How To Start A Job Search Recruitment Website (2021)

Learn how to build and create a job search and recruitment website using WordPress in this tutorial. This tutorial discusses the steps to take to achieve that and be successful like CareerBuilder, monster, careers24, careerjunction, pnet, etc.

Steps To Create A Job Recruitment Website

Please note that the approximate start-up cost of launching and making a job search website is USD150-650. In addition, if you have ever worked in the job consultancy or PR companies, trust me, it will be an added advantage to quickly achieve success.

Step 1: Buy A Job Search WordPress Themes

The design of a job website should be easy, clean, and clear with the right navigation links. However, the most important feature is that the design should be easily accessible from any mobile phone or device.

This concept is technically known as ‘mobile responsive’; the perfect design should have this feature because lots of people are actually searching and surfing the net for jobs on a daily basis from their android phones, mobile gadgets, and this trend is increasing at an alarming rate.

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Only a WordPress powered design can give us all these features and much more. Instead of spending so much money trying to write codes and design everything from scratch, there are some premium ready-made themes/templates that can just be purchased from reputable companies ( like the ones below), get them installed and your site will be live and running within some few minutes.

The following are recommended job search WordPress themes:


build a job website


open a job search website




build a job consultancy website


making job search site


a job career site











These templates can be purchased and obtained from the companies below:

I recommend the above premium themes from these companies because a free WordPress theme is not good and again, premium themes are guaranteed to stay for the next 10 years and you are also guaranteed to be getting updates from the companies from where you bought them from.

View and check out the demos, then make the purchase. After the purchase, it is generally safe to say you will need to download the WordPress file (also called ZIP file) on your computer system.

Once you complete this, task, let us move to the next step.

Step 2: Buy Domain name / Webhosting

The following job search companies like CareerBuilder, monster, careers24, career junction, pnet all have the domain names,, respectively.

The main starting point on how to open a job search recuitement website or a career agency recruitement website is the selection on the choice of a domain name and getting it registered!!

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You are going to follow this similar step and style of those sites mentioned above. You need a domain name that will identify your site and give you a presence on the internet.

So, get ready different names to use, but remember the following rules below;

  • For a career website, the domain name should not be too lengthy ( max, 12 letter word)
  • The domain name should be in English, with no numbers, punctuation marks, etc.

You need to check and verify if you can use and register the name you are thinking about;

To do that, I recommend you make use of the Bluehost Webhosting company domain name checker form below:

If the name you have searched is available, you will get a page telling you to register the new name.;

I recommend you register the domain name immediately before it becomes late (other people may leap ahead to register it because they are also online looking for a solution to a similar project like yours).

Webhosting Registration

The real test of seriousness is here. To host your domain name and content makes your website to be available on the internet.

From my own experience, I have been using Bluehost Webhosting Company for more than 9 years and I can talk about their services. I, therefore, recommend the use of Bluehost in your quest to build and create a job search recruitment website

Having a reliable Webhosting is the most critical and important step you need to take to have a functioning career recruitment agency website!!

If the domain name is available, the same Bluehost Webhosting Company will ask if you want to host the domain name, giving you different hosting packages as shown below:

For as low as USD3.5, you can get everything off the ground and as the site matures, starts getting lots of traffic (e.g. from 10,000 per day), you can then upgrade your hosting package to accommodate the traffic.

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Bluehost Webhosting Company is good and recommended for some of the following points:

  • Their price is fair and affordable, even for a starter and also to a professional
  • They have 24 hours customer care; you can reach them by phone calls, email, instant chats, etc.
  • Their platform is secure and very much reliable
  • They have advanced features that are free; e.g. free Google Adwords voucher for you to start advertising your website freely on Google Adwords
  • You can even get a custom email address e.g.


If you are able to make payment for the hosting, you will get a free domain name; the next step is the installation of the WordPress software.

Step 3: Install WordPress

WordPress is the software we need to install to have the whole set up come to life. WordPress is excellent for building this type of site because it is the best CMS (Content Management System) software; a job search website is an example of a CMS because it is not a standalone website and primarily because of data management and order of arrangement of items/elements.

Implement the following steps below to install the WordPress software:

skip this, use the theme/template you bought

Click to install the WordPress software (as shown above)

Follow the screen instructions and the installation will be done within 10 minutes.

If the installation is successful, your engine room of real work (i.e. the dashboard) will appear next (shown below)


Do not get confused, just follow my teachings as we move on.


  • Do not forget your password and username for WordPress login. The username is the email address (though these details would have been mailed to your email address on file).
  • WordPress login URL is this:; you need this format anytime you want to work on the site. The image shown below will be displayed, type your username and password and you will be shown the dashboard above.


Once you are able to log in and access the dashboard, then you can start editing anything you want, start uploading available job details, etc. The next step fully explains how you can handle and get all these done with no stress.

Step 4: Make A Job Portal Website ( setup)

We are gradually getting there on how to make a job portal website, I want to assume that one of the templates mentioned above was purchased because I will be making reference to it while explaining some points here.


Using this as an example of practical training and teaching, the following points will be discussed and explained fully:

  • Uploading and installing the WordPress themes template
  • Making use of the demo from this WordPress themes – Upload and import of the demo.
  • The header and footer settings ( logo included)
  • Arranging and fixing the Menu
  • Permalinks and widgets settings/adjustment.
  • WordPress plugins to install
  • Contact form
  • Installation of Email Subscription Form

Step 4 (1)

Uploading and installing the WordPress themes template

Based on the above recommendations on buying premium WordPress themes built specifically for the career and job recruitment website, I hope you have bought it. If not, scroll up and see the various designs I listed.

Now, if you have bought it, we need to upload it and start with the main objective which is the configuration and making sure everything is okay.

  • Download the purchased WordPress file as a ZIP file
  • Login to your dashboard, locate themes (sometimes it is under the ‘appearance’ icon); move the mouse over it and click on ‘add new themes’


  • Go to the theme settings page, click on the upload box, locate the file and upload it
  • Run the installation, and after a while, it will be installed; click to activate it.
  • If you check the homepage of the site, it may look funny or empty, do not worry; the next step will be the importation of the demo contents.

Step 4 (2)

Making use of the demo – Upload and import of the demo

I prefer the use of the demo importation so that it will be easy for you to understand everything better.

If we upload and import the demo, we will get:

  • The overall technical settings as it is in the WordPress themes you purchased (including SEO settings)
  • Your recruitment website looks exactly like the WordPress themes you bought
  • All the FrontPage settings, including images, pictures, and videos will be imported
  • On a few instances, all the images may not be imported from the demo, you can handle that manually one by one.

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So, if you prefer this wise method, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the WordPress file on your computer
  • Remember, it is in ZIP file format, you need to unzip it
  • Locate and identify the demo file or simply the XML file inside it


  • After this, you need to install and activate the ‘import plugin’
  • Go to tools, (on the right side of the dashboard), click on import, go to the import page and click on the import plugin for WordPress
  • Run, install and activate the plugin
  • The plugin will try to look for an item to import; use the plugin to import the demo file from the unzipped folder
  • Run the importation and it will be done in about 20 minutes (this depends on the weight and size of the themes itself)
  • You will get a screen message telling you about the successful importation of the demo contents.
  • Click save, refresh the homepage (F5); view the homepage and you will see the demo contents uploaded.

Pls, note: This method may not work for your type of themes; different theme providers have different ways to upload and import the demo contents.

For StudioPress, for example, you need to check their instruction page from their site. Other providers have clear instructions on the dashboard or in the theme options/panel on how you can handle this.

But generally, the description above is the general and standard way to import a WordPress themes demo.


Step 4 (3)

The header and footer settings (logo included)

The header is the topmost place of a website and it is the accommodating venue for the menu, logo, and description byline as shown below:


The footer is the base area of a site and it is less in importance to the header. However, few important pages of the site are placed in the footer. It basically depends on the design concept of the themes you are using.

The logo is part of the header and of course, you will need to upload and insert your own logo to at the present location.

To arrange and edit the header, footer and the logo inclusive, check out:

  • Theme options/panel
  • The widgets
  • WordPress themes provider manual (or instruction site page e.g. for StudioPress)

The theme options/panel is located in the dashboard (before the appearance icon) as seen below:


The widgets

The image below is the widget settings page. From the widget, you can arrange and edit the footer, header, and also the logo.


You can use the widget to set up elements in the sidebar of the entire website, just follow and implement the required steps one by one.

WordPress themes provider

However, on some rare occasions, the theme provider may have specific instructions on how to edit the site, including that of the footer and the header.

In such a case, you need to check where you bought the themes from and read their set up instructions.

Step 4 (4)

Arranging and fixing the Menu

The menu (image describing the menu is shown below):


You can arrange the menu the way you want it or simply leave it the way the imported demo you are currently using looks like.

However, to edit a menu, do this;

Go to the menu settings page (go to appearance, and click on the menu icon there)

On the settings page as shown below: You can start adjusting by replacing pages, categories, etc.


You do this by moving elements (these pages and categories) from the left-hand side to the right-hand side.

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Step 4 (5)

Permalinks and widgets settings/adjustment

Every website needs search engines, i.e. Google, Bing, and the rest. When setting up a new site as we are presently doing, there are some settings you need to change/remove even though they are the default settings.

An example of such is the permalinks; the permalink is the URL structure of how the site, its pages, and posts look like on the browser and to the search engines.

The beginning of failure not to get organic traffic sometimes start with negligence on the part of the permalinks.

What you need to do is to change the present structure and revert it back to a name-based setting.

Just look at the image below and implement this change:


Remember to click on ‘save’, to make the change permanent.

Step 4 (6)

WordPress plugins to install

You need to install and activate the following WordPress plugins for your new job search website to work fully;

But before you do that, you need to check the plugins already installed. To do this, go to the plugins settings page (click on the plugin icon, seen at the left-hand side of the dashboard) and see the ones there. Remove the non-active ones.


However, the following plugins should be installed as a matter of necessity:

  • Team Yoast SEO: Recommended for basic on-site search engine optimization.
  • W3 Total Cache: Recommended to boost the loading speed of the site. Highly important.
  • Akismet Plugin. Stops spam before it kills and destroys your SEO and security.
  • Jetpack plugin: An essential multipurpose plugin. You will need it if you want to create a new contact form page (if your theme does not have one).
  • Nofollow plugin: Prevents dofollow backlinks leakages from your site.
  • Sumo plugin: Excellent and recommend for social media task and integration e.g. share buttons etc.
  • Smush Plugin: Very important to reduce the file size of your images.

To install and activate a WordPress plugin;

  • Click on add new plugin
  • Type the name of the plugin in the add new plugin search box (as shown below)


  • Click on install
  • Click on activate, the theme will be activated immediately


Step 4 (7)

Contact form

From the themes we are using, the contact form page is displayed already.

Any standard premium WordPress themes should have a contact form that is both mobile responsive and easy to access.

If the theme has a contact form page and you made use of the imported demo, all that you are going to do is to edit the contact form page and fill the details like yours.  For example, the receiver’s email should be your own email address instead of the demo email that is presently there.

Check the page settings area if you have a contact page, if it is there, places it in the primary menu for the header position.


Open the page, click to edit the details as explained above.

But if there is no contact form page (which is unusual), then it means you have to create a new contact form page

To do that, you will use the JetPack plugin; Publish the normal contact page by going to the page, give it the ‘contact’ title, and hit publish it. After this, you install the JetPack plugin and activate it by linking it with a free account. After this, come back to the contact page, refresh it, go to the edit mode and you will see the contact form there. Simply insert it.


Step 4 (8)

Installation of Email Subscription Form

This is the same concept with that of the contact form page, a normal standard premium WordPress themes like the one you purchased should have the email subscription form present on the site.

It is mostly placed in the right sidebar of the website and it critically important for any serious business-minded publisher because as the saying goes ‘ the money is in the leads’; leads means the email address that you have collected using the subscription form.

If there is no subscription form, then you have to create one, to do that, I recommend you read this article

Step 5: Site maintenance

Running a job search and recruitment website is not for the lazy folks and it is not a money-spinning machine either.

It involves lots of daily hard work to keep up with job openings every single day.

Now, maintenance of the site is crucial and critical so that the website will stand the test of time and fight off attacks due to spamming and hacking attempts. It is also needed in order to maintain the integrity it is known for. The following are steps to take to maintain the site.

  • Keeping up to date with job openings/listings
  • Publishing relevant job listings
  • Updating the WordPress software version, the themes, and installed plugins.

Step 5 (1)

Keeping up to date with job openings/listings

Common sense requires that you should know that a published job opening/listing has a due/expiry date. This is the major maintenance you need to be doing on a daily basis. It would look awkward for visitors to visit your recruitment website and see old job listings/openings that are no longer relevant.

So, keep this in mind and stick to the routine daily maintenance.

Step 5 (2)

Publishing relevant job listings

Relevance matters to any job search website. You need to keep abreast of the latest and relevant job openings.

Your site will only become an authority in this niche if you keep on posting and publishing relevant job listings.

Step 5 (3)

Updating the WordPress software version, the themes, and installed plugins

Remember that WordPress software and its accompanying tools are the building blocks of your new site. Updating them is a MUST; because if you fail to do this, your site becomes a subject of ridicule, constant attack, and eventual collapse/demise.

Updating these elements is very easy;

You will see the prompt to update either the three or anyone right from your dashboard and you just have to run the update task, as seen below.


Step 6

Getting the site indexed in Google search console

Google is no longer new to you; probably you know that without Google, your site is not guaranteed of success because you need traffic (organic, human, and referral traffic) from Google to the site.

To gain and get traffic from Google for your listings, you need to get registered on it; you do this by;

  • First, installing and activating the Team Yoast SEO plugin
  • Register freely on Google search console

You will need the plugin above to easily verify your site in Google search console. Visit the console at, register, and sign up for a free account.


Step 7

Basic SEO- Yoast Plugin

You need to have a basic understanding of what is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site so that it will be well prepared to be trusted by the search engines and you will be able to get the traffic you needed badly.

Though SEO is complex, but knowing the basics is all you need to get started. To get to know the basics and apply on your site, you will:

  • Install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin

Study the images below and learn more about how to use it from the website of Yoast directly here.

Step 8: Promoting A Job Search Website

After making and creating a job search portal recruitment website, so you need to do everything possible in your power to make sure it becomes successful.

You need to give it all the promotion and exposure you can think of, but remember this is an online venture, so you need to apply proven online promotional and marketing techniques.

Using paid services (other websites, classifieds, Facebook Ads)

You need money, ask other startups that are now successful, they will tell you that they invested money to promote and also advertise their site.

A proof of your seriousness is actually setting aside some money for advertisement, and you get started using proven methods such as:

Other websites

You need to place adverts on other websites to gain exposure and popularity. You can start from forums (going to forums to place adverts), other sites such as yours also, any community-driven sites (e.g. the viral websites i.e. Buzzfeed, Viralnova, upworthy, distraction, etc.) and major online newspapers.

However, the most powerful of all is Facebook Advertisement.

Go on Facebook and advertise your new site, do not pay to get likes, but advertise your listings directly and you start getting conversions immediately.

All other job search and recruitment websites did this by advertising on Facebook, yours should not be an exception.

Make Aggressive use of LinkedIn

Nearly all recruitment agencies and even individuals I know have a presence on LinkedIn. I have said it before and I will also repeat it again. As being said by Bill Gates, ‘LinkedIn is the Facebook of working professionals’.

LinkedIn should be your first place to create a profile and also get engaged. Your audiences are there. Go on LinkedIn, create a professional-looking profile, upgrade to a premium service, start following influencers, start getting engaged with people (replying to their threads, posts, questions, etc.).

Join communities (this is most important) (I will explain in later post below)

Start sharing your job listings on LinkedIn and you will start seeing traffic and conversions immediately.

Join Groups, Communities, and Boards on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

This is a powerful gold mine of traffic to a site, and the good aspect of it is that not many people know of this concept.

LinkedIn Group/Community

The most powerful of them all is LinkedIn because it is already focused on working professionals. When you join LinkedIn as I explained above, you will need to join related job search/recruitment groups/communities (as shown in the image below).

If what you need is not there, create your own group/community and start promoting it. Honestly, if your site is not on LinkedIn, simply forget about being successful.

After joining, get engaged and wait for at least 2 weeks or a month before you start posting/sharing your job listings. If you do not wait as I have explained and you start sharing your posts, you will be removed because they will see you as a spammer.

For your web hosting, Use my link below and get started for just $2.95/month (63% off your hosting plan) from Bluehost AND also get a free domain name registration


After a while, get in contact with the owner of the group/community and request to be given administrative privileges so that your post will be accepted and you will be able to reach all the entire members.

Facebook Group / Google+ Communities

Being successful is not an easy journey, if you truly want your job search and recruitment site to be successful, you need to actively implement all my suggestions.

Once done with LinkedIn, your next place is Facebook Group and also Google+ communities.

  • For Facebook, have an active FB page and from there, search for related groups and also join them.
  • Do the same thing with Google+ communities.


Basically, follow my instructions above on the use of LinkedIn and implement the same!!

Getting on Instagram and Twitter

Get on Instagram and Twitter, open an account with them, and update your profile with full information.

Instagram recommends, likewise twitter. Instagram will not give you direct traffic to your site, however, twitter will give you. I prefer twitter because you stand to always gain backlinks advantage.

Using Guest Posting to boost organic traffic from Google

You see, there are two ways to gain traffic; the above ones are the referral traffic from social media and the other method is through the use of Google and other search engines.

You will need to implement and try to get traffic from both sources.

For Google and other search engines, you need to try and boost your rankings on them to be able to appear on their various first pages.

One proven way to do this is by implementing guest posting; the idea of guest posting is writing articles on blogs with the aim of getting backlinks and traffic from them.

I personally suggest you outsource the guest posting activities to qualified and professional freelance writers.

Using Press Releases

A press release is an old but highly effective marketing and promotional method. Every major and successful website out there, including those not in the career and recruitment niches all, made use of press releases.

The technique is that you approach major press release websites and directories; submit your new site to them and they will broadcast it out.

On some, just like Buzzfeed, they write high-quality articles/blog posts about you, your products, companies, etc. and publish them on their site and help you to promote it effectively.

However, from my own experience, making use of free press releases is useless, you need to make a payment if you really want to get the best out of press releases.

Search Google for premium press release websites and directories.

Making Money From a Job Recruitment Search Website

It may look complex, but it is not. The first requirement for making money from a job search and recruitment website is to be an authority.

Yes, your site needs to be an authority, you need to have built it to an enviable, respected position before you start making quality money.

The following are proven ways of making good quality money:

  • Using Google AdSense
  • Using Press Release
  • Using Subscription-based model
  • Using Direct advertisement

Using Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the first and primary channel of making money online, so far your site has all the major requirements to display ads from Google.

However, you may not make good money from Google AdSense like the other methods discussed below.

Using Press Release

A press release is the major cash cow. Ask Buzzfeed, and they will tell you because Press release is their only and main source of making money online.

Once you become an authority, major companies, organizations, and brands will approach you for a press release and it is here you have to state your price and any other factors involved.

For some companies, if they have a job opening, they will approach you for a press release and job placement/listings; and of course, it is not free, they are going to pay for it.

Using Subscription-based model/premium services

Just like LinkedIn, even though they have free services (you join free and enjoy the site); however, they also have premium/subscription services for serious-minded professionals.

You can implement the same model on your site; if a member wants a special service, they may upgrade for such.

All job recruitment websites offer these services and you should also follow the same path.


  • The feature may be present on the WordPress themes you bought and presently installed (just look out for it from the demo)
  • If it is not present, then you will have to make it happen by installing subscription-based plugins. The plugins may be free or paid plugins. To get such a plugin, go to Google and search for it or you simply go to WordPress repository at, go to the plugins section and search for such plugin using the right keyword e.g. subscription plugin, premium payment plugins, etc.

Using Direct advertisement

Offer advertisement space on your job site. This is one incredible way to make good money. Companies, brands, and corporate organizations interested in what you have to offer will definitely approach you to place advertisements.

However, to take it a higher level, you do not just sit down and wait for them to contact you, you need to go out and contact these companies.

Reach out to their HR departments and offer your proposals to them.


To start a job recruitment website is a good thing, but you will need to have the gut and determination to succeed. The starting point is the choice of the right WordPress themes you will use for the design concept, domain name, and hosting. If you enjoy this tutorial, I need a favor from you;

  • Link back to this article from your blog and websites
  • Share it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Bookmark it on your browser.


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