5 Steps To Make A Website Like Gumtree And OLX Using WordPress

Learn how to make a website like gumtree and OLX using WordPress, etc; this tutorial teaches you how to create and build a successful classified site. Most of these sites run on both App and websites, the App /website are both synced together and all changes and activities happen in real-time. This tutorial is focused not on the App but on how to build a mobile responsive classified site that will nearly do the work of the App.

Create A Classified Website Like Gumtree

I earlier published a detailed guideline on how to make a website like Craigslist, you can check it out.

Before starting, it is important you know that the initial startup cost ranges from USD150 – USD850.

Design Concept -UI/UX Importance

Building a classified website like gumtree and OLX from scratch takes time and lots of money, however, the best way to go about it is to leverage the use of WordPress themes.

The importance of using WordPress to design a marketplace like Gumtree and OLX is due to the unmatched UX and UI featurees it offers. The UX features simply talks about the user experience and UI talks about the user unterface design.

A great website/App design must be enjoyed from the user experience, it should also be mobile responsive because people are consuming the internet mostly from their mobile phones.

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Premium WordPress themes are professionally built website templates that are already built for ready-made purposes. These templates are built using WordPress software and they are the best way to make a classified website like gumtree

Our focus is on the use of Premium WordPress themes that are mobile responsive, meaning every function of the desktop version on PC/laptop does is also present when you use a mobile phone or gadgets.

The following are recommended WordPress classified themes you can use to make a website like gumtree:


make a website like gumtree


creeate a website like gumtree









You can get these themes from the below-recommended companies:

make a website like gumtree

The choice of your design to make a website like Gumtree must have a full function expected of such a site, e.g. having a front-end submission button/link for advertisers/people to submit their ads, etc; perfect payment processing integration, detailed viewing of listed items, Google maps integration, etc.

You have to seriously check these themes and their demo before making a buying decision because we will be installing the demo so that you can have an easy start to the whole concept.

Once satisfied, go ahead and make the purchase, then download the file as a ZIP file (this is the file we are going to upload and make the design of the site).

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be making use of the themes below as an example of your learning.


Domain Name / Webhosting

Gumtree.com, olx.com, olx.co.za, etc.  are all examples of a domain name. For your new project to make a website like Gumtree, you will have to come up with a unique name that defines your purpose and brand.

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This name will be used as your domain name and it needs to be registered. So think of a name that can be used with the following features:

  • The name should not be too long, it should be a short name (not more than 10 letter words)
  • It should not contain any hyphen, numbers or punctuation marks
  • It should be unique, easy to remember, type and pronounce

Once you have various names with the above features, then you need to verify their availability whether you can register them as yours. To do that, make use of the Bluehost domain name checker form below:

Because of various competition all over, if you discover that your preferred choice is available, then you need to get and register it immediately as shown above. If it is successful, we will need to host the domain name also; that brings us to the next step:

Webhosting And Configuration

The domain name for your new marketplace classified website needs to be hosted before your site can go live on the internet. The best and most affordable Webhosting company to use is Bluehost because of so many advantages.

  • For instance, I have been using Bluehost for more than 8 years and I also use them for all my clients and other blogs. They are highly reliable, dependable, and secure; especially with their 24 hours of customer support services.
  • In addition, it is better and most advisable to have the same company handling your domain name and web hosting (having a DNS problem when you host the domain name elsewhere is totally eradicated)

During the domain name registration, Bluehost asks you whether you want to host the site or not, I highly recommend you host with them on the USD3.5 package per month because you are just starting out. This package is affordable and you can accommodate about 4000 traffic per day on it.

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Follow the guidelines below to get started.


After hosting, we need to install the software that will power the site i.e. we need to install and activate WordPress software.

Set up / Installation

There are lots of software available to make a website like gumtree but none of them is as dependable, versatile and reliable like WordPress.

The main factors that make WordPress to be unique are the plugins and themes. With WordPress plugin, you can add features and functions to the site without writing any line of code

After hosting the site, you will need to install WordPress, you do not have to worry about doing this, and everything is done for you automatically once you give the approval.

Follow the guidelines below to understand better.



Please note down your password and username (admin or email address) because you will need them to access and login to what is called the WordPress dashboard, shown below;


These is the main tutorial teachings and I will like you to pay full attention to everything that will be discussed. In this teaching, I will be making use of the themes below for practical understanding:

The following points will be fully discussed.

  • Upload purchased classified templates with its demo
  • WordPress plugins to install
  • Permalinks Structure Adjustment
  • Header, Footer and Logo Adjustments
  • Editing of the Menu structure and settings
  • Publishing and editing page, including category set up
  • Managing your widgets
  • FrontPage Adjustment and settings
  • Adding Classified Ads – Admin and user option ( Front End Submission Feature)
  • Uploading Pictures – high-Resolution images
  • Installation of advanced search systems
  • Google Maps integration
  • Adding Contact Form
  • Create an Advertiser Profile Page with detailed Ad Page

Step 4 (1)

Upload purchased classified templates with its demo

I suggested to you the purchase of premium WordPress themes, if you have bought it, then we can proceed because we will need to install the themes and also its demo for an easy start.

As earlier mentioned, I will be making use of the above themes for this tutorial; to upload and install the themes and its demo, follow the steps below:

  • Go to themes, under appearance, click on add new themes, locate the ZIP file (purchased downloaded themes), upload it.



  • After uploading, you will be asked for the installation, give the approval, have it installed, and also activated.

Demo upload and installation

After this, you need to import the demo so that the site can look like the themes; continue with the steps below:

  • First, you will need to locate and source the demo file; you will see the demo file if you unzip the ZIP file of the downloaded themes. Just go there and unzip the file, check inside the unzipped file, and locate demo or any XML file.
  • Secondly, you will need to install the import plugin; then go to tools (below the appearance, further down on the left-hand side of the dashboard), click on import and from the import page, click on the last option to install the import plugin
  • Run the plugin, have it installed, and activated.


  • After this, the plugin will locate the demo file or the XML file; run the command for the import and the whole demo contents will be imported.
  • Check your homepage and you will discover that the entire settings and details from the original demo have been uploaded but if pictures and images are not showing, you will need to handle that separately manually.

Step 4 (2)

WordPress plugins to install

WordPress plugins make a WordPress site to work and the plugin also helps in adding features and lots of functions in it.

Because we made use of the imported demo, you will first need to check the plugins page to know the plugins already imported and installed.

Go to plugins (below appearance), click on it and you will be brought to the plugins settings page as shown below. Check through the list and see the ones already installed.

But nevertheless, the following plugins are essential and MUST be installed.

  • Yoast SEO plugin: Takes care of SEO issues.
  • W3 Total Cache: Makes the site runs and load fast.
  • Akismet Plugin: important to stop hacking and spamming.
  • Jetpack plugin: Multi-tasking plugin, very much needed!!
  • Sumo plugin: Very good for social media integration.


After this, to have a perfect classified website, the following plugins need to be installed as soon as possible. Though, some themes already installed these plugins for you or they may have just integrated the code in the themes itself. Either, you will need to check.

  • WP Google Maps: Google maps is important because it helps to give a detailed location of a classified listing. More detailed further below.
  • PayPal Payment platform: This helps in processing of your payment because this is a peer to peer sort of marketplace. Though the perfect themes/templates should handle this aspect for you without stress if they already have it installed and integrated. From my experience, I can only recommend two plugins ( Easy Digital download and TAC Paypal Escrow System.). But anyway, this is part of the items/features you should check in the sort of template you want to buy. You can check for more options on this type of preferred plugin from the main WordPress.org website.
  • Advanced Search Plugin: The normal search feature of WordPress may not be perfect to run a classified site because of the complexities and details expected of ad listings. For example, visitors/customers need information on pricing, status, type, price, location, parking sports, number of rooms available, etc. They should be able to search using keywords. I recommend the Wpsolr plugin for this purpose.
  • Again, the perfect themes should have this feature, but if not, then you need to install this plugin.

Step 4 (3)

Permalinks Structure Adjustment

For all new sites, it is important to set and adjust the default permalink setting and structure. For the best performance, you will change the present structure to a date-based structure. See the image below to do this.


Step 5 (4)

Header, Footer and Logo Adjustments

It is important you adjust the header, footer, and the logo to yours. With the theme example, I am using, the image below is a description of the header and footer.



The header is the top of the design and it is constant throughout the entire pages, categories, posts, and ad listings. The header is the house of the logo, the menu, etc. To adjust your header and also the footer, see the guideline below.

  • It is either from the theme options/panel
  • From the widget settings

Most themes come with a theme option/panel from where you can adjust, edit, and set up anything, including colors, fronts, etc. However, not all themes have this feature. You need to check. Check your dashboard, after login in,, you should be able to see it just before the appearance, however, if your theme does not have it, then you make use of the widget.

Widget settings

From the widget, you can adjust and edit anything you want. The logo upload and the required size will be there and you will be able to adjust the logo and also upload yours. For the logo, you may also check the theme options/panel.



The footer is the base of the site and it is also constant throughout the site just like the header. To edit or add anything to the footer, simply check the steps I illustrated for the header above.

Step 4 (5)

Editing of the Menu structure and settings

Successful classified websites know the importance of the menu, they understand that the high/good conversion on the site is made possible because of the menu.

The menu is the most important part of the header because it is just under it as seen in the image below:


The menu is the gateway to your site; to leverage on the importance, you will need to put the important page (s), Ad listings, offers, and category on the menu because it is also constant throughout the entire site.

To get started, first, check the menu you have already as seen above because we are using the demo. To see the menu page, log in to your WordPress dashboard, and in the appearance, click on the menu.


On the menu page, you will see everything clearly, you can edit, remove, add, and adjust any elements you want.

Step 4 (6)

Publishing and editing page, including category set up

What you are about to run is a business, however, an online business; you need to have some pages (though some of them will have been created because of the demo). So go to your page settings area and check.


So, if a page e.g. contacts page is already created, simply edit it and put your own information. Do these for all other related pages.  However, to create a new page, just click on ‘add new page’; follow the online screen instructions and publish the new page.

The following are important pages that must be published;

  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of service
  • Disclosure Policy (Very Important)
  • DMCA
  • Advertise etc.

Most of the above-mentioned pages can be inserted in the footer, while you put the most important sales/ad listing pages or categories in the header area.


Creating a category for your Ad listings is very important for the following reasons;

  • It helps to make your site look organized and professionally run
  • It makes it easy for visitors and customers to easily get access to what they want; they are able to get the right Ads without wasting their precious hours and minutes.

The image below is the category arrangement and settings area using the above-mentioned themes and also my own blog templates (this blog you are reading right now);


Every Ad listing you want to upload and publish must fall in a particular category; to create a category, follow the guidelines below:

Go to your dashboard, locate ‘category’; it is in the post icon by the left-hand side of the dashboard.

On the category page, as shown above, click create ‘category’, give it a title, and then publish it.

At the same time, you can also have subcategories of items and even location-based. You need to master the art of creating the right category, it will help the search system in place, the search engine bots and also humans/visitors to your site.

Step 4 (7)

Managing your widgets

This is an example of a widget as shown below:


The widget is very powerful because, with it, you can create elements in the right sidebar of the site, you can place important navigation links to the sidebar and do lots more.

The function of the widget is not just limited to that, you can also use the widget to carry out any editing functions or tasks you need to do on the site e.g. editing of the footer and or even uploading of the logo, etc.

Step 4 (8)

FrontPage Adjustment and settings

The image below is the FrontPage description:


Having any Ad listing showing on the FrontPage has a higher chance of getting good conversion in terms of sales and purchase.

Most advertisers prefer their listings to even appear on the FrontPage because they know it will convert very well and positively very fast.

After you make a website like gumtree, follow the guidelines below to have your listings, products or images appear on the FrontPage.

  • By the Ad listings settings
  • By the theme options/panel
  • By the General settings
  • By Administrator settings and approval

Ad Listings Settings

Most classified WordPress themes or classified website templates have this option for any published listings. However, the admin has about 100% rights privilege to make any Ad listing to appear on the Frontage.

However, in most cases, just go to the listings page, click on edit and look out for that option on the edit settings page (something like make ‘this listing to appear on the FrontPage or used as the featured listings/post or featured image’).

classified ad listings
classified ad listings

By the theme options/panel

This option will not be accessible or available to any advertiser or any other user apart from the Administrator.

So, if you are the administrator, you can go to the theme options/panel (if your themes have it), look at the FrontPage settings, and set it up based on your preference.

By the General settings

This feature is also only available to the administrator as specific instructions are given to either allow new Ad postings to be displayed on the FrontPage as they are being published.

To access this feature, go to the settings (on the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on writing), and change the order to allow new posts to be displayed on the FrontPage as shown in the image below.

presence of featured listings on the frontpage
presence of featured listings on the frontpage

Step 4 (9)

Adding Classified Ads – Admin and Front End User Submission Option

Now is the time for you to start adding classified ads on the site. Remember that the demo feature is present, but they are not real, so you need to start adding your own listings and gradually edit or remove the demo contents one by one.

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Adding classified Ads can be done in two ways:

  • Through you as the Administrator

When you make a website like gumtree, as an administrator, you simply log in to your WordPress dashboard, click on the ‘add new ad/add new posts ‘etc. and follow the screen guidelines. Everything you need to publish is clearly present, even with the SEO settings, number of images to upload, etc.

  • Front End Users Submission of Ad Listings

A standard and professionally built classified WordPress themes must have the submit button or sign up /register button present on the homepage or throughout the pages of the site. With this easily accessed button, all front end users and advertisers can easily submit and upload their classified Ad listings.

The image below is an example of my explanation;


However, if your theme does not have this feature, do not stress, all you have to do is to install and activate a good front end submission plugin. You can try this AWPCP plugin or just search the WordPress plugin repository.

With the above issues sorted out, you need to set up your category already because each published Ad Postings needs to fall under a specific and unique category so that users and visitors can easily search and locate it. You can read my earlier guide above on how to create a category.

To add a classified Ads, the following factors are important:

  • Uploading a high quality/High-resolution Picture/Image

Pictures, videos, and images carry more weight and good conversions that just ordinary words/text. Your listing should be a good quality picture/image. It should be sharp and bold, showing proper features of the item. In most cases, you will need to upload between 1-4 images and chose the most perfect one as the featured image.

  • Detailed Information

A classified listing should contain full information about the items or products. It should contain proper information that will not mislead buyers or customers. In most cases, you will have to set the price and also be fair with it. More details below

Step 4 (10)

Uploading Pictures – high-Resolution images

I have explained above the importance of having high-quality, high-resolution pictures for your listings.

To upload a picture is not rocket science, just go to the box or area you want to insert or upload a picture, click on it and follow the screen instructions.

Or follow this guide;

  • Go to media, seen by the left-hand side of the dashboard, before appearance, click on it and on the media setting page, click on add new media
  • Follow the screen guidelines, locate the source of the image, upload it and it will be done.

Once done with this step, then we move to the next step.

Step 4 (11)

Installation of advanced search systems

The search feature of a site like this is different from a normal or usual search feature. You will need a super-advanced sort of search feature where visitors and people can make use of keywords, sort, and filter out results based on size, location, price, date, etc.

A standard theme should have this advanced search in place, just like the search details below (from the theme I am using as an example).

advanced search classified location system
advanced search classified location system

However, if the theme does not have it, you can install and activate this plugin for the task i.e. advanced search WordPress plugin (seen here AWPCP plugin or the Wpsolr plugin

The search icon should be present on the homepage, at the header, and also at the sidebar of all the pages.

Step 4 (12)

Google Maps integration and Set-up

Variety is the spice of life and that is where the issue of having a strong and deeply integrated Google maps is needed. When you make a website like gumtree, you need Google Maps.

With a Google map, a visitor from Texas, in the USA, for example, can view a particular Ad Listings, know the nearest location to his /her own place and be able to make buying decisions. It is most likely that the buyer or visitor from Texas will not want to go all the way to Florida just to buy a used item, the buyer will rather prefer the Ad item that is closest to his/her present location.

Both Google map and a detailed advanced search system in place work hand in hand to deliver the most perfect location base queries for any particular search. This plugin ( WP Google Maps) is recommended.

Step 4 (13)

Adding Contact Form

The presence of a contact form is important for closing up deals. All standard classified websites must have a contact form page for each advertiser/user.

In addition, the presence of contact form should also be present on the page where you have the Ad listings so that customers and visitors can easily reach out to you.

Just like the example shown below:


Step 4 (14)

Create an Advertiser Profile Page with detailed Ad Page/Submission Form

Either you are the administrator controlling the registration of new users/advertisers or whether you are making use of the Front end submission button as earlier discussed, it is important to have; This feature is important when you are starting a classified website and/or making it.

  • A well-detailed advertiser profile page
  • A much detailed Ad Page
  • An Ad submission Form

Advertiser Profile Page

The above is the profile from the sample template above I am using to teach you; a standard template should have an already built profile page. All you have to do is to edit and upload your own professional details.

A much detailed Ad Page

Why do you think people and buyers love reviews? It is because they want to be sure of what they are going to buy. If you have scanty or not well-detailed information about the Ad listing, it will not convert and sell. You need to have detailed information, with more than 1 image (about 4 images) of your offerings. Make it easy for customers to easily know everything they need to know about the items and products. Be honest with your information and details.

Ad Submission form

The image below depicts an ad submission form; this form is a must on all classified sites and it should be present even for Front End submission users (for advertisers and users).

The form should contain all basic and essential information needed in order to upload any Ad Listing.

Other important features of the classipress WordPress theme mentioned above include:

advanded pricing model
advanced pricing model
custom fields
Inbuilt custom fields and forms
g-customer ad management
customer ad management

Site Maintenance

After you make a website like gumtree, the maintenance is crucial and important for many reasons; to maintain the integrity, to maintain the security and to keep it active.

There are four principal ways to maintain a classified site;

  • Updating the WordPress software
  • Updating the WordPress themes
  • Updating WordPress plugins
  • Keeping an eye on uploaded Listings ( having an approval mechanism in place)

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Update Task

Updating the software, themes, and plugins happen automatically, however, with your permission. You do not have to worry because you will be notified of any available updates for the above three issues.

The notification icon will be shown on your dashboard and you just have to approve the update process. This is very important, always remember to run the updates whenever you see such notification.


Keeping an eye on uploaded Listings

This is a little bit tedious because you have to do it manually. You need to keep an eye on what users and advertisers are posting on the site so as to maintain the integrity of the site, this is important when making a classified website like olx and others.

The best way to do this is to put a mechanism in place whereby any new posted item MUST be approved by you (the administrator) before it goes live. You can enable this feature from your own administrator settings, from the theme options/panel and also from the Front End User submission settings that are available only to the administrator.

Doing this helps in the check and balance of the site.

Step 6

Getting indexed in Google- Steps to take

Your site should be ready by now and the next critical step you need to implement is on how to get traffic from real people.

The number one recommended way to achieve is to get registered and indexed on Google, Google is the biggest and most influential search engine that is capable of sending real organic traffic from real people to your site.

To get indexed in Google so that your site will now be appearing in Google search result pages, including all your listings, you need two things:

  • Setting your site on Yoast SEO plugin
  • Registering on Google search console and getting verified

Yoast SEO plugin

I earlier mentioned that you need to install this plugin, so get it installed and activated. Once installed and activated, look towards the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will see the icon for Yoast (scroll and check carefully), click on it and set up your site by simply following on-screen instructions.

You can read the resource guide from the main Yoast Homepage

Google Search Console

Go to www.google.com/console/, sign up free, and get your new site registered and verified. Follow the on-screen instruction and set up everything.

You can also use the Yoast SEO plugin to verify your site in Google search console; once done successfully, simply submit your sitemaps ( you also create the sitemap using the Yoast plugin) and your URL address using the ‘fetch as’ features.


Step 8

Fixing SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO is search engine optimization and it is a good thing if you can set up your site with all the standard SEO practices in place.

To get started, just make use of the Yoast SEO plugin to handle all the basic SEO needs of the site.

Step 9

Blog along with your site – Using a theme with a Blog feature

After learning how to make a classified website like Gumtree and build it, I believe your next primary goal is driving traffic, either organic, human, and /or social traffic to the site; you should simply get traffic to the site anyhow and in any manner.

Blogging is one powerful way to drive traffic to your classified site. Blogging keeps your site fresh and busy, it helps and boosts your SEO (search engine optimized site) and Google spiders will be constantly crawling your site. This acts makes your listings and blog posts appear higher on Google search result pages (SERP) and helps drive real targeted organic traffic to the site.

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As you can see in the image below, publishing of blog posts is called blogging, get engaged and start writing/publishing quality articles/contents to the site, probably once per week using keyword-rich contents relating to shopping, classified and other features present on the site.

We are done with the entire set up issues, the next stage is the success tips, strategies, making money and promotional steps to make it successful.

How to make money with a classified site

After you make a website like gumtree or any other classified marketplace website like OLX, the next step is to think on how to make money.

Making money on a classified website is one issue that got lots of people confused. Believe me, the truly successful sites in this niche makes a lot of enormous money every day, month, and year after years.

There are three ways to make good money, and they are:

  • Offering premium Advertisement ( Ad Listing)
  • Using / Accepting Paid Classifieds listings submission
  • Ad Monetization
  • Embracing Affiliate marketing

Step 10 (1)

Offering premium Advertisement (Ad Listing)

When you offer a premium advertisement on your site, you stand to gain a higher chance of making real quality money. Based on the preference of some advertisers e.g. due to urgency or the authority and popularity of the site, they may accept your premium advertisement offer.

Being premium means you will give them the best deal possible ever, and the most important place to feature their Ads listing is definitely at the top of the homepage (the header area, measuring 728 by 90 in size dimension).

You have to check that the theme you are going to use for your site design has this Ad feature at the header (at the top of the homepage).

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Step 10 (2)

Using / Accepting Paid Classifieds listings submission

From the very first day, some classified sites accept only paid listings, there is nothing like free. Embracing this model from day one is good as it allows you to be focused.

However, it also means you should have done your homework properly by having your SEO properly in place, having an authority site, and an active presence on social media networks.

You can start by collecting a small amount of money to bring in users and advertisers. Please know that this model is quite different from the premium Ad offer I explained above.

Step 10 (3)

Ad Monetization

Most beginners who just make a website like Gumtree embraces this model by using CPC (cost per click). They make use of Google AdSense, which is a very good and excellent monetization program run by Google. To get started with Google Adsense, check the requirements and how to join at www.google.com/adsense/

Step 10 (4)

Embracing Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most preferred options, far better than Google AdSense or any other CPC method.

You simply help to market and promote a company’s product, equipment, listings, offers and get a commission whenever there is a purchase or conversion.

You can sign up as an affiliate with Amazon, eBay, Shareasale, Commission Junction, etc.

Dummy Account Creation

I will share one trick with you after you have been able to make a website like gumtree or any other classified marketplace website.

One of the major tricks in this niche business is to create an active dummy account in order to speed up your growth and success. Doing this makes the site look busy with people.

For example, advertisers will not want to come to an empty classified website and you expect them to convert or make sales, it is not possible.

So, how do you do this?

  • Since you are the administrator, use the Front End user submission button or icon to create about 10 different accounts. Or you can simply make use of the user access from the dashboard and create these accounts. You will need 10 different email accounts for all of them.
  • On each account, create the perfect advertiser profile with full information, even upload real images, etc;
  • Do everything possible as if a real user or advertiser did it.
  • Now, for each user/advertiser, assign about 10 Ad listings/offerings and publish it
  • Do these for all the ten (10) dummy accounts
  • It will take time and some hard work, but try and get it done.
  • Remember those email accounts and try to configure ‘received messages on these emails to be forwarded to you. So if a customer or visitor visits any of these dummy accounts and probably contact, you will get the email and be able to follow up!!

This trick has proven to work excellently well and you will be surprised!!

Promoting the new site

After you have been able to create a classified website, the promotion, and marketing of the new site is another challenge that you need to manage and overcome.

Since this is a business, you need to apply all promotional methods to get it out there. The following are guidelines to follow and implement.

  • Using Paid advertisements on other platforms
  • Using Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing
  • Using Guest posting
  • Getting Aggressive on Social Media – Leveraging on FB, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Networking with influencers for massive exposure and popularity

Step 11 (1)

Using Paid advertisements on other platforms

To make a website like gumtree using WordPress is just the beginning, but the marketing is the solution to getting heard and known. As you are planning to collect money from other people and advertisers, so also, you need to pay other platforms to get known and heard.

  • Go to other blogs and websites and advertise your new site there
  • Go to Forums and advertise your new sites there

Step 11 (2)

Using Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing

Successful classified marketplace websites like Gumtree and OLX do place an advertisement on both Google Adwords and Facebook. The honest truth is this, using those two platforms alone is guaranteed to bring you your desired results.

  • Go to Google Adwords at google.com/adwords and advertise your new site
  • Go to Facebook at facebook.com and advertise your new site (to get the best out of FB marketing, make use of the retargeting tool/option).

Step 11 (3)

Using Guest posting

Guest posting, when done with blogging boosts the SEO influence of your site. Guest posting is done with the absolute aim of getting dofollow backlinks from those blogs/sites you have been to.

It works this way, you write and publish high-quality posts/articles on related blogs/popular and high authority blogs and you are positioned to receive a chunk of that site/blog visitors/customers/subscribers to your own site.

I always recommend you outsource the task of guest posting to professional freelance writers.

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Step 11 (4)

Getting Aggressive on Social Media – Leveraging on FB, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter

Get your new classified website on major social media websites and become active. Go to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and get engaged.

One of the ways to get massive traffic from these social media networks is by associating with influencers.

Social media influencers will help to spread your new site to the whole world because they have lots of millions of followers, fans, and likes.


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