How to Make a Video website Like YouTube Using WordPress (2021)

Learn how to create video website like YouTube using WordPress. This is a challenging tutorial but doable; it focuses on how to make the video website without spending a fortune.

To make a website like YouTube, you need;

  • A cost-effective powerful web server that can give you more storage space in SSD
  • An approximate start-up cost of USD120-USD500;
  • A mobile responsive WordPress themes for mobile phone audiences
  • WordPress software – Installation and set up
  • Excellent video editing software that compliments your uploaded videos
  • Hard work, commitment, and 100% determination to achieve success.

YouTube Lookalike Website Alternatives

YouTube is unique and there are many reasons behind that fact. I will like to be honest with you as you are about to make a website like YouTube. The truth is that we cannot get exactly a site like YouTube but we can get something almost similar because:

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  • YouTube is the world’s most visited, biggest and most popular video website
  • YouTube also doubles as the 3rd most visited website in the world, getting almost a billion visits per day.
  • They have more than 100 dedicated staff working daily; They have a powerful and strong database center (powerful servers) and CDN ( Content delivery networks) scattered all over the world. The database center and multidimensional servers in more than 10 countries imply that it is heavily financially backed. It cost a lot of money to run this kind of business project.

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Having that in mind, we can try to build a site that looks almost similar and that is the focus of this tutorial. Examples of these YouTube Alternatives are: Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Veoh.

Step 1

YouTube WordPress Themes Template

The first step to take is in the design concept. Have you ever watched YouTube on your mobile phone? You will see that it is clear, sharp, and adjust to the viewing dimension screen of the mobile phone and even on PC/Laptop.

example of a responsive template
An example of a responsive themes/template

This feature is what is called a mobile responsive attribute. More and more people online are doing so using their mobile phones, especially when it even comes to video, 85% of viewed videos are done on mobile phones.

When creating or want to build a website like YouTube, the first thing you need to consider is this feature; you need to use a mobile responsive WordPress theme!!

Only WordPress themes (they are website templates built and powered by WordPress software) can handle these features and they are the best at it.

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I am recommending that you embrace the use of professionally designed premium WordPress themes, instead of building or coding the design all by yourself. The cost of these themes varies from USD 45 – USD120.

The clause here is that you only need to get these themes from respected companies (I only recommend the companies I use) who have proven to be dependable and reliable:

Recommended Video WordPress themes like YouTube are shown below




newspaper video

The themes/templates below, you will see them at

When you get to Themeforest, just go to search, type the name in the search box and you will the themes below.










You will find the templates above at:

When you get to Themeforest, just go to search, type the name in the search box and you will the themes below.

Check out the various templates, view their demos till you see the particular one you are pleased with. After this, make the purchase note your details (however, you will need to download the purchased templates, in ZIP file mode).

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Step 2

Domain Name / WebHosting

The second step to take is the registration of a domain name; the choice of your domain name is of significance importance you should consider for the long term benefit and also because of branding.

A very good definition and description of a domain name is illustrated in YouTube;

  • Name of site: YouTube
  • Domain name:

So, you should use a name that is special, unique, short, sweet, brandable, and stylish. Think about Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So, while you are penciling down different names, use the checkered form below to see if the name you have is free to be used.

Everywhere is competitive, so if you discover that the name you have chosen is free and if it is the name you desire and want; do not waste time, register it immediately before someone else does.

Delay is dangerous, I sincerely recommend you get the domain name now and register it fast!

Video Webhosting Service

This is the most critical and most important decision you can ever take. To host your videos means you are saving it on the world wide web and it is from here that it is shown to people. When building or making a video website like YouTube, take this step seriously and be ready to cough out serious money for hosting.

To me, the best video Webhosting service provider is Bluehost ( however, go for their VPS package)!!

Now, once you register the domain name, Bluehost also asks whether you want to host the site also. To be honest with you, I will accept the option and decide to host my video website with them (as a starter).

The reasons are:

  • The prime package, starting at USD5.95 per month is good for a starter because you are just starting; you need to study how everything goes before committing lots of monetary resources on the hosting plan
  • Bluehost has been in this business for more than 20 years; they have proven to be reliable, dependable, and trusted.
  • They have excellent customer support service; running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They have a good uptime record and zero tolerance for downtime.
  • Again, because of the DNS issue and migration problem; it is sometimes advisable to host your site on a single platform where you also have your domain name registered.
  • As the site grows in traffic, you can either go to a higher hosting plan or change your host company.

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By their nature, a video website consumes lots of bandwidth and as such, if you want to host a video website, you will need a very strong webserver with strong bandwidth, one that can handle and accommodate any unexpected spike in traffic.

Bluehost Webhosting has SSD (storage devices, instead of HDD; this makes your site load amazingly extra fast) and they are solely focused on WordPress software; highly recommended.

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Step 4

Create YouTube Website ( Install WordPress)

What is WordPress?

WordPress is open-source software for building websites; it is managed and supported by over 2000 programming professionals. It is regarded and respected as the best site-building software because of its high level of security and ease of use (even to a novice).

The best use of WordPress is in content management system, of which a video website is one. It is built to accommodate data, in organizational hierarchy model.

Depending on the Webhosting company you have decided to host with, you are given options to choose the type of website building software you want to be installed on your new site.

For Bluehost, they handle all these things in the background for you and they are solely focused on WordPress. The same thing with Kinsta; however, the following are guidelines you will follow in the installation of the software for the Bluehost Webhosting company.

Skip this, because you are going to make use of the purchased video template


The following are key points you should know and also keep the record; they are very important for the present and future references.

  • Domain name: ( this is an example)
  • URL address:
  • WordPress Login: (When you type this on your browser, the image below will be displayed.


  • Now, you will need a username and password. Do not be afraid because the username is already known. In most cases, your username is admin or the email address you used during the registration of the domain name. The password, in this case, is known to you and usually, you would have created it during the software installation.
  • Once you present these two login requirements, and it is successful, you will be brought straight to the dashboard. From the dashboard, you can start making plans, set up, and arranging your video website. This is where the real tutorial on how to build a video website like YouTube just got started.

Step 5

Detailed setup and configuration (MUST READ)

We will be spending lots of time here because this is where the real teaching lies. Although this aspect is not needed if you already know how to set up a WordPress website, however, I have included it for the sake of people that are new to this whole stuff.

We shall be looking at the following points.

  • Installing and fixing the purchased WordPress themes ( i.e. the YouTube WordPress themes lookalike or any other template)
  • Adjusting and arranging the header, footer, and logo
  • Arranging the menu rightly.
  • FrontPage set up and arrangement
  • Widgets, Pages, and category set up
  • Adjusting permalinks
  • Essential WordPress plugins to install
  • Final Configuration

Though, not final, I will be discussing the account opening for users, FEED (Front end submission plugins- this allows people to submit and upload their videos to the site directly, just like YouTube, etc.) in the next stage. For now, let us proceed.

Step 5 (1)

Installing and fixing the purchased WordPress themes ( i.e. the YouTube WordPress themes lookalike or any other template)

Assuming you have bought your template (video WordPress themes), you should have downloaded the theme as a ZIP file on your computer system or laptop. What we are going to do now is to install this theme.

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The best option is to upload the demo so that your site will look exactly like the themes you purchased.

Follow this guideline to doing all that:

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard (remember the username and password I briefed you about).
  • Once inside the dashboard, try and look for themes, sometimes it is inside the ‘appearance’
  • Once you see themes, click on it and click on ‘add new themes’; you will be taken to the theme upload page, on that page, click the upload box and locate where you have downloaded the ZIP file
  • Upload the ZIP file and in about 10 minutes, the installation will be completed.


If you encounter any problem, just reach out to me and I will be of help as soon as possible.


We are now going to import and upload the demo so that it will look like the original themes purchased. To do that, implement the strategy below:

  • First, go to where you downloaded the purchased themes on your computer (maybe on your download folder)
  • It is likely to be in ZIP file format, what you are going to do is to remove the ZIP by unzipping it. Doing this reveals the contents inside and you will be able to move the contents.
  • Now, after doing that, look for and locate any file ending with.XML or demo, once you see it, we are going to import that particular file
  • Now, you will need an import plugin; to do that, go to your WordPress dashboard, scroll down and you will see ‘tools’; click on it and click on ‘import.
  • On the import page, scroll down to the last option and you will install the import plugin. Click on it and have it installed and activated ( do not be stressed about any warning sign, just ignore and press forward, however, do not forget to uninstall and remove this plugin after this particular task).


  • After installing and activating the plugin, the plugin will locate the item to be imported, direct it to the.XML file or demo and have it imported.
  • Now, everything will be imported and your site will look like the original template
  • However, if videos are not imported, you will need to do that manually!!

If you encounter any problem, just reach out to me.

Step 5 (2)

Adjusting and arranging the header, footer, and logo

Now, after the importation of the demo, you need to start editing and arranging all the needed elements. The first place to start with is the header, footer, and the logo.

The image below describes:

Using the BeTube template above, this is the header

The header is the first spot ( the top area of your site) any visitor to your site sees, and since we are using the demo, you must edit it to reflect yours. To edit the header, follow these steps:

  • Theme options (panel)
  • Widgets settings

The theme options (sometimes called control panel) may be present on some themes and you will see it clearly on the dashboard, preferably before the appearance. On this feature, every editing instruction and guidelines are stated there.

this is the general theme options for all genesis themes. I am using genesis themes for this blog.

Widgets settings: The widget setting is home to anything editing and arrangement; you can edit the header, including the footer and the logo from the widget. The widget is located inside the appearance.

this is the widget settings of this blog you are reading.

The menu is also part of the header as seen above; detailed guideline on the menu is seen below.


To edit your footer, spy on YouTube and see the sort of elements and information present on its footer. To edit it, follow the same guidelines for the header as highlighted above.


The logo is a sensitive area and you have to understand the size and dimension (pixels or centimeter or inches); however, both the theme options/panel and the widget usually contain information on the logo.

Step 5 (3)

Arranging the menu rightly.

Check and spy on the menu of YouTube (see below); do you see how they arrange their menu? Follow their steps to do yours.

this is the menu of the sample theme I am using to teach you.

Though we already have the menu from the imported demo, all you have to do is to edit the menu and fill it with the right video, category, and pages.

Before you start editing your menu, make sure you have already published some pages, some categories, and also some videos are already published.

To create a menu or edit it, the following steps are required:

  • First, check out the menu settings page (image below)
my menu settings page
  • Observe the arrangement and the number of menus you have there, observe the left-hand side of the menu and also the right-hand side; because what you see on the right-hand side of the menu is from the left-hand side (i.e. the posts, pages, categories, etc.).
  • To get to your menu, go to appearance, inside the appearance, you will see the menu, click on it and you be brought to the menu settings page as shown above
  • Now, any content you do not want on a particular menu, just delete it
  • And if you want to add any elements to the menu, just click the particular element (page, video, category) and it will be added to the right-hand side of the menu
  • Any editing or addition you do should always be saved so that it will be permanent

Now, there are two types of menu

  • Primary
  • Secondary

The primary menu is usually the one below the header while the secondary menu is either further below it or is at the footer. Either way, you have the option to decide how you want to adjust or set it up all from the menu settings page. When making a video website like YouTube, the primary menu is important to take into consideration.

Step 5 (4)

FrontPage set up and arrangement

Please remember that we are dealing with how to build and start a video website like YouTube; the FrontPage of any video website is the most important area because of the huge power it carries when it comes to SEO and also conversion from visitors.

As we are using the demo, many factors are considered to have any video on the FrontPage. On some, it may be:

  • Permanently set to show new videos
  • Set to reflect popular/most viewed videos only
  • Set to reflect the most favorite videos

All these factors matter to the arrangement you want for the site. But anyway, the following are steps you need to take to arrange and set up the homepage.

  • From the published video editing settings
  • From the theme options
  • From the widgets
  • From the settings area

From the published video editing settings

Check a published video, click on editing and go to the editing page; once there, look throughout the page and you may see an option that says ‘do you want this page or video to be as featured video? Or do you want this video to show on the FrontPage/homepage?

Once you see this, accept the option and that particular video will be shown on the FrontPage.

This is the first option, but if not, check the other options below.

From the theme options

Virtually all themes have a central theme option (called a panel) from where all editing kinds of stuff are kept. Check this area (it is mostly on the dashboard, just before the appearance link) and study anything written about the FrontPage/homepage. I earlier displayed my theme options above.

From the widgets

The widget is the mother of all editing works; check also the widgets and look for options to display videos on the FrontPage. You have almost 80% chances that this option will be present in the widget.

The widget can be found inside the appearance, just check the appearance and from the appearance, go to widgets.

From the settings area

This option allows you to make sure newly published videos automatically appear on the FrontPage/homepage.  See the image below.

reading settings
Instead of a post, videos will be shown

To locate this place is easy, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the dashboard, locate settings (scroll down, it is towards the left-hand side), inside the settings, locate reading; once there, click on it and you will be brought to the page as seen above.
  • Set and adjust the options to have new videos on the homepage
  • Click save and exit the page.

If you encounter any problem, kindly reach out to me.

Step 5 (5)

Widgets, Pages, videos, and category set up

I made mention of the widgets lots of times, it is because of the importance it plays. We are going to look at how to create pages, videos, widgets, and also set up categories.

You need all these four to complete the creation of the site.


  • Creating a video is simply uploading the video. To do that is easy, right from the dashboard, you will see new, click on ‘add new video’. On some themes, you will go to the media and click on ‘add new media’.
  • The page to do that will be displayed to you, click on the upload box, look for the source of the video, and have it uploaded.


Due to the nature of the video website we are making, you need to publish the following important pages immediately.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of use/service
  • Disclosure Policy
  • DMCA ( very important to avoid legal issues)
  • About
  • Contact
  • Advertisement

You can check out the various pages on YouTube and use them to draft yours (especially the privacy policy, DMCA, Disclosure)

First, go to the page settings page, as shown below (because some pages are already published from the demo contents)

page settings area

  • Remove the pages that are not supposed to be there
  • If some of the pages you want to publish has already been published, simply click on the edit link and edit the content to yours.
  • Give it a featured image (though it is optional, you will see it at the bottom right-hand side of the page)
  • Click publish and it will be published.


The category gives hierarchy and organizational arrangements to the site. For example, different videos need to be published under various categories.

The following categories may be created

  • Celebrity
  • Sports
  • Football
  • Romance
  • Hollywood
  • Fun
  • Comedy
  • humor

Check the various categories on YouTube, study it and use it to also create your type of category!

Go to the category settings page as shown below;

add category

  • Remove the ones not needed
  • Create new categories that are needed
  • Give it a title and click publish
  • To do that, go to your dashboard, you will see category under ‘posts’; click on it and you will be brought to the settings page.


The widget is powerful and is the brain of editing operations; from the widgets, you can adjust and set up nearly all kinds of stuff on the site.

Study the widgets very well, note the elements that are there; if you want to create the sidebars, study and move the elements from the right to the sidebar areas.

If you study it very well, you will do amazing it on it.

Step 5 (6)


Simply follow the guidelines below to adjust and set up your permalinks. The permalink setting plays a huge role and significant importance to the overall search engine optimization efforts on the video website we are building.

permalinks settings page

The permalink is seen under settings from the dashboard; follow the image above and implement the required task. The task is simply changing the original settings to a name setting URL settings.

Step 5 (7)

Essential WordPress plugins to install

We are gradually putting finishing touches to the overall set up; the next step for us is the installation and activation of important WordPress plugins that will power the site.

WordPress plugins are essentially the bodybuilding blocks of the WordPress software, instead of codes, you make use of plugins; therefore the following are the most essential and important plugins you need to install and activate immediately. As we are creating this video website like YouTube, the use of WordPress plugins are mandatory for us to use because of their multidimensional usage.

  • Yoast SEO plugin: The number one plugin and the most powerful; with this plugin, your SEO problems are over.
  • W3 Total Cache: A video website is naturally heavy and consumes lots of storage space and bandwidth, using this plugin gives the site natural speed; essential to speed up the site so that it will load very fast.
  • Akismet Plugin: Spam killer.
  • Jetpack plugin: It does multidimensional tasks; it does the work of about 6 plugins put together. For example, very good to create a contact form for the contact page, very good for social media sharing buttons, etc.
  • Sumo plugin: my number one plugin for social media icons, links, and sharing buttons.
  • Real-Time chat plugin: Instant messaging plugin. (It is not compulsory anyway).

The above are the basic plugins I can remember right now, further below, I am going to discuss some more advanced plugins you need for the successful launch and running of the video website.

type the name of the needed plugin, and it will be shown. Click install and activate.

Installation of these plugins is pretty simple;

  • Go to plugins from your dashboard, locate plugins, and click on add new plugins
  • On the plugins page, use the search box to search for the plugin of interest (mentioned above), the search box automatically brings to you this plugin, just click on installation, after this, click on activate and the plugin will be working excellently well.

Final Configuration

It is not yet final, more details are discussed in the next chapter.

Step 6

Maintenance of the Video Website

updates 2

It will be a disaster to see your site hacked and destroyed after so many hard works; that is why, for a WordPress site, you need to constantly update and maintain it.

It is not difficult to do that!!

Maintenance of the site is just in two ways:

  • By constantly updating your plugins
  • By regularly updating your themes and WordPress versions
update notification
You will see the notification here that an update(s) is available

These updates can be done right from the dashboard and you will be notified automatically because it will be shown visibly on the screen.

So, it is not rocket science, just click on update and it will run.

Step 7

Video Website Indexed In Google

For a video website like YouTube, the SEO is very much different from that of a normal content farm site or blog.

Follow these steps to handle search engine optimization for Google rankings.

  • Go to Google search console, ( and sign up for a free account
  • I recommend you use a new Gmail email account for that purpose;
  • At the console, submit your new site and get verified, follow the online screen instructions and carry out the task.

Once you verify the site, you will have to submit your sitemap and the homepage URL. To get your sitemap, you will make use of the Yoast SEO plugin earlier mentioned, or you get the premium version of the Yoast SEO for video (this is the best option).

Just look at the image below of the console settings and submit both your sitemap and URL (for the URL, you make use of the fetch as features).

sitemap submission

If you need help, kindly reach out to me.

To be honest with you, to fix SEO and make sure your site is perfectly okay for Google and other search engines, I recommend you get the Yoast SEO plugin for video (


Step 8

Dummy Account Creation for Users

You have to remember that your site is new, and obviously, no one knows about it. Now, you need to do everything practically possible within your power to make it work.

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First is this;

  • You need to have nothing less than 50 videos on the site before you start letting people know about it.
  • Now, all these videos should not just be in your name; if it is, it will look unprofessional and like a one-man show. So, you need the wisdom to do this, the answer is in the creation of dummy account users.
  • From the fifty (50) video I suggested, assign 10 videos to you (i.e. published in your name or user name).
  • Now, assign 4 (four) videos each to about 10 users who are all dummy users.

If a visitor lands on the site and he/she sees different videos from different people, they will think that the site is very much active and this will encourage them to join and upload theirs.

To create these dummy account users, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the dashboard, you will see the icon for ‘users’ by the left-hand side
  • Click on it and create new users, assign to them the post of a ‘contributor’ etc.; write a crafty profile description for them, upload an abstract image (or use a real image of someone not existing). See the image below:


  • Create an email for them and do everything that is required. Once the account creation is successful, then you can start uploading videos to this account.
  • Please remember, that you will be given a new username and password for this dummy account.

Do this process for all the ten dummy users and upload relevant videos for them one by one. Within 1-3 hours, you should be able to complete and finish this task.

Step 9

Front End submission plugin

For example, on YouTube, any user or fellow can upload and submit his/her video on the site provided the person has a Gmail account.

front end
On some, you will see ‘submit video’, you will see register/log in.

This feature of being able to submit your video without the admin or owner doing it himself is called ‘Front End Submission’, some people call it ‘Back end submission’. YouTube does this, Buzzfeed and all other major viral websites have this great feature.

This feature enables a site to grow in both awareness, traffic, and money-making because you are leveraging on the power of networking and people to bring about viral effects or viral traffic to your site.

If you want this feature that will enable people to register, sign up on your site and be able to upload and submit their videos, then you have to implement the steps below:

  • First, go and get the front end submission plugin, you can get it here, (, ( plugin handles all the task we are talking about.
  • Install and activate the plugin as earlier discussed (read the tutorial above on how to install a plugin).
  • After installation and activation, go to the plugin settings page and set it properly; for example, telling the plugin not to allow automatic or immediate publishing of any submitted video without your approval, etc.

If you need help, just reach out to me. NB: Most of the themes already has this feature, ( for example, all the ones I listed above)

Step 11

Video Website Promotion

When learning how to make a video website like YouTube, please have it at the back of your mind of the importance of marketing and promotion of the new site.


Because without it, nobody will know your site!!

This is time for you to promote and market the site with all the energy and enthusiasm in you. I understand that it is not easy, but if you can pass through the pain and hassle now, then you will start enjoying success in the longer term.

Three principal and proven ways to promote a video website to get traffic and awareness are:

  • Promoting new site using Guest Posting
  • Getting Aggressive on Social Media – Leveraging on FB, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Networking with influencers for massive exposure and popularity

Promoting new site using Guest Posting

Guest posting is essential for two primary purposes:

  • SEO advantage i.e. being able to rank very high in the Google SERPs (search engine rank pages)
  • Getting immediate traffic and exposure

Guest posting is just writing on other people’s blogs and websites to get dofollow backlinks to your site. Guest posting is hard and difficult, the best way to handle it is for you to simply outsource it to the professionals.

If you need help, just reach out to me.

Getting Aggressive on Social Media – Leveraging on FB, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter

building a video website
You need Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to succeed

Immediately your site is live, the next thing you need to do is to have a presence on major social media networks.

It has been proven that videos receive lots of traction, attention, and traffic most on social media than just images, pictures, or text.

So, your natural habitat or place to get success and traffic is social media networks.


  • Using your domain name, go on Facebook, Instagram, and the same YouTube; open a free account on all of them.
  • Now, complete the profile on each of the networks; including detailed profile description, perfect images for both profile and backgrounds.
  • Invite people to like your page, follow you, be your fan, etc.; you can start with people around you.
  • After this, spend some money to get more likes and followers on both Facebook and Instagram (focus heavily on Instagram, followed by Facebook).
  • Then start sharing your videos on them systematically, do not spam their networks, please. Only share original videos and not duplicated videos.

Now, let me tell you some secret;

Go and check out the Facebook pages of YouTube and some other video websites out there, including Buzzfeed.

They have incredible amounts of likes and followers, how did they get all those numbers?

By investing massively doing adverts on Facebook and also, by working with influencers!!

This brings me to the next step.

Networking with influencers for massive exposure and popularity

Influencers are individuals who are massive followers, fans and likes on social media networks. For you to be categorized as an influencer, it means you should have more than 300,000 followers.

Smart video website owners do not only place an advert on Facebook and Instagram, but they also work with influencers who help them to promote their video to their followers.

E.g JennaMarbles (real name Jenna Mourey) for example has more than 17 Million subscribers; Felipe Neto has more than 18 million subscribers.

Felipe Neto -search and look for individuals like him on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

This method is good, quick, and has proven to yield a good ROI (return on investment).

How will you locate the influencers?

You simply need to look and search for them on social media networks; however, one quick way to do that is:

  • Go to Facebook
  • Search for a Facebook group that relates to your niche
  • Join nothing less than 20 Facebook groups
  • Locate the admin ( the main admin)
  • Be a friend to the admin
  • Submit your proposal to the admin and see if both of you can work together!!

Do this same process for YouTube and Instagram!!

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Step 12

How to make money from a video website

One of the best ways to make money from a video website is by signing up for a YouTube Google Adsense account.

Other proven ways and methods are:

  • Affiliate companies
  • Signing up with webcam companies and promoting their stars
  • Selling your products
  • Offering direct advertisement to companies etc.


This tutorial on how to make a website like YouTube is lengthy, I hope you find it helpful, resourceful, and informative. Please if you do, kindly help me by:

  • Linking back to this article/tutorial
  • Sharing it on Facebook and Twitter
  • Bookmarking it on your phone, browser, PC, or laptop so that you can easily come back to it and read more.
  • Telling your friends and colleagues about this tutorial


NB: need any help, just reach out to me.

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