5 Facts About Cyril Ramaphosa: Cars, Houses, Biography And Net Worth (2022)

July 2022– Find out all the updated details about Cyril Ramaphosa cars, houses, cyril ramaphosa biography and his net worth, cars, family and personal life. The current president is having so many problems he is currently tackling, both on the Covid-19 pandemic and the political turmoil happening in the ANC.

Who is Cyril Ramaphosa?

cyril ramaphosa
Cyril ramaphosa laughing with Jacob Zuma..Things can change so fast, thats life though!!

A successful entrepreneur and stakeholder in several business pursuits, Cyril Ramaphosa, aged 69, is the current fifth president of South Africa. Since his appointment as a politician and former deputy president, Ramaphosa stepped away from these ventures to avoid conflict. However, his value continues to rise due to his many investments.

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Cyril Ramaphosa’s success is accounted to his relentless pursuits to end apartheid. He first gained fame when he created the National Union of Mineworkers in the 1980s to improve African worker conditions and rights. Ramaphosa was determined to help, and his contributions increased members by fifty times. He also led one of the most significant strikes in South Africa while trying to help the mineworkers in 1987. Ramaphosa took a step back from parliament in the following years and began working for New Africa Investments, later starting his own Shanduka Group.

cyril ramaphosa and his car

Shanduka group has since merged with Pembani Group for an average worth of $900 million in assets. They also own smaller stakes in mining and financial companies. In addition, the group owns several international subsidiaries and factories across South Africa. Before getting elected as President, he was picked as the President of the ANC National Congress for his strategy and negotiation skills.

The politician, Cyril Ramaphosa has received many awards, including the Olof Palme Prize in Stockholm and an Honorary Actuary for the development of professions from disadvantaged communities.  In addition, he has earned countless honorary degrees from South African and American universities. Due to this, Ramaphose was invited to become a visiting law professor at American Ivy League, Stanford University.

Cyril Ramaphosa is a highly influential and successful businessman and politician. He played a crucial role in leading South Africa to independence from segregation towards a democracy. With valuable shares and a considerable amount of investments in properties, cars, and other ventures, his wealth is estimated at over $675 million. With all his acclaimed fame and fortune, Cyril founded a charity organization in his name in 2004. The Cyril Ramaphosa foundation works to foster an empowered, inclusive society globally.

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The primary source of his wealth is entirely based on self-made pursuits and careful investments. But, how much exactly is Cyril Ramaphosa worth? Keep reading to find out.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Net Worth and Annual Income

Listed amongst the wealthiest people in the world, Cyril Ramaphosa is also currently one of the fifty most affluent Africans. It’s unknown how much the politician earns in annual wages; however, his net worth is more than $675 million.

With various business investments across different industries, including natural resources, real estate, telecommunications, energy, insurance, and banks, Cyril Ramaphosa was once the executive chairman of the Shanduka Group. This group also owns stakes in local Coca-Cola bottling operations and over 145 McDonald’s outlets across South Africa. The deal with McDonald’s sealed a master agreement for 20 years!

But, during Cyril Ramaphosa’s time at MTN telecommunications, an employee accused the business of bribing Iranian government officials. Later courts found the company was not guilty; however, the scandal led to severe losses and controversial theories. Cyril Ramaphosa was also a shareholder at Lonmin. During his tenure, thirty-four miners were killed and countless injured when Lonmin workers gathered together. Through investigation, it was found that company management solicited Ramaphosa to take action against the protests, ultimately leading to a massacre.

Regardless, his business achievements opened up a world of opportunities, as the politician also has stakes and non-executive positions in Macsteel Holdings, Standard Bank, and Alexander Forbes. Furthermore, Cyril Ramaphosa held a position at SAB Miller as a member of their board. Together, all his business initiatives made millions while encouraging foreign investments with non-white entrepreneurs or shareholders. In addition, his achievements helped him become a member of the United Nations Global Leadership Group.

The UN appointed Cyril Ramaphosa once again alongside Maarti Ahitsaari, former Finnish President. They were assigned the task of investigating weapons on behalf of the commission. However, when he was elected as South Africa’s Deputy Present in 2014, Cyril Ramaphosa stepped away from the world of business. Cyril Ramaphosa also served as secretary-general to Nelson Mandela during his presidency.

Cyril Ramaphosa has being president of the country since 2018 when Jacob Zuma resigned. He continues to contribute his business expertise to the Coca-Cola Company and Unilever Africa as an advisor as well as advising on different global platforms. His expertise across various industries and political commissions make him even more valuable.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cars Collection

President Cyril Ramaphosa car collection may come as a surprise to most. Despite his abundant wealth, the politician currently owns only four cars, of which two are luxury brands. His car collection consists of a Mercedez Benz C64 AMG.

ramaphosa driving

In addition, Ramaphosa contributed investments to Mercedes for locally build C-Class models. Furthermore, the Mercedes expansion plans also include new body and paint shops and updated logistics and assembly.

cyril ramaphosa and his car

Cyril Ramaphosa cars also include a BMW X3 M40i, a Toyota 4×4 Hilux Raider, and a Volkswagen Polo. However, despite his interest in Mercedes, the politician is not an avid car collector and opts for classic, more versatile models.

Cyril Ramaphosa cars

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Houses

Cyril Ramaphosa was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. His primary residence is located in his hometown, with a gated, Victorian-style mansion in Pretoria. He prefers to use his private home instead of housing provided by the state.

cyril ramaphosa house

But, the list is not limited to his mansion. Cyril Ramaphosa’s property portfolio consists of 32 apartments, 29 townhouses, and flats all across South Africa, primarily in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Three of his townhouses are part of retirement villages.

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Recently, Cyril Ramaphosa invested in mountain-side plots in Cape Town worth $2 million. Rumors suggest he is constructing a lavish mansion on the property. Other additions include two more estates located in Cape Town, a game farm, and a villa in the suburb of Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

ramaphosa cape town house

The Nataba Nyoni farm is based in Mpumalanga and is home to over a hundred Ankole cows for breeding, ( a 3 and a half year old cow was sold for more than USD140k, 140 thousand dollars (R2.1 Million rand) read the facts here . The Ankole cow development and USD4 million scandal theft scandal at his phala phala farm residence is currently is at the centre of a possible impeachment facing the president. Cyril Ramaphosa co-authored a book about farming called “Cattle of the Ages, Stories, and Portraits of the Ankole Cattle of Southern Africa,” The book featured his farm and several of the animals he rears on the property.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Fresnaye mansion in Cape Town is located at the beachside and is often available to be rented out. The house is located along with the Atlantic Seaboard and features scenic views from all over. The President also owns private homes beside some of his properties for personal use.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Wife,Family And Children

cyril ramaphosa wife
Cyril ramaphosa and his wife…yhoo, no smile at all!!

Born in 1952 into a Venda, or Bantu family, Cyril Ramaphosa became involved in politics at a very young age. Cyril’s father was a policeman, and he grew in the rural town of Soweto. While in university, he would often advocate for equal rights for all. During this time, he also got into trouble various times, even facing solitary confinement for his involvement in violent clashes during student politics. As a result, Cyril Ramphosa was arrested for a year for terrorism and then again for six months two years later in 1974.

ramaphosa and his wife
Smile and laugh Mr President and Mrs First Lady!!

Cyril Ramaphosa went on to complete his degree in law at the University of South Africa. He has always led a very personal, private life, but initially, Ramaphosa was married to Hope Ramaphosa, with whom he has a son. They were divorced in 2008.

cyril ramaphosa family

Two years following his first divorce, Cyril Ramaphosa remarried the late entrepreneur Nomazizi Mtshotshisa. She was a prominent businesswoman and was also appointed as the director of NADEL, also known as the National Association of Democratic Lawyers. Her work focused on providing legal aid and support during critical political trials. Mtshotshisa became the chairman for Telkom till she passed away, contributing significantly to democratic developments alongside her former husband, Ramaphosa.

ramaphosa and his family

Currently, Cyril Ramaphosa is married to a physician, doctor, and businesswoman Tshepo Motsepe. Holding a Harvard Master’s Degree in public health, Tshepo is a surgeon and has worked in some of the best hospitals in South Africa. Currently, Dr. Motsepe patrons the Early Care foundation. Both Cyril and his wife are involved with different philanthropic initiatives.

Cyril Ramaphosa with his wife Tshepo Motsepe

However, their marriage is not free of scandal. In 2017, newspaper reports emerged that the President was having extramarital affairs. However, the rumors were addressed as false and did not stir the couple.

Cyril Ramphosa and Tshepo Motsepe have four children together named Tumelo, Mashudu, Keneilwe, and Andile.

ramaphosa daughter

His children are all prominent entrepreneurs or students. Their eldest son Andile is married to former Ugandan Prime Minister’s daughter, Bridget Birungi. Tumelo is based in the USA and runs a cryptocurrency firm, facilitating investments in Dubai, South Africa, and Rwanda.

president ramaphosa family
There is nothing like family!!

Cyril Ramaphosa’s youngest daughters are students at the University of Cape Town after successfully graduating college in Johannesburg.

cyril ramaphosa children and grandchildren
What a loving father!!

While there are some agreements and disagreement about his testimonies from the Zondo commission, I still believe that he is the best president, after Nelson Mandela.

ramaphosa children

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