queries, answering questions and posting inspiring quotes
  • Do not post anything from your blog or website during this period
  • Look for the Admin of the group and reach out to him/her
  • Humbly request that she/he accepts into the group and gives you the privilege to share and post contents from your blog; you will need to convince the Admin that you will not spam the group and your posts will complement the vision and purpose of the group.

Google+ Communities

Google+ is especially powerful because of its effect on search engine rankings (this is not official, but from experience, most posts or sites shared on Google+ tends to rank very high on Google SERP).

Follow these steps:

  • Create a free gmail account, and if you have one already, you can use it
  • However, I always recommend you have a separate Gmail account for your blog/website
  • Go to google+ ( googleplus.com) and open a free account
  • Upload good profile pictures and good background photos
  • Follow the above instructions for Facebook groups
  • Go to communities and type fashion in the search box
  • Hundreds of fashion related communities will be shown to you, join the most relevant and active ones
  • As earlier explained for the FB groups, you will also need to contact the Admin of the communities and ask for permission.
  • Just follow the above instructions on FB and also apply it for the Google + communities.

Pinterest Boards and Instagram Groups

Follow the same processes and procedures for the Pinterest boards and also for the Instagram groups. However, focus much attention on Instagram majorly.

Step 11 (2)(2)

By Blog Commenting

Blog commenting should not be seen as a weapon of getting backlinks as majority of fashion bloggers and black hat SEO does.

The main purpose of commenting is to build relationship with fellow readers and owners of different blogs and websites.

To create a successful fashion blog, you need to embrace blog commenting as one of your traffic generation sources!!

You will need to search for blogs around your niche e.g. fashion, beauty, skin care, feminine, lifestyle etc; visit them and drop comments on their most recent blog posts etc.

You need to build a schedule each day and adhere to it; give yourself a commitment of dropping at least 4-5 comments every day on different blogs.

You can use the following search methods to look for different blogs on Google:

make a successful fashion blog

Step 11 (2)(3)

By Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most efficient, SEO friendly and most reliable way of getting targeted networks with people in your niche.

You want to run a successful fashion blog and website, focus initially with guest posts at strategic and powerful blogs. See this as an investment that will yield returns on your hardwork.

Use the above method to locate different fashion websites (including related ones), approach them that you want to contribute to their websites etc.

2 out of 10 sites will reply back to you and you can submit your guest posts.

Step 12

How to make money from a fashion Blog and website

Making money from a fashion blog and website is one of the most rewarding niches and opportunities in the world of online business.

However, you must remember that your niche and purpose matters in the ability to make money from it. Let me remind you from the beginning:

  • Service oriented fashion website where you offer services to people, clients, make hair, beauty services etc.; people can make appointments through your website
  • A sales oriented fashion website where you sell products, items and tools related to the beauty world. Not only that, but also the skin care industry, fashion enthusiasts etc.
  • A fashion website that is educational i.e. probably you want to run online courses to teach some particular set of people about a particular fashion skills etc.
  • Or you want to run a fashion website, publish authority/informative contents, monetize using affiliate products and even sell items.

Based on the above purpose you have chosen for yourself as you are about to create a successful fashion blog, the following are ways for you to make money from your fashion website:

  • Selling your own Physical Products
  • Selling Online Items
  • Running Online fashion related training and Courses
  • Being an affiliate – Marketing affiliate products
  • Running Google AdSense Ads ( CPC)
  • Offering Consultancy Services
  • Displaying your services to clients and visitors

Now, let me explain one by one.

Step 12 (1)

Selling Your Own Physical Products

This is the best and most rewarding way to make money on your fashion blog and website. Selling your own products gives you more money than the other ways of making money.

This works best for a company that manufactures products or even if you have an item to sell, simply display them or write a blog post about it, publish them on your site.

Fashion bloggers making 4-6 figures every month on earnings are either selling their own physical products, offering consultancy services, running affiliate programs or running online courses.

You can start by using Amazon to market your own products, or displaying them straightaway on your site. Dropshipping business works extremely well for this model.

Step 12 (2)

Selling Online Items

After creating your fashion blog, you may decide to start selling online items e.g. joining etsy and eBay is one great way to get started.

Simply display an item from these sites which are related to what you are discussing on your website/blog to your readers and you will be amazed with the earning potentials you will be making every month.

Step 12 (3)

Running online fashion related training and Courses

As you create a successful fashion blog, running online courses has been proven to be a money making machine. Just take a look at udemy.com.

However, this works very well if your fashion website is really informative, helpful and educative. Throwing it to your readers for them to learn about (e.g. making braids, latest braids in town, skin care strategies etc) will fetch you money.

All that is required from you:

  • Make sure you know the subject matter very well; make sure you are an authority
  • Learn how to create videos you will use for the training sessions
  • Study the internet and search for how to run online courses and the tools/materials you will be using.

You can even join Shareasale as a merchant and promote your fashion online courses on the world’s biggest affiliate network.

Step 12 (4)

Being an affiliate – Marketing affiliate products

To start a successful fashion blog and make good money, one of my favorite models is affiliate marketing. I have tried it and still using affiliate marketing to make money on the internet.

You can join amazon as an affiliate marketer, get their codes and start displaying selected fashion related items on your blog.

Trust me; you are going to be making lots of money without having to stress yourself on the invoicing and delivery of the items.

For the fashion niche, the following are recommended affiliate networks to join (and you will receive your payments either through direct bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer or cheques).

Just look for products, items, tools and equipment’s to market/sell by displaying them on your site.

Step 12 (5)

Running Google AdSense Ads ( CPC)

When you create a successful fashion blog, running Google AdSense Ads is not an effective way of actually making 4-7 income figures every month.

Google AdSense is recommended for a content farm sort of website/blog such as a tech blog, news blog or even a pure Google Adsense content farm blog

Though it is the oldest and most reliable way of making money and also getting your money, but from my own experience, it is not a very good option for this type of niche.

Step 12 (6)

Offering Consultancy Services

When you create a successful fashion blog, offering consultancy services is another revenue generating machine. All you have to do is to deeply look inward and think of what you can offer.

You can set up your fashion website with the sole purpose of offering consultancy services to customers, clients, modelling agencies, beauty pageants organizers, wedding event planners etc.

The overall look of your website should speak for itself and that is why you need to patiently search and look for the WordPress themes templates that will fit into your design project and purpose.

Step 12 (7)

Displaying your services to clients and visitors

In some cases, you may actually have a physical shop or office where you use for your fashion related business. Getting a website is to actually compliment it. So, in such a case, displaying your services with easy ways for visitors and customers to reach you, interact with you might just be the goal.

You can create a successful fashion blog with this model and start making money by simply making it easy for customers to know about your business, what you offer, price/cost of your services, home delivery/services, time schedule, opening hours etc.

Again, with this model, you need to select the website template that will reflect this purpose.

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration

get started with Bluehost now

Words of Advice / Hard Core Truths

You should know the following truths:

  • To create a successful fashion blog is serious business and as such, you need to be focused, work hard, commit resources and be consistent.
  • Do not expect sudden growth or to make money in your first six months (the first six months should be seen as the building and investing phase).
  • Spy on your competitors, copy their winning model, check out their advertisement pages and learn one or two things from them.
  • Stay strictly and adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines. Do not apply black hat SEO tactics. Do not buy backlinks, do not copy and paste other people’s contents/posts. Be real, be original and stand out unique

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