5 Facts About Emtee: His Cars, House(s), Age, Biography And Net Worth In Rands (2022)

This article contains the complete profile on Emtee’s Cars, Houses(s), net worth in rands, girlfriend, and family. These are updated details about Emtee, the hustler ( 2022).

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Emtee’s Biography

Knowing about the personal life of your favorite rapper is always a fun experience. If you are a fan of Hip Hop, you must have heard a lot about the South African rap sensation, Emtee. But do you know which cars he drives? Who is his girlfriend? His net worth and the houses he owns?

emtee in school uniform
Yhoo, I guess he is going back to school

Let’s start with knowing about his names. It might surprise you that Emtee is not his original name; it is just his stage name. His birth name is Mthembeni Ndevu. Besides Emtee, he is also known as “The Hustler.”


Emtee was born on 17th, September 1992, his age is now 30 years old; he was born in the town of Matatiele and grew up in Rockville, South Africa. His biological parents are Phathiswa and Lumkile Ndevu.

Music was in his blood since childhood. In one of his interviews, Emtee revealed that he wanted to become a musician from his first grade and performed on stage for the first time when he was only nine years old. Emtee was 29 years old when this interview was done, and amazingly, he is still winning the hearts of his fans with his amazing rap songs. He mainly records his songs’ lyrics in Zulu and English.

emtee musician

emtee pics

Emtee’s first hit song was “Roll Up,” which earned him five nominations and Song of the Year at the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards. He then released his debut album “Avery,” which was certified platinum by RISA in 2016 and helped him win four Metro FM Music Awards.

After the debut album, Emtee also collaborated with other musicians like Saudi, Maraza, and Sjava. That was the peak time of his rap career. He produced songs that his fans still love listening to.

The rapper left Ambitiouz Entertainment in August 2019 and launched his label in September 2019. His third album DIY 2, was Emtee’s final release with Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Despite the challenges in the music industry, Emtee is determined to keep giving good music.

Emtee Cars

emtee bought a slick yellow Lamborghini

Emtee is a big fan of luxury cars. He bought his first car back in 2016. It was the year when he started getting recognition and making progress in the music industry.

He also bought a battery-operated slick yellow Lamborghini worth R9000 for his little son in the same year. Imagine what he will buy for his son when he is grown up? A real Lamborghini, most probably.

emtee cars he drive

The young aspiring artist then bought his second car. This time, Emtee bought a luxurious Mercedes-AMG A45 at a whopping cost of R800,000 ( though there are conflicting reports about his former producer and label company collecting back his cars back then).

emtee cars 2022

Unfortunately, Emtee has crashed both his cars and lost them to the bank through repossessions at that time but trust me, the hustler is back with a new bang!

emtee cars that he owns

Emtee House(s)

In March 2021, the rapper stood in front of a new mansion, and people thought he was the owner, but of course, he dismissed the idea and said it was not his.

See the picture below:

emtee house

The main residential and real house of Emtee is known as the Trap house mansion.

Curious though? 

Emtee describes his classical mansion as a “Trap House Mansion.” The mansion has beautiful architecture that reflects his artistic style.

See the collection of his house(s) and the interior.

emtee house

The “Trap House Mansion” is one of Emtee’s recent successes that gave him immense public attention. The young rapper says that he is very thankful for the mansion and counts it among his blessings. It’s no secret that Emtee is openly proud of his achievements but does little to show off altogether.

Speaking of the price value, Emtee bought this mansion at such an overwhelming price that it surprised his fans. It’s speculated that Emtee’s “Trap House Mansion” costs around R4.5 Million.

Emtee’s Net Worth

Being a popular rapper, Emtee has made most of his wealth through singing. He has huge album sales on his hit singles and is getting even more. Other than music, Emtee made his fortune from his recording business and brand endorsements. Since he has his label now, he’s getting all of its royalties.

As of 2021, Emtee’s net worth is about 300,000 dollars, meaning Emtee net worth in rand is roughly R4.5 million in rands. He went bankrupt in 2019, but then he recovered fast. He has been earning a handsome amount of money from his latest music releases. In addition, Emtee charges over 10,000 dollars ( and that is about R14 450 in rands) for his shows that he has done quite a few times.

A loving father

Emtee’s Girlfriend/Children

emtee and his girlfriend
emtee and his girlfriend with first child

Nicole Kendall Chinsamy is the beauty that marveled at the star rapper’s heart. The two long-time lovers have been living together even before Emtee got fame. They are now engaged and have two children, Avery and Logan.

emtee family

So far, so good; we are confident to say that Emtee has just one girlfriend. The lady is a woman of substance and steel..

emtee his girlfriend and children

Emtee and Nicole met through a friend. The pair describe their relationship as “Love at first sight.” They have maintained a strong foundation that seems unbreakable to date. Both have professed their love for one another on social media.

emtee and his children
He is a loving responsible father of two

By profession, Nicole is a fashion illustrator and a fashion design graduate. She has been living with Emtee for almost seven years. Emtee wants to marry her soon after she finishes her studies and starts her business. She wants to focus on her academics for now.

emtee family

Their first son was born in 2015, the second one in 2018. Emtee named his debut album “Avery” after his first son. He named his latest album “Logan,” that he released in 2021 after his second son.

See their photos below;

emtee children

emtee kids

emtee children avery

Emtee, his children, and his girlfriend live happily in the “Trap House Mansion” with their children. Emtee’s fans, however, are still waiting anxiously for the good news of their marriage.

emtee lovely children

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