Top 10 Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes 2022

This tutorial showcases the best Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes you can use on your blog or website.

When listing these AdSense ready WordPress themes, particular attention was given to:

  • optimization, both for speed and increased revenue
  • Core web vitals; in most cases, when you add AdSense adds on a site, the core web vitals suffers and falls in the red portion. It does not matter whether it is auto ads or you placed them manually, the core web vitals fails. See this tutorial to understand more.
  • These AdSense optimized WordPress themes have been checked and they are optimized for core web vitals.

Sociallyviral Adsense Themes

AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

First on the list is Sociallyviral WordPress themes. It is a special type of template made for two purposes; both for a viral website (like Buzzfeed, Viralnova, Upworthy models) and also for a content-based site.

If you want to create and run a revenue sharing website (i.e., sharing your revenue e.g., Google Adsense, Amazon, or affiliates earnings with writers and contributors), this tutorial will also be helpful.

The use of this theme has proven to help publishers earn an enormous amount of money from CPC (Cost per Click) because of the viral potential it offers. This is made possible by the strategic positioning of in-built social media sharing buttons. With Sociallyviral, you do not need to install any third-party plugin for the sharing of your content on Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+.

Being the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes, the designer/developer of the theme offers three strategic placements for your Adsense codes; first is below the post title, the second one in the middle of the post and the third option is at the end of the post.

Each of these positions offers a high CTR (Click Through Rate) for any publisher that uses it.

Sociallyviral theme is a 3 column design, made with precision, mobile responsive features; it is light coded (making it to load very fast either on the mobile phone or even on the Laptop or PC), SEO and AdSense optimized and is extremely recommended for your use.

From all indications, SociallyViral WordPress theme is the most preferred AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.


Minimalist SociallyViral

adsense ready template

This is the latest version of the template above. Two distinguishing design factor that separates this new one from the above is;

  • High CTR

CTR stands for Click-through rate and it is a major factor that determines how high your earnings can be. Now, with this template, your CTR is going to be high because of increased Ad placement that is above the title ( below the header).

Getting a high CTR is one important features of an AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.

The winning formula is the presence of the leaderboard ( 728 by 90) Ad unit that is reserved for that spot. ( See the image below).

AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

  • Placement of More Ad ( for each published post at the header positioning)

As can be seen from the image above ( though I briefly explained this in the high CTR above).

  • Minimal features (fewer features)

This new template is clean and free from unnecessary clusters of buttons. The only button noticeable is the sticky social media sharing buttons that are both mobile responsive and also scrolls along with the page as you scroll up and down.

  • Cost: USD35-USD59


Schema WordPress themes

In the WordPress world that I live and breathe, the Schema WordPress theme/template is generally considered the fastest loading WordPress theme. So, in other words, this template gives you a double advantage; first is that Schema template is a fast loading AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes and secondly, schema features is already inbuilt.

adsense ready website template

Since its debut over 3 years, the template sits as one of the top 5 themes. Built as a stylish, colorful template, from the factory at Mythemeshop, it is one of the most popular and most recommended templates.

From my experience running a news blog and using Google Adsense as a means of making money, what I have discovered is that the mobile version gives me much money than the desktop version.

It is mobile responsive, i.e mobile friendly ( you will enjoy it mostly on a mobile device) because the design helps in giving your audience good engagement and at the same time, it also helps to increase your own CTR.

Schema Template is the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes!!

I encourage you to check the demo and get the WordPress themes immediately.

Cost: USD59


Ad-Sense WordPress Themes

Look no further, sweat no more and search no more. Why?

adsense optimized design templates

This template, the Ad-sense WordPress themes offers a one-stop solution to all the CPC monetization programs and efforts you are looking for.

It is a multipurpose best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes that offers peace of mind approach to making money using Google Adsense from any type of niche you may be running or want to launch.

It has nine (9) demo versions you can choose from; it covers various niches from technology, foodie, sports, news, blogging, etc. I highly recommend you check out the various demos and buy them.


Cost: USD59


Ad-Sense Technology

google adsense design themes

This template is called Ad-sense technology, this does not mean it is only for a technology focused blog. This WordPress theme is a complete versatile blogging theme extremely recommended for a content farm or article focused blog.

The main area of concentration is at the right-hand corner of the header where the big large leaderboard Ad size unit is located. This is another mobile responsive theme from Mythemeshop and it is highly recommended.


The image above is the post /page area. Just take a look and observe the placement of the Ad units, one at the header ( which remains static on all post pages) and also the one below the title.

Three distinct features set these themes apart;

  • First are the review and rating features that comes pre-packed in the template. This feature alone helps give credibility to any published post and indirectly boosts your CTR ( Click Through rate) from the search engines because visitors tend to click and visit an article having ratings been shown on the Google search pages.
  • Secondly, it is minimal in style and layout. This feature marks it out as a credible AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.
  • Thirdly, there are only two Adsense units ( that came as default); one at the header and another one at the sidebar. This does not mean they are the only ones you can use. You can also add more Ad units directly from the monetization box from the settings option.

It is a practical blog built for Google AdSense publishers, check out the demo.

Cost: USD59


Ad-Sense Viral

AdSense Optimized Themes

if you want to run a viral website, this is one sure template ( apart from the main one earlier listed above, i.e. Sociallyviral); This template is actually better because of the minimal design and simple features it has. This allows it to load very fast on both mobile phones, PC and laptops.

This Ad-sense WordPress theme is one of the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes available in the market right now; the presence of Ad units below the blog/website title with accompanying big rectangular Ad unit towards the right-hand side of the blog makes it so unique.

This placement gives it maximum exposure with mobile viewing audiences.

homepage of this template
This is the FrontPage/home layout. the Full feature is seen when you check out the posts samples.

Cost: USD59


Ad-Sense Sport


If you run a website or you are about to launch one, this template is recommended for your use. It is perfectly created for this kind of niche with emphasis on helping the owner and publisher get the best out of Google Adsense without necessarily worrying about coding.

It stands out as one of the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes, it has a 2 layer design structure with the presence of a big featured image covering the entire width of the space above the title. It is slick, image-centric, and at the same high retina ready.

However, the major importance and worthy of mention is the ability for advertisers to contact you; you have a leverage of using a background image ( covering the entire website) as a means of advertisement which links out to the source website/destination of the advertisement.

To get a clear picture of my explanation, I urge you to check out the demo.

background imageads

Cost: USD59


Ad-Sense News


From the image above, I have highlighted the placement of the Ad units; these locations are strategic to making higher earnings with your monetization programs.

This is another Mythemeshop template and it is created not only for Google Adsense Ads but also for native ads, including direct advertiser’s codes/banners.

It offers a much winning formula if you are running a news website ( you can read here if want to start one)

Cost: USD59


Baby Blog


This is a pure blog design offering a white background, with a mobile responsive feature that is slick and fast loading.

Originally created for baby bloggers and feminine niches, however, it goes very well for use on any blogging niche, either as an affiliate or PPC based blog. It stands out as one of the few AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.

The FrontPage offers a much direct display of your blog posts in grid form ( in 3 rows), thereby giving you leverage to publish and display as many posts you want on the FrontPage.

Generally, this baby blog Adsense template is a two layout design that features a display advert at the very top of the header positioning.

A simple view of the demo explains it all.

Cost: USD59


My Blog Adsense Themes


Myblog is a high minimalist website template ( by being minimal, it means it is clean, crystal clear, and free of distractions). My point of interest is in the peculiar design which made it unique compared to the normal or usual blog template design.

MyBlog is also from the guys at Mythemeshop and the presence of Carousel at the top makes it so unique. In essence, this template is equally good to use as a website ( having a blog) or as a standalone blog design.

However, the template has about 5 different versions created using the framework. This means if you purchase this template, you are given five different already made designs you can choose from. This features propelled this team as one of the most preferred Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.

A proper understanding of what I am trying to explain can easily be seen in the demo samples below.

Authority Travel

authority travel1

The explicit color combination, the two layout design structure ( which in unconventional because the sidebar is at the left instead of the right) and the positioning of the Ad units make the template to be quite different from the rest.

Authority travel is not only meant for travel bloggers ( you can read this tutorial if you want to be a travel blogger), but for blogging generally.

It offers a smart and fast-loading mobile responsive ability even on very low bandwidth. It is coded with a high sense of professionalism and it is search engine optimized ready for your use.

Newspaper 9

AdSense ready wordpress themes

Recognized as one of the most successful WordPress themes on the themeforest marketplace, Newspaper is an AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes, built not just for a news focused website but generally for any publisher that focuses on making money with Google AdSense.

It is a perfect template design for a content farm and any other blog/website that uses the CPC (Cost Per Click) model of making /earning money.

Originally built as newspaper 3, it has evolved and developed over time to be known as the present version it is.

It is a slick; glossy, high definition (HD) WordPress themes built with speed, mobile responsive feature and an excellent Ad management features that practically allow you to place your AdSense code at high CTR positions throughout the content, by the sidebars, below post title and also at the end of the post.

The Ad management feature gives you more solutions to even the mobile responsive features of the website.

Even with much attention to images and glossy outlook, Newspaper 8 is extremely light coded, minimal in shape, structure, and design. These features, along with a strong focus on achieving a high core web vital score makes it the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.

The original default design of the Newspaper9 template is for a newspaper website; however, there are lots of demos included in the package, including magazine outlay, etc.

The following are brief information and details you will get from the purchase of these themes:

  • One single package gives you access to more than 15 different demos you can use.
  • Everything cost just USD69 for a year ( you buy the newspaper8 theme and get the other demos)
  • The other demos are built right from scratch; there are demos for magazines, online newspapers, fashion, technology, food, content farms etc.; just switch from one demo to the other.

Cost: USD45


Newspaper From Mythemeshop

AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes from mythemeshop

This Newspaper from Mythemeshop is a great and inspiring website template sensation from the guys at Mythemeshop. It was coded and developed in the year 2018; it is a multi-purpose theme with six different versions that can be chosen and used.

I use this template to recently re-design my South Africa’s news based website and my CTR improved by over 17% since I got it implemented.

I credit this design as one of the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes!!

Notable features of these WP themes include:

  • One single package gives you access to six different demos from which you can easily switch your design concept ( e.g. magazine, technology, sports outlook e.t.c)
  • When you switch from one design to another, your contents and data remain unchanged.
  • Everything cost just USD49 for a lifetime

Cost: USD59


Newspaper Food


This is a modified version of the above, built for food bloggers; however, the use is for more general-purpose blogging.

Because it is originally built for a newspaper website, it offers a robust ground for adequate and easy sharing of the posts on social media websites. The theme comes prebuilt with nearly all known social media websites, so, there is no need to have a third party plugin for the social networks.

This helps make the template lightweight, loads incredibly fast and its appearance is more appealing to the overall global audience.

Talking of SEO, the template is configured highly to be SEO compliant,, therefore, the problem of SEO ( basic) for a newbie is no longer there.


best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Newsonline is one of the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes, the speed is unmatched and most especially, the core web vitals offered a pass mark.

This is the first newspaper theme developed by Mythemeshop. I personally made use of this template before I switched over to the latest newspaper design earlier mentioned above.

This WordPress theme signifies the definition of an actual online newspaper website design because it contains essential elements and features.

For example, it contains the live, real-time display of trending news/posts at the header ( just below the menu features).

The concentration of essential social media sharing buttons towards the right-hand side of the template brings about neatness and easy access to share any post being read by a visitor.

At the same time, links to the social media accounts of the website are also displayed at the right-hand side of the sidebar and this makes it possible for any visitor to either like your page, follow you on twitter or even become your circle on Google+.

All these features are already inbuilt, installed, and configured and the most interesting aspect of it all is that they are coded lightly and as such, it will not add additional load on your template design.

MovieZonemythemeshop adsense themes

MovieZone is an entertainment WordPress themes, originally modified from the Newsonline WordPress theme template I mentioned above. In actual fact, it is one of the demo versions present in the original NewsOnline template.

The design structure places emphasis on the need to make money from a PPC program for the publisher or website owner. This objective categorizes it as a recommended Google Adsense ready WordPress themes.

I have highlighted the positioning of the Ad units at the header ( towards the right-hand side); the position is a prime location, fitting excellently for both mobile responsive viewing and for a PC/laptop device.

MovieZone takes into account fast-loading coding programming, it is retina ready and not cumbersome in terms of unnecessary coding programs that make a template to be heavy.

As a matter of fact, the designer ( Mythemeshop) has really made everything so easy and simple for you because you are not going to bother yourself installing a third-party plugin for social media sharing experience. In addition, you do not need to either install a plugin for email/lead collection i.e. an email subscription box. it is already inbuilt as seen from the image/demo above.

Magazine Pro Adsense Themes

mag pro adse

Magazine Pro WordPress theme is one of the most respected Genesis child themes from Studiopress; not only that, it is double as one of the most dependable/popular themes in their marketplace.

Going to almost 6 years of existence since it was first built ( has been modified about three times to its current status); the template has evolved to the present magazine pro with cutting edge technology that has made it become the prime choice among bloggers and most notably Google AdSense publishers.

During the initial days of, I made use of the Magazine Pro themes to design the site and due to the design concept, the overall CTR was high and the publisher was making approximately USD95-165 per day.

This theme is a Genesis child theme and the high converting ratio is not surprising because all themes from this developer are built with solid proof SEO ( search engine optimization).

Absolute attention was given to a blazingly fast experience and mobile responsive nature ( when viewed on any mobile device, palm tops etc.) of the Magazine pro template.

Magazine pro theme has a two-column layout (with options to turn it to three layouts); the presence of the Ad space at the top of the header makes it a juicy location for the 728 by 98 Google AdSense leaderboard Code) and from research, this particular Ad size remains one of the best-converting Ad units.

This template is an AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes; very fast to load, has the presence of featured images, and inbuilt SEO features (common to most Genesis themes).

Cost: USD99.99

Video-AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes


This type of video WordPress themes is not common, not just because it is a video template, but because it is built to accommodate and make it possible to run Google AdSense adverts beside the videos.

I recently used it to make a porn website design for a client based in Spain ( the niche is a gay site with a paid membership subscription based method of making money).

From experience and I am bold to say it, this design is the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.

This theme makes it possible to publish quality content along with your videos. With this arrangement, it is easy to run any CPC Ads on it.

This is how the video template works:

Just like the normal WordPress page where you post your articles/blog posts, you have unlimited space to write and publish your content. Any video you upload automatically comes on top of the post just like the YouTube format style.

It serves double advantage to you the publisher:

  • With this theme, you can run your Ads on any video you upload (especially if you are getting the videos from YouTube or simply embedding the videos from YouTube on your blog/website. i.e YouTube Adsense program.
  • You can run your normal AdSense Ads on the content posts (displaying your codes after the post title, inside the contents, or even at the end).

However, one of the great advantages and probably one of the reasons why I am recommending this template is because it is a multipurpose template with four (4) ready-made versions to pick from.

Honestly, if you are video blogger (Vblogger), this template is the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes I can recommend.

Cost: USD59




With the success and recommendation obtained from users using Sociallyviral and TruePixel WordPress themes, Mythemeshop came up with another robust website template that combines a winning formula for heavy social media bloggers who depends heavily on social media to drive traffic to their blogs and website.

Socialme ( BloggingTips) is a dynamic, versatile, and mobile-friendly WP themes developed in 2017; it is a two layout design, retina-ready with deep search engine optimization settings.

The most striking feature about this theme is that the design is not common; especially from the homepage (FrontPage). It contains a large featured image that occupies one-third of the entire top page. This featured image blends perfectly well with the menu carousel features also at the top.

It is extremely fast when loading on mobile phones, palmtops, and even laptops. With this template, all social media sharing buttons are already installed and are functioning very well.

Perhaps, the best feature of this template is that the social sharing buttons e.g. Facebook shares, Facebook likes, Twitter e.t.c. are all responsive on any device you viewed them.

Cost: USD59



AdSense Optimized WordPress Template

A gentleman I know as Fatstack makes use of this WordPress themes on one of his Google Adsense website and he actually reports great earning potential with this theme ( earnings close to 5 figures every month).

In one of his podcasts, he made mention of this template and he shared some interesting facts of the things he discovered helps bring traffic to his site, help improve his CTR. One of them is having a clean, big, wide-spaced template with bold/big fonts size. He also made mention of the fact that a particular font type is being favored by the search engines (Actually I may not want to believe this claim, but his earning records are there to prove).

Eleven40 is a genesis theme and it is an AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes.

This theme converts well because of ample space and neatness that differentiates between your post contents and the adverts being displayed.

The theme makes it easy to display close to three (3) AdSense units inside the blog posts (an act permitted by Google of recent).

Though it is a two-column layout design, the design makes it easy for you to streamline your sidebars, giving more space and room to the content space. In addition, you can also make the entire page be without sidebars; and sometimes you can turn it to a landing page.

Cost: USD99.95

Mythemeshop Templates

mythemeshop adsense themes

When it comes to having the best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes, one company has proven to stand out for the past 10 years. Their website and blog templates are mobile responsive, fast loading, and are extremely coded to be Google Adsense optimized.

When you get any WordPress themes from Mythemeshop, simply go to the Ad monetization settings and set up the Google Adsense Ad units as shown below.

Ad management



I hope these listings on recommended AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes has been helpful to you. kindly link back to it and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you

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