How To Make A Website like Reddit Using WordPress 2022

This is how to create a website like Reddit in this tutorial; the aim of this tutorial is to show you how to build a Reddit website lookalike using WordPress.

How To Create A Website Like Reddit

Before you decide to launch and open, please understand that the approximate start-up cost is roughly USD150-600; a brief summary of the steps to take are:

  • Installing Reddit WordPress themes lookalike)
  • Get a WordPress Webhosting server ( with strong bandwidth)
  • Set up the hosting and configure the themes
  • Follow set up guidelines below
  • Get active with social media to give an initial boost
  • Launch the site, spread the news
  • Work, work hard, publish stories and share repeatedly

1: Buy Reddit Template

The design of the entire Reddit website is unique and exceptional and lots of programming and coding works were really done because it is purely an HTML (Hyper-text Markup language) code.

Only WordPress can give us something related or looks like Reddit in all functions, styling and operations.

To get the design, there are premium WordPress themes (website template) pre-built, ready-made out of the box. These templates are mobile responsive (acts as an App on your phone and can be viewed perfectly on any type of mobile phone without stress).

To build a website like Reddit, you can simply buy these templates from the following reputable companies and start using it to run your site. The following are recommended WordPress Reddit themes;



2create a website like reddit


reddit website make






These themes can be seen and purchased at:

When you get on the site, type the name of the above template you desire in the search box and you will be presented with the theme. After the purchase, you will download the file and get ready for the next phase which is discussed below.

2: Buy Domain Name / Webhosting

To be honest with you, I just can’t imagine where the name ‘Reddit’ came out from. is an exceptional and unique domain name that is not existing elsewhere, this is the same concept and idea you need to have concerning your own also.

A domain name consists of a name and an extension; the following are examples of domain names:

  • com,,,, etc.; to have your own, you will have to think and perfect the type of name you are going to have.

If you are well able to pencil down different names, the next step is to start checking for the availability of the name whether you can use it or not.


Now, if you find out that the name you have chosen is free and available, I honestly recommend you register it immediately before others beat you to it.

Once you register the domain name, then we move to the next step below.

Reliable Webhosting Services

If a Webhosting company declares that they have zero downtime record, you need to do business with such a company. But what does it mean?

To have a downtime means your website that is being hosted is down, not available when visitors tries to view it or is taking longer time to load on the browser or on mobile phones.

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration

Try BlueHost, Click Get Started

I am pretty sure you do not want your new site to experience such issues; you will want your site to be available on the internet 24 hours every day.

To have a Webhosting means you are renting a space on a webserver that will house or accommodate your domain name and the contents you are going to upload or insert later on. Webhosting is the most important and significant step when running or about to start an online business website.

I will always and will forever be recommending Bluehost Webhosting Company for all people and clients because I use them (more than 8 years now) and I have total confidence in their services.

  • Bluehost Webhosting Company has zero downtime and 99.9% uptime record
  • Their pricing model is fair for all sort of business; highly recommended
  • They have an excellent 24 hours customer service with staffs who have adequate knowledge about the website, the internet, and WordPress
  • They have an excellent refund policy; they will return your money if you decide to cancel your hosting packages with them
  • They do not just handle hosting, they also have additional features like giving email (e.g., app features, and even Google Adwords integration, etc.

Once you decide to register the available domain name, you are also given the option to host the domain name immediately. As a starter, I recommend you host with as little as USD3.5 per month. As the site grows, you can then move to a higher plan to accommodate more traffic.

You may want to ask whether this package can handle the sort of traffic Reddit does? Now, let me educate you.

You are a starter and it will make sense to start small instead of spending lots of money on hosting first. Why not start with a USD3.5 per month hosting ( and you get about 3000-6000 traffic per day) rather than starting with hosting for as high as USD25 per month and you are not sure about getting that sort of traffic in the first six months. I think it is advisable to cut down your costs and expenses as a business owner that is starting. Learn from me, I have once been in this when I launched my online news website.

You can then scale up your costs, improve your services as you start growing, and experiencing success. Another Webhosting I will also recommend is:

  • Linode

The next step now is to install the WordPress software that will perfect everything.

3: Install WordPress

Though Reddit is not built using WordPress, WordPress came into limelight about 10 years ago and it is still working perfectly well till now, in fact, is the best and most recommended website building software.

To get started after the hosting and domain registration, there is a need to install this software to enable you to start building and setting up everything.

If you want to make a website like Reddit, WordPress is the only software that can give to us. To install WordPress is very easy, just follow the online screen instructions after the successful hosting packages.

Follow the guidelines below to get it done.

  • Install the software by clicking on the WordPress Logo
  • Accept the terms and conditions and proceed
  • The installation will be done in about 2-6 minutes and your site is ready by default (however, it is empty) ad that also brings us to the next step of setting up activities.
Skip this, use the Reddit WordPress themes as highlighted above


If the installation is successful, you will be brought to your WordPress dashboard, this is the back end area of the site from where you can edit and start uploading contents, posts and Reddit like features.


Please note down and remember your login details to access the dashboard (i.e. WordPress URL login, which is mostly in this format,; the username is ‘admin’ or ‘email addresses and the password is known only by you.


4: How To Build A Website Like Reddit ( Setup)

The above guidelines are just the beginning on how to set up a website like Reddit; now this stage is very much essential because we are about to start the main and overall designing process; five issues will be discussed under this step and the issues are listed below:

  • Upload of the WordPress themes/Website template, its installation
  • Demo importation, installation, and configuration of the demo contents
  • Installation and activation of WordPress plugins
  • Header, Footer and Logo set up/ editing
  • Adjusting and set up of the Permalinks structure
  • How to publish posts, set up your pages and categories
  • Menu Structure set up
  • Adjusting your widgets
  • FrontPage Set up
  • Submission to Google and other search engines

Step 4 (1)

The themes/templates you bought earlier, we need to upload them now. If you have not made any purchase of the themes, then you need to get the above-mentioned templates.

I will be using the template/themes below for this tutorial;


To upload and start the configuration in details, follow the steps below;

Login to your WordPress dashboard by signing in (if you already signed in, then you will be shown your dashboard straight)

To log in, use this format,; your username and password are known to you as earlier explained.

Inside the dashboard, locate themes, and click on ‘add new themes; click on the upload box and locate where you have downloaded the purchased template file; simply upload the ZIP file


Click on install and activate.

Check your homepage, refresh the page and the new design will be showing.


Step 4 (2)

For optimal performance and ease of setting up the site properly, I always advocate the use of the demo from the purchased themes.

Now, we are going to import the demo from the themes; to do that, follow the steps below;

  • First, you need to have installed the purchased themes as described above
  • You will need to unzip your file and take note of the demo file or XML file


  • You will need to install the import plugin (do this by going to import, under tools, and then install the import plugin).
  • Instruct the plugin import and upload the demo contents

Step 4 (3)

Please know that Reddit was built much more like a community-focused entity and not really a standalone website. After the upload of the demo, you may notice that some features are not working properly, it is because they need some plugins to make them work.

For you to create a Reddit website lookalike, you need these WordPress plugins. They are part of the WordPress software and they power the effective working operation of a WordPress site.

  • Yoast SEO: the name says it all
  • W3 Total Cache: For faster loading processing of your site.
  • Akismet Plugin: important for security
  • Jetpack plugin: Highly important
  • Sumo plugin: Excellent for social media purposes.
  • Viral quiz plugin at codecanyon
  • DW Question & answer plugin


The above plugins are the basic ones you need, advanced plugins for more functions can be obtained from’s main site.

Step 4 (4)

I have already published detailed guidelines on the points listed below in about three previous publications. They all follow the same pattern of description and I would love you to check the posts out and read the following;

  • Header, Footer and Logo set up/ editing
  • Adjusting and set up of the Permalinks structure
  • How to publish posts, set up your pages and categories
  • Menu Structure set up
  • Adjusting your widgets
  • FrontPage Set up
  • Submission to Google and other search engines

Read the detailed practical tutorial on the above points at:

  • How to build a successful viral website like BuzzFeed and LADBible, read it here
  • How to create and launch a video website like YouTube, Read it here

How to publish posts, images, pages, and categories



How to adjust and set up the menu

The menu image below will guide you:


Step 5: Reddit Site Maintenance

Running a site like Reddit is multitasking and tedious to some extent especially on the manual maintenance aspect.

The maintenance of the site is important for so many reasons, the following are the areas you need to focus on;

  • Checking on posts by users and approving it before going live
  • Updating the WordPress software version, the plugins and the themes present

Step 5 (1)

Running a massive site like Reddit involves collaboration between users from all walks of life. Most users will need to join and post their posts majorly through the Front end submission buttons (for them to sign up and register).

For example, on the themes below:


Users can easily join, you do not have control over the type of people joining, but you can have control over what they are posting to maintain the integrity of the site.

So, what you have to do is to put a check and balance option on the path of the administrator to accept a user or reject such. Besides, you put moderation in place to check any post published before it goes live.

This is the major maintenance you need to deal with daily (probably every one hour apart). You set this option from the administrator setting page present on the theme (if the theme has the front end submission option already) or if you installed the plugin by yourself.

Step 5 (2)

This is very easy, you just have to run the update program when you receive the notification alert inside your dashboard.


6: SEO / Google indexation

Reddit SEO is poor and that is why the site itself is not good in Google SERP (search engine result pages) compared to quora. But the main traffic generation of the site is because they are well known and doing extremely well in social media already. Do not forget, I earlier mentioned that it is more like a community-driven website with social networking breath.

In making and opening a website like Reddit In your case, you need to work on the SEO (search engine optimization) to get traffic from Google and other search engines.

To get started with SEO, you need to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin, use this plugin to fix the initial and simple issues on the site.

For Google indexation (indexing of your site, I earlier explained how to do this using Google search console, you can watch the video above).



For all the technical set up of the site, the above guidelines are more than enough; however, if you need help and support, kindly reach out to me, I will be glad to be of help.

Step 7

Adding Users (Front End Submission Feature)

Users and thousands of people powers Reddit; they are the success factor behind the site. So, in your case, you need to give attention and allow people/users to easily join, publish their posts, share their updates, post questions, and answers, etc.

To do this is easy;

Your theme should have a Front end-user submission button/feature that will allow them to join from the homepage. So, even if you are sleeping, the site is active and people are getting engaged.


If your themes do not have this feature, simply search for the Front end submission plugin and get it installed and activated.

You also need to have the following:

  • Detailed User Profile Page with the right profile image

I recommend you read the next step, however, I have detailed all these steps on the use of Frontend ( content) submission features from users/visitors in the two posts below:

Step 8

Creation of dummy account users

To run a site as massive as the above subject matter, sometimes you need to just do anything possible to attain success. And this time, it is applying the ‘fake it to make it’ concept.

When you create a website like Reddit, right from the beginning, we are going to make use of dummy users so that the site will look full of active users who engage daily on the site with each other, but remember, you are still the one controlling everything.

Imagine yourself going to a site with no user or few users, you will naturally exit the site and not want to join; this same feeling is what will happen to people if they come to your new site and discover that few people/users are there.

To cancel this problem and give yourself a strong start, you need to have dummy users. To launch such, follow the steps below:

  • Use the sign up/register button (Front End submission button) to sign up as a new user; do this for at least 10-20 users.
  • Create a new email for this task (for each user) and use it to sign up/register each user
  • Complete the user profile with full details
  • After successful registration, publish posts, quizzes, questions/answers for each user (at least 3 for each), and do this for all the users.
  • Doing this will give you a strong start and you are well-positioned to quickly achieve success.

Step 9

Promoting New Site

If you see your new site as a business and not as a hobby, then you need to give it the proper promotion and marketing it deserves.

You promote your site using the following channels;

  • Getting Aggressive on Social Media – Leveraging on FB, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Using Paid advertisements
  • Networking with influencers

All the above points are self-explanatory; you make paid advertisements on Facebook Ad (using demographic factors such as age range 13-40); these demographics are the ones that are mostly on social media, especially Reddit.

Make paid advertisements on related forums, including Google Adwords.

Networking and leveraging on influencers have the greatest positive impact; just look out for people with strong followers/fans/like base on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Step 10

How does Reddit make money?

Have you discovered anything about Reddit? They do not have any CPC adverts from Google or any other CPC companies.

Reddit makes their own money using:

  • Press Release: Same model like Buzzfeed and most online news portal
  • Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements from users and advertisers are the main monetization method they use on their site. But you should not forget that Reddit is an established site with Alexa rank of 15, and they are number 5 in the USA (alone); so, for them to get adverts from companies, organizations and even individuals is not a problem.

In starting something like them, you need to start using Google AdSense and gradually advance to paid advertisements and even press releases.


Making and launching a website like Reddit takes gut, determination, and the will to succeed. I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

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Thank you.

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